Apologies for the delay in responding to comments.

After a long time I felt that my posts were actually being read and I was getting opinions and not just responses.Frankly that is why I didn’t want to add to it.It is nice to have an exchange of thought process and not just validations.

From quantity to quality of comments is quite a change in the spectrum of expectation I believe.I must be growing up.

Ha! or so you would hope. 😛

The mind is in a wandering state, hence the lack in blogging activity.I am not apologizing, because when I am back in full throttle you would wish I was still on a break.



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2 responses to “Comments

  1. No rush.
    Take your time.
    We can all do with a break……… 😀


  2. Ha Ha Ha I get the message Little Indian..I get the message. 😛