I thought, he said,now I want to know.

I was just thinking of rules I live by.I know I like to follow them, because that is how I would like to be treated.

I am uncomfortable when I start making rules for other people too.I really shouldn’t have to.

Is it because I want to live by my principles or am I imposing mine on others?

Is it really doing the right thing by other’s or it actually upholding my self-respect? Or is it just a simple issue of ego gratification?

Am I confused between self-respect and ego, like he says.



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10 responses to “I thought, he said,now I want to know.

  1. You’d be surprised at the fact that more often than not its jus ego gratification! 😐


  2. Grey Shades:
    I doubt I will be.


  3. well, sometimes it’s just that we feel that it’s the right way to be followed..we think- it would be so much easier if they followed those rules too…but then we forget that everyone makes their own mistakes and they need to too..so then they can come up with their own rules..but sometimes it’s just ego-gratification..i do it this way, so why don’t u do it this way too…


  4. Little Miss Muffet:
    In order to do the right thing we do forget that our right nay not be every ones right.Some times we should step back and let others have their way.I’d agree.


  5. perspectiveinc

    Well, there really is a vey thin line between the two methinks!


  6. Why do you make rules for other people?
    Is it because you have to or you chose to?


  7. Little Indian:
    Subconsciously we all do.If we ever think that some one has wronged us, it is because he didn’t do things according to what we think is right.Translate that to my post..he did not follow our rules.


  8. As usual, I do not follow the logic.

    For, I do not make rules for others, and my rules are only for myself.
    Any one wishes to interact with me, knows my rules.
    Whether he/she wants to accept it or not is up to them, there is no compulsion.
    If they do not wish to, thats fine by me, there is no interaction.
    Interaction is a two way thing.
    If I wish to interact with someone, I may accept their rules, I do not impose mine on them.
    Or we may strike a middle ground, depending on whose necessity is greater or any attachments. So, no.
    I do not make rules for anyone, neither do I expect anyone to follow mine.


  9. Little Indian:
    Fair enough.


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