Dear Mr XYZ,

I, EU am writing to you at this instance as I wanted to apologize to you.Do allow me to explain myself.

When I was a liittle girl, I wanted to marry you.I didn’t understand marriage but I understood bravery.You remember the time you had survived a bullet, when you were undertaking your “commerical duties”.How your family stood by.How the country prayed for your speedy recovery.I thought then you were family, for you to have that affect on such a large audience.

As life would have it, you have had your share ofups and downs. 80’s weren’t particularly good.Most people wrote you off your “commercial duties”.How you proved them all wrong and continue to do so.How proud you make all the people who have stood by you.Most of them idealise your courage, integrity and family values.

So what you could not take care of your family.So what you made mistakes with judging people.So what you were inept at running a business. So what you have some flaws.No one is perfect. You deserved another chance.

So while you were making a roaring comeback, I grew up a little. I got educated.I travelled.I developed my belief system.I made my own rules.I learnt culture tradition discipline.I learnt a thing or two about society.I realised I have a place in this life to serve a purpose.I still strive to find that purpose, but I know I have been given this life for a reason.

I guess you do too.So beyond your “commercial duties” I have a few questions to ask of you..

What has been your contribution towards to the very people who have rooted for you even when you were in the dumps?

What message do you have for the society that you hail from?

What legacy do you hope to leave behind for the nation that idealises you?

What morals do you uphold for the youth that so desperately need a hero for them to emulate?

What kind of religious standards are you setting, and exactly what do you think the poor could do if they were to face similar situations?

I apologise, because it is my bad to think you are actually accountable to society.That you are a living hero. That you are some one I want to tell my children about.That you are some one I can put my faith into.

You have no ethics.You are just a commerical man.You are here to make money.And that you do well. I am sorry I thought better of you.



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6 responses to “Apologies!

  1. I wonder if there are any “real” heroes in this commercial world. Call me cynical, but everybody seems to do something for a reason – a favour, an obligation, a duty or just pure transaction.


  2. Funny for you to say this.If you read my previous post, the tag dealt with a similar question.I am begining to believe no real heroes exist.We just make them into one.


  3. Yeah, its all good in books! Cheers to reality 😛


  4. I somehow feel I know who this hero is.
    And if it is him, I have similar thoughts. I do not feel as strongly but it does bother me at some level too. But such people are made out to be heroes and are not really heroes, so they cannot be perfect as we expect them to be.


  5. Richa:
    I agree with you.I think I am going to write a F/U post.That will make things even more clear. I hope.


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