Blame game!

If I did what I was supposed to do, do it right and you did the same so did every one else; this would be a perfect world.One would think.

This world depends upon the amalgamation of our thoughts our actions our consequences, unfortunately. If I may say so.
Then, how does the blame game work? I would really like to know.



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9 responses to “Blame game!

  1. By pointing fingers at everyone else except at ownself.
    Its very easy if you know how.


  2. When people are so shallow and cowardly that they cannot accept their own faults; they blame others.


  3. If your premise is correct, then the blame game will become non-existent. That’s what I think.


  4. This world is far from perfect. Blame-game that is one of the factors that make it imperfect.
    BTW, my first visit to this page. The template looks quite nice! 🙂


  5. When you don’t want to get ya ass burn and embarass yaself, u start pointing fingers and covering yaself.



  6. If everything was perfect – we would all be machines 🙂 Everything would work in clockwork precision, maybe everyone would be rich, ‘successful’, and more importantly bored. If nobody made mistakes how would someone else learn what is correct and what is not. Tough choice actually, maybe the blame game makes us ‘grow’ as individuals, as people, as a country and as a world.


  7. Blame game is just the way of life now I guess, just another way to survive..


  8. Little Indian:
    Ha Ha!!

    What if the fault does lie in the other person.

    I was talking of the weak links in a system and not necessarily in individuals.I doubt pointing fingers helps.I do hope it stops.

    Welcome here.Thanks.I agree. 🙂

    Jewel Rays:
    True true!!

    I find the blame game far less productive.I think getting to the bottom of an issue finding out what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again would achieve better good.


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