I am really seventeen.

Doctors have only two kinds of relationships.They are hooked up in medical school and are screwed for the rest of their lives or they screw all their lives and never really hook up.

What ever they do they are never really prepared for the world outside. After joining medical school social development appears to cease. One is always so immersed in what to do next be it exams, licensures, visas, research, travel, academia and patients that one doesn’t know what to do when confronted by another human being.Especially if they are fit and well of the opposite sex and even remotely interested in you in a romantic sort of way.

Don’t blame me, blame the system is my only excuse. After quite a few very good first dates and then no dates at all I accept there is a definite pattern here.

No not all men I meet can be social retards, discourteous, rude and just plain psychopaths. I have been doing some soul searching and this is what I have come up with.

Men are very socially insensitive.

Every man has a fantasy of the kind of woman he would like to date. No you can never match up to it. Don’t hold that against them.This is perfectly reasonable and acceptable in the real world.

A quick call to ‘just say hi’ is a major threat to educated, working well placed single men. They run like they have to protect their virginity.They should be allowed to.

Being asked about your virginity is OK as only you can prove or disprove that myth.If you ask a man you are committing blasphemy as they have no such concept made for men.

There are 48 hours/72 hours/weekly rules in the game of dating. You never call until 48 hours have passed after a date.You appear needy. If you haven’t heard from your date in 72 hours, they are just not that into you. A week and no word, please move on to the next available.It is a game after all.

No calls followed by an uncomfortable e-mail is not rude behaviour or being discourteous, it is a message being shouted out loud for you. Your date is never going to date you again.

Gone are the days that you should make your feelings clear at any point.Chase and only the chase is what keeps a relationship going. Yup, you can thank me for finally introducing you to the latest concept.

Oh and please, no gifts at all.Not even if it is an Indian handicraft book marker for Rs 38.That is like a diamond ring with you on your knees.Can you blame the poor guy to get totally freaked out??!!

I wish I grew up socially when everyone else did.I feel like one big 28 year old with Social Down’s Syndrome. Try and get the pun will ya. πŸ˜€



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13 responses to “I am really seventeen.

  1. Hehee….
    17 is a fun age, you know. πŸ˜€
    (But damn, even I’m way past it!)

    And don’t blame yourself for it. Trust me, even if you leave your job and get down to understanding and doing well at the game full-time, if you’re a ‘normal’ woman – it’ll still be just as hard. πŸ˜›
    Not that I’m that experienced, but still, they’re just weird.


  2. dating sounds like hell whenever i read about it..thank god The Better Half never knew those rules or I would have just come across as needy with the endless phone calls !


  3. Thats a bit harsh, don’t you think?
    “Men” being socially insensitive, I mean.

    And is it all doctors you are talking of here,
    or is it only the chauvinistic pigs?
    Doesn’t the chauvinistic ‘sows’ come into it at all?

    Don’t women fantasize about the kind of men they would like to date?
    Do they not turn down men, if they are not their ‘type’?
    Don’t men ever get rejected or heartaches?

    Don’t they teach in medical schools never to think in absolutes?


  4. Richa:
    I am not blaming myself for anything.It is system that I blame not to mention my field.

    You bet that game is a no-win situation.

    Little Indian:
    I have conducted no experiments and have no statistical data to answer your questions.It would be interesting to tell you exactly what they teach in medical schools.But that might be another post. πŸ™‚


  5. A double-blind trial perhaps? πŸ˜‰
    Just kidding.

    Don’t be disheartened.
    Don’t go looking for the ‘perfect’ person.

    “Nobody is perfect.
    happiness will be when
    the person you are with and you are perfect for each other”.
    (borrowed from Good Will Hunting)

    You have to keep looking for that person.
    When you find, you will know.
    It will all seem so natural.
    But till then,
    there are bound to be heartaches.

    “If you want something badly,
    let it go free,
    if it comes back to you, will be yours forever,
    if it doesn’t, what the heck, you never had it to start with”.
    (can’t remember who said this).


  6. Well Well Well…now what do I say. I’m just wondering if the ‘in’ in insentive had a strikethrough or is it just a figment of my imagination :). I guess men will have their rules on dating as well, some of which you have pretty much listed. I’m suprised you missed the ‘Mama’s boy’ bit ;).

    Enjoy being seventeen till you become an adult next year πŸ™‚


  7. Little Indian:
    You are quite a bundle of dos and don’ts aren’t you?

    The in has been stricken out deliberately.You really don’t want to know the intention behind that act.
    I just haven’t interacted with the Mama kind yet.Actually being that naive is hurting me.I need to be an adult like yesterday. πŸ™‚


  8. Sorry, I shouldn’t. I agree,
    my do’s and don’ts need not be the d&ds of another.
    That was my lesson of today, there is always something to learn.


  9. I think relationship as a whole is quite tricky and intriguing, not only for doctors but for everyone. And yeah, rules does not matter, people make rules but when it comes to the game, rules are overtaken by passion, emotion, feeling, etc…..
    Some people can follow the rules to some extent, but shit happens the only time they don’t follow it. Everything comes to square one then.


  10. Little Indian:
    I don’t remember asking you not to give advice or anything.So I don’t see why the apologies.I guess you have figured I am not much of the advice taker.No body is perfect after all. πŸ˜€

    That is so reassuring to know.
    It is awesome to have you on board.I really missed you.


  11. Little Indian:
    I don’t remember asking you not to give advice or anything.So I don’t see why the apologies.I guess you have figured I am not much of the advice taker.

    I know; that I have figured out, πŸ™‚
    It was easy, because I do not take advice either.

    You haven’t asked for one.
    That is what I learnt last night,
    I shouldn’t be giving out any advice unless asked for.


  12. Little Indian:
    Actually we should never give advice and when we do we should charge for it.What say? πŸ˜›


  13. ” Hmmff mmble rhubarb crumble Hmmff mmble rhubarb crumbleHmmff mmble rhubarb crumbleHmmff mmble rhubarb crumble.Hmmff mmble rhubarb crumble Hmmff mmble rhubarb crumbleHmmff mmble rhubarb crumble”

    I’ll send you my bill.
    I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


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