A friend had once told me, “I will break down if you ever lose your confidence in me.I don’t care about the world, but I wish you have some faith in me.”

We all make mistakes.We all do wrong things.We wrong other people.Most of all I think we wrong ourselves.Take wrong decsions.Make bad choices.Be self-destructive.Just do the wrong thing.

Then a person you call your friend comes along.Watches you do your thing.They believe you will see the light at some point. When you don’t, they even nudge you a bit so you can get back on track.

You know they have your best interest in their heart.They don’t understand you at this point, but you hope they will eventually.You tell them every little detail, confident they wont judge you.You think they know what makes you the person that you are today.

The friend tries hard to understand you. Gives you your time and space.When they cannot see you go on and on about what they think is wrong for you they snap.They get into an uncomfortable zone.They want to tell you to your face but they also want you to know that they are there for you.That tussle some times breaks them down.Even destroys the friendship at times.

We don’t want to be told we can do better.We know we can do better.But this is what we want to do now.We know we deserve better.Everyone does.But this is what makes us happy now. We know this may not be the smartest decision we took in our lives, but we took it anyway.We do things inspite of knowing you think they are wrong, because we believe they are the right thing for us to do.So many times we aren’t looking for approvals or endorsements.We are only confiding because we have the need to tell some body. Have some sort of a witness to the lives we lead.

We have all been at the recieving end of such judgement at some point in our lives.It isn’t the best feeling.It isn’t supportive.If anything the lack of confidence and support is condescending. I understand we tend to have undue expectations from our friends.They are only humans after all.But then, so are we.


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10 responses to “F-R-I-(-E-N-D-S-)!

  1. Relax. I don’t know what to say.


  2. Rohit:
    I am good.Just stating an observation. 🙂


  3. yes, friendship can be a challenge at times. sometimes you tell a friend something and see the disapproving look on the face and yet u know they’re quiet coz he/she doesn’t want to hurt you. That makes it hard if ur the type (like I am) who wants to please everyone. But the best friendships are those in which things told are taken as they are at face value, questioned if need be and accepted that this is ur thing and u need to do it this way.


  4. Lil Missy:
    I am begining to realise there are no definitions.Expectations yes but no definitions of relationships.And no I don’t think on that account I am anything like you..:p


  5. I presume you have had a rough experience
    which you are unable to describe,
    what you are telling us is how you have felt.
    Maybe that is why I find it difficult to understand what a ‘friend’ really means to you.

    What make a person a ‘friend’,
    makes a friend a ‘good friend’?

    The meaning of ‘friend’ varies
    from person to person, and with age,
    as we grow up, our thinking is bound to change along with our expectations.
    If we are both changing, can we remain friends?

    I do not go by the various definitions of friendship,
    neither by what I read or see in novels or on screen
    in real life it is up to me to
    decide who/what I want to be first,
    and then who/what I consider is a friend
    if I do find a friend, I will never need to struggle
    to understand each other, if I don’t, so what?

    I can still be who I want to be
    and treat my fellow human beings
    just like I want to be treated myself.


  6. Little Indian:
    Commendable thoughts.Not so sure about the presumptions though.


  7. That is why I called them presumptions. 🙂

    so that if they were inaccurate,
    you could ignore the rest.


  8. Little Indian:
    Not much is ignored on this blog. So bring it on. 😉


  9. I don’t know why but I am being able to relate too much with whatever you’re writing. And it’s making me uncomfortable. Not good!!


  10. Richa:
    Some times hard facts are hard to face.Even harder is to deal with them.But once you know what is going on, it becomes easy to make the right choices and decisons.If you are uncomfortable, you are already half way in doing the right thing.

    Very nice to see you here. 🙂


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