Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal., originally uploaded by Educated Unemployed.

Being Indian, from Northern India and nearing the end of 3 decades of living on this planet it was a sad realisation that I hadn’t made the effort to see a timeless symbol of love that has broken boundaries and epitomises beauty. It was discomforting to realise that I had taken for granted what belonged to me which made me realise that I had not paid my due respects to the one monument that actually is a part of my identity.

With a plan to achieve before I got 30, I added on board one of my favourite aunts and her two adorable sons.Our drive from Delhi started around 8 am.With just one break for a good breakfast of aloo parathas and tea we reached Agra at around 1:15 pm.We lost our way initially due to lack of proper signs which surprised me considering I know what a favourite tourist spot we were heading to.

On reaching our destination and spending almost 20 minutes in the queue to gain entry this is what I first laid eyes on as I entered through the gates to see the Taj Mahal.

I wish I can write down in words how I felt as I entered the gates with so many people around me hailing from different countries, culture and backgrounds.All marvelling at this symbol of love and purity.

But I can’t.

For those who haven’t experienced it’s glory I would highly recommend a trip and for those who have you know exactly what I am talking about.



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17 responses to “Taj Mahal.

  1. It’s been way too long since I saw it! I need to go again. 😦


  2. Even I have not seen it till now. Two years I lived close to Taj Mahal, criss crossed Agra several times but Taj never happened. Is it that special ? Guess this time I will see it.


  3. Duhita

    It always happens, you miss out the beauty in your own backyard. Still many beautiful places here for me to explore, but I’ve gone and seen the Taj Mahal instead;)


  4. Richa Bhardwaj:
    Atleast you have seen it once, ask that coffee-drinker we both know..

    It is also a matter of what you give importance.Rediscovering my own country has been on my agenda for some time now.

    Happens.This Happens.I know girl. I have spent time in the Highlands of Scotland but I haven’t been to Elephanta caves in my own city.


  5. Edu…. I too haven’t seen the Taj. We have plans to visit many places by this yearend–the taj is one among them. Last year when I went to Jammu for my wedding, I missed out on visiting taj, and came back to b’lore early. My sister who’d accompanied me in that trip went to Agra, but unfortunately it was a friday and non-muslims weren’t allowed on that day. She came back without that view in the photo.


  6. Vishwa:
    That must have been frustrating for your sister.May be she is destined to go visit Agra with you.


  7. Shankari

    I was 30 plus when I visited the Taj- though I lived my entire life in Delhi!

    Just yday I, along with the kids, went to an all-time favourite- Humayun’s tomb in Delhi- the first expression of Indo-Persian architecture and one of the finest too!

    Seeing the monument afresh through the kids’ wondrous sight made me feel over-awed! 🙂


  8. I know exactly what ur talking abt 🙂 i have a pic of it too, taken 3 years ago..just beautiful..


  9. Shankari:
    That is another one on my list.Funny how we miss out on such things. But I think that genuine glee of children make all the effort worth it.

    Lil Missy:


  10. It’s been years since I visited, I believe I was 10 when I went last … beautiful just beautiful.


  11. I was supposed to go to India a couple of weeks ago and planned to go to Taj Mahal but the itinerary was changed. I’m so disappointed. I wish I can visit the place one day.


  12. Sangeeeta:
    I am so glad you concur.

    Itienerary was only changed right, not cancelled.Taj Mahal will happen one day and now you know so many of us in India..I for one would love to take you there.


  13. Wow! your actually wose than me! I felt guilty myself having witnessed things from various corners of the world but not having seen the taj until a year and a half that is… but now i can gladly say…
    been there done that 🙂
    awesome picture.


  14. Karuna:
    Happy to make you feel better about yourself.But I have been to Khajuraho too.Beat that.. 😛

    Thanks about the photograph.


  15. I REALLY want to go. You know…I mentioned it the other day we were chatting.

    Let me be a graduate! Now I can do things the way I want to. Taj Mahal is certainly one of the most important things for this country – and its really a shame I havent been even once. Sometime soon. SOON. 🙂


  16. Rohit:
    I really believe there is a time for everything.Make your dreams and goals and remember them.They will come true.


  17. Как обычно, автор убого накреативил!


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