Why blogging and your real life should not be mixed.

I am just about to throw dirt on me, my family, my fellow blogger, and my blog.All things I do love very dearly.If you have no interest in other people’s family talk because you are quite tired of your own, I will understand if you missed reading this post.

Fact: Exam in four days, no time for socialising. Sad character: EU

Fact: My family doesn’t know I maintain a blog, except my mum.But she doesn’t care.

Fact:I have a very large family that I really do love.

Until now that is….

Venue:A cousin’s flat in a nice suburb of Mumbai.

I arrive just in time for lunch.I am just about to serve a dahi bhalla..which happens to be one of my favourite things on the menu this afternoon.That is when my niece who is by the way 2 years older than me drops in a dreaded question..

Hot niece(HN): So where do you blog?

EU:What? Blog? Me? Are you kidding me? I don’t blog?

HN: Oh but Mr Hot shot (HS) said he knows you because you are fellow bloggers.

EU:Oh you spoke to Mr HS. He is nice ain’t he?

Mum: Hot niece knows HS?

Me:Yeah I introduced them. *smug smile*

Hot niece: So where do you blog?

Old Mamaji*( Hot niece’s grandfather who at 83 lives eats breathes stock market): What is a blog?

EU:Mamaji a blog is like an online diary. Over the internet?

Papa:(Mine that is): But you wirte a diary.Is that not good enough?

20 something nephew: You have pictures of you on the internet.Whoa…

EU: No I am pretty anonymous.No pictures. Blog is different from my personal diary papa.

Concerned aunt that I am still single:But what are you doing introducing a single guy to your very single old niece.You are single too aren’t you?

I am now having a hard time balancing that bhalla with all its dahi* dripping and wondering if I will ever be able to bridge the gap between where my hand is right now and my plate.

Mum is staring into me at this point..

EU: What?? *shrugs shoulder* He thought she was hot.

Mum:And you still want to eat a whole dahi bhalla.When will you start looking out for yourself?

EU: Hey you wouldn’t want some random guy to approach your daughter just because she is hot.

Mum, shoots a not so nice look at me.

EU: Oh cmmon mum?

If looks could kill I could have been vulture fodder by the look in the eye of the hot niece’s mother..

HNM: So you introduce my daughter to sleaze balls?

EU: That is not right.He is a very good friend of mine.He is educated, smart, well placed and he is a gentleman. With a very good sense of humor I might add.

20 something niece: Is he hot too?

EU:He is out of your league kid..

20 some thing nephew: Apparently your’s too….he didn’t think you were hot.. gwaffes..

EU: Sh** u* you guys.He is my friend.

Mum: But you have only met him once.

EU: Technically twice..

HN’sM:You don’t even know this guy.

Hot niece’s rich dad: How much does he earn?

EU: How does that matter? He has huge potential.And I do know him.Can I get my dahi bhalla back? ….which is now in my mum’s plate. She is pouring saunth all over it..She is smiling and I can feel excruciating pain surging in me..
Hot niece’s dadi: Of course it matters how much he earns.How does he look?

HN’sF: And what does he do again?

HN’s grand dad: Is he interested in stock market?

Papa (mine that is):But why do you need to blog..don’t you have friends?

EU:Just being creative papa. I do have friends. He looks alright.I actually don’t remember how he looks.Yes mamaji he does appear to be interested in the stock market who also , now looking at HN’s F..loves his scotch just like you do and he is into conning companies out of their money just like you. EU getting very defensive at this point.

22 some thing niece: He sounds like the answer to all my prayers.

EU: He is half a decade older than you..now a little irritated

Old mamaji(2): All that is ok..but why do you need to get creative? You are a doctor..

Some body slightly high on scotch, I didn’t recognise: It is called plastic surgery.

Everybody: Laughs!! I smirk..

EU:It is fun..I’ve written poems and short stories..People enjoy reading what I write..

Papa,(mine that is): Really??? eyes popping out

HN: He looks alright? I thought you said he was real sexy.

EU: He has a real sexy voice I said. Yes papa.. really.. people do read my blog. They leave comments or emails.

16 some thing niece:Like fan emails.? *sweetest smile I have seen all day*

EU: No I wont call them fans, but yeah I get emails from people I don’t know.

Hot niece:So where do you blog?

EU:You just want to get dirt out on me.I am not telling ya..Can I get any food???

Mum: with her plate clean of my dahi bhalla. But I thought you said HS was married?

4/5 people yelling at the same time: WHAT??

EU: He will be..EVENTUALLY….Single men need to be protected from this family..can’t you see..

