Aaa gaye Umrika!

Hindi and everything Indian is so in vogue.Most Indians would miss out on the glamour associated with our own country. Don’t believe me?? Arrive at Newark International Airport where a very thick American accented individual welcomes the passengers arriving by Air India flight AI 191 from Mumbai via Paris in Hindi and uses words such as ‘sukhad’ ‘kripya’ and ‘aap’.

If that doesn’t make you feel at home enough, get driven out to a desi party right after landing.Aunties uncles children and all other wanna be Indians dressed in their glitterati best eating samosas dhokla, drinking jal jeera out of wine glasses discussing Indian cricket, Abhiash wedding, declining stock market, an added twist of business opportunity not left unused with lament over the strengthening Indian Rupee and you know you are between those that would do anything to hold onto the India that they had left eons ago.

As if I had not had enough of India in the United States I have set up base with an American couple who sells the Indian Kama Sutra in their book store. Also my host is a Yoga instructor who has already enrolled me onto his Thursday evening class.

If you are wondering what have I been upto? Well I have been discovering the marvels of pure desi ghee over a cup of the finest Darjeeling tea.

Welcome to my stint in the United States I say!!



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11 responses to “Aaa gaye Umrika!

  1. Ahhh… the wonderful world of NRIs… 😀


  2. welcome to amrika


  3. Sunrise:
    I always find that breed interesting.

    Thank you and welcome to my new blog. 🙂


  4. Edu…that’s surprising! What’s the plan! A trip or a career move. You need to be clear, you know 🙂
    All the best, whatever the case maybe. Enjoy your stay.(and will it be


  5. Amrika sounds goood.
    Good luck!! 🙂


  6. Vishwa:
    It is
    And I am as clear as clear can be. 🙂

    To me too.Thanks.


  7. Little india they say… big big india, you can sometimes almost forget its america no?
    But american adventures promise interestingness… so yay amreekaa!
    and ofcourse yennjoooyy…


  8. Karuna:
    Yes most times you can.It is only when people are disciplined and they don’t run you over or spit on the roads you wonder where you are. And yes I do intend to enjoy this and definitely share it yall!


  9. Not surprising at all, EU. Many NRI’s tend to maintain the same ‘environment’ that they left back in India. Some of my friends complain that while their parents are still holding on to the old dating rules in America/Canada, their cousins in India are enjoying the progressive liberal environment that’s accompanied with the sweeping change in India. It’s ironic but also amusing to a certain extent, for me anyway. Hope you’re enjoying your time there & am sure will run into many more Desi folk. We brown folk are everywhere! :o)


  10. I hope you are having a good time there !


  11. MsCutePants:
    A very warm welcome here. I am enjoying the disparity.It is most certainly amusing.

    I am.I always do.Thanks. 🙂


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