Dog world.

I have always wanted a dog for a pet. I took the saying a dog is man’s best friend very seriously.My family doesn’t approve.I think the main fear is not being able to understand them.But then again most of us never understand humans either.

I am now living with more dogs and less people.Actually my addition into this place makes us an equal count.And I am thrilled.My mother is constantly asking me if I am ok with the mess they create as I am known to be finicky with wanting things clean and in order.

Much to my own surprise, most house pets as I understand now are well trained.They know when they will get food.When are they allowed to go to the toilet.Where is their water bowl.They know they have limits and they generally stay off limits.Some times they get playful, but I think anyone should be allowed to have some fun some times.

Irrespective of whether you are pampering them, or are their provider for them they come to you and demand their attention.For me that has been the most heartening experience. Every morning while I have my tea 2 huge boys come and give my knee a nudge.I give them a little pat and stroke their back and say good morning to them.They run away happily. And we are all set to have a great day.Or if they are thirsty, they indicate towards their water bowl.Now I know when they are demanding for food or they desperately need that walk which promises them sweet release.

I don’t remember the last time I told some body I wanted to be loved by them and I wasn’t made to feel stupid desperate or needy.I have distant memories of people being very gracious about it and actually feeling happy that I wanted to be a part of their lives.

It makes you think, where did we as humans go wrong? Why is it so hard for us to be honest about how we feel and what we want.Why are we so concious about our desires, some times even embarrassed.

If only I can find the same freedom again.



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11 responses to “Dog world.

  1. ooh..that’s what I love so much about dogs..u show them affection and they give it to u right back, no questions asked or no ego problems or no insecurity…just plain unconditional love..


  2. We used to have dog when we were kids… Eventually when we get a place of our own we are planning to get a dog too…

    Dogs are the best


  3. Little Miss Muffet:
    And they never say they aren’t in the mood to play with you.They are always ready. 😀

    You bet they are.You must miss your old dog.


  4. Wow wow wow!! You’re such a lucky woman to have DOGS to live with. My parents just won’t let me and I think dogs are the best species on this earth. Humans are…well…too much to handle most of the times. I love dogs!! Mere ko bhi chahiye. 😦
    Ok sorry…got carried away.

    We are conscious because we judge. Not all…but holds true for a lot of people.

    And hey, how come I don’t get to know about your updates either? WordPress and Blogger are on a break, is it? :O


  5. Blog updates. You said that when I update my blog, your feeder doesn’t get it and now my blogroll does not show yours as updated either.


  6. Richa:
    Oh that is a shame.I haven’t changed my settings. Do reload and see if it works.


  7. A wonderful read. 🙂 And ya relationship with ya dogs are awesome. And i sure do agree tat sometimes they work it betta than humans…

    ***Why is it so hard for us to be honest about how we feel and what we want.

    Fear of rejection, ridiculement or lack of confidence? probably..:)


  8. Jewel Ray:
    You said it girl ( I am assuming you are a girl, please do correct me if I am wrong)..You said it!!!


  9. Yes i am a girl..:) haha.. a guy calling himself ‘jewel rays’ would probably sound



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