Hot niece: So where do you blog?….

dahi* yougurt.
Mamaji* : mother’s brother
Dadi*: father’s mother.



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24 responses to “Why blogging and your real life should not be mixed.

  1. Anonymous

    that really IS a large family πŸ™‚


  2. P is that you? Having second thoughts are we? πŸ˜›


  3. Whoa! That was some event! But hey – where do you blog?


  4. Gaizabonts:
    Yeah, it was some thing….and as for – where I blog..I am not telling you either..:P


  5. The perils of moonlighting …
    I can sympathise with you … I was anonymous for a very long time myself … Neways .. call me a sadist , but I really enjoyed picturing you going thru all that trouble .. πŸ˜‰


  6. that was too funny… i still can’t stop laughing…

    since I know whr u blog… where do u live?


  7. Duhita

    πŸ™‚ How very amusing! Poor you though:p


  8. Anonymous

    Cool, Kinda interesting – HS’F


  9. Wow, I totally enjoyed reading this. Nice family chit chat going on. I wish some of them reads this post as well !


  10. Ford Prefect:
    SADIST!! X-( ..[that is a very angry face]

    Laugh away….I am going to hide now..

    Finally somebody understands..Yes I know poor me..


    Nope I dont like your wish at all.I am seriously contemplating hiding now.


  11. Hahahaha *can’t seem to control*
    Man, noone in my family cares if I have a blog. I bet Dad would read everyday if he knew 😐

    This was a hilarious post..geee I want dahi bhalla NOW πŸ˜€


  12. Hahahaha *can’t seem to control*
    Man, noone in my family cares if I have a blog. I bet Dad would read everyday if he knew 😐

    This was a hilarious post..geee I want dahi bhalla NOW πŸ˜€


  13. RR

    Some things just dont mix, like family and blogs ( atleast mine). That has been the bane of my bloggy existence


  14. Rohit:
    My mum doesn’t care in the sense, if I didn’t want her to read she wont.She is very cool in giving me my privacy like that.My cousins and that lot I am not so sure..
    Man oh man..I can give up any hot shot for a nice dahi bhalla with lots of saunth on it…:D

    Well depends how much you are ready to mix.Believe it or not..I really like my privacy and my space and it does irritate me no end when that is tampered with.


  15. heheh..sorry for laughing but that was funny πŸ™‚ well, i hope u had lots of dahi bhalla to make up for it πŸ™‚


  16. heheh..sorry for laughing but that was funny πŸ™‚ well, i hope u had lots of dahi bhalla to make up for it πŸ™‚


  17. May I assume that you never told Hot Niece where you blog? If so, don’t let her know. My niece found my blog and (O Lord!) informed her mother, my sister. My life has been hell ever since.

    Thanks for sharing the dialogue… and giving me some good laughs.


  18. lolz…nice one….
    Not sure how much of it is made up πŸ™‚
    yeh..mez been outta blogging for a while, just logged in and saw ur comment..
    tht will say hello..

    so u holidaying in mumbai?


  19. Mr. Hot Shot

    I dont get it … A blog is supposed to be public … Its on the World Wide Web for crying out loud … Neways … If you had warned me before that Hot Niece shouldnt know about your blog , I would have never brought it up …
    And stop comparing me with Dahi Bhalla … The damn thing has carbs .. I cant compete with that ..


  20. Lil Missy:
    Oh yeah I totally did.

    I don’t mind them reading my blog.It is the discussions later that I don’t wish to entertain.Like who why where how come you didn’t tell us that..

    Holidaying? I wished. Thanks for dropping by.And no you don’t look like Abhishek Bacchan.:D

    Mr Hot Shot:
    I thought I told you I wasn’t ready to share the blog (Your’s or mine)..BTW..Carbs you will just do fine..It is ‘chocolate’ you don’t want to be put up against..;)


  21. *OUCH*

    reminds of my travails

    My niece introduced me to her fiance at the time of her engagement. The big lad looks at me and booms: ‘Oh so YOU are Shankari aunty? I read your blog!’

    absolute (though brief) silence followed with all pairs of eyes drilling into me, wondering what kind of freak I am!



  22. Heheee…I can so really imagine what your situation would have been like.

    I’ve been on your blog on and off and it’s always fun reading your posts. I don’t know if you remember me but I used to write as becoming a stranger to myself on Vague Thoughts.


  23. D

    Cool…I can understand. In my office where all people are pseudo-intellectuals and supposed to know everything happening around the world think blogging is kiddish. But you know…more than people knowing about it or responding…I like to write, what I can’t write otherwise.


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