See you on Judgement day.


Shivaji Maharaj

Standing tall and for a reason.

Originally uploaded by Educated Unemployed.


I knew the outcome.When I saw it for myself I even let out a sigh of relief. There is surprise, fear of the unknown, pain and even disappointment around me.

I how ever see a second chance.This one I am taking.I am going to hold on to it.Becasuse I believe god has been very kind to me.

What will happen from here I don’t know.Call me mad, but I am going all the way with this.This is going to be my own decision.

And when judgement comes, I hope you are around to hear what I finally have to say.



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10 responses to “See you on Judgement day.

  1. Intriguing post. Yeah, we will wait for your words. Good luck in whatever you are trying till then.

    Good day !


  2. Satya:
    Thank you. Have a nice day yourself. 🙂


  3. lazy leo

    sometimes adversity can be a blessing in disguise…….
    if you have a second chance…go for it…all the best!


  4. Lazy Leo:
    So nice to see you here.And Thanks.


  5. Errr, did I miss something here? Couldn’t make out a thing.


  6. Hi Vishwa:
    So nice to see you here.No you didn’t miss anything.I think it is time I let you on on a secret.I don’t generally chronicle my life.I write more out of observations and feelings even of they happened years ago. 🙂


  7. That’s Okay, but still couldn’t make out a thing out of this ‘Observation’ of yours. Maybe it was intended to be so, I guess 😉


  8. Vishwa:
    That is my bad.I do hope people can identify with what I write.May be I don’t make sense at all. 😦



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