What is a laptop that gets turned on (miserable pun intended) and doesn’t have 4 chat sites sign in with atleast 3 people sending happy hullos and wassups my way….It is my laptop.

Don’t get me wrong.I love chatting.That, for most part has been my only inexpensive reliable way of communication with most of my friends. People that I’ve known for over 15 years, or those that I might never meet.

But some thing is drastically amiss.I don’t know what yet. All I know is this just doesn’t feel right. When one has has more people on their ignore/block/delete list than on I-am-happy-to-talk to you list, I think it is time for some thought.

Hence the decision to uninstall yahoo, msn,skype and gtalk.My laptop already feels lighter.I’d like to see this year go by without any chatting.That will definitely be a huge change for me.

Last time I brought about such an abrupt change in my life was when I started wearing my watch on my right hand.Turns out that is very practical in my field of work and not one day did I regret that decision.

I have a good feeling I wont regret this one either.Have a nice weekend ye all.:)



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12 responses to “Incommunicado..

  1. I can understand it. I did that too couple of years ago.

    Hey installing them again is easier, will take two minutes 😛

    Anyway, hope you don’t regret this decision as well.


  2. wishfulthinker:
    Nope no more chatting.See I am reaping benefits already.You came to my blog..:)

    You would only be able to understand if you knew my reasons which aren’t necessarily the same as your’s.As for regret,why would I?


  3. Hum kaise baat karenge?

    U come here then we will talk… Verizon lena, to mobile to mobile free…

    And there is always emails.

    *Thanu crosses her finger and hopes she is not in ignore/block/delete list*


  4. Thanuuuu:
    My FF..Of course not and you know that..Yes there is phone, Verizon is it..ok!
    Email, blog, mailing address..there are a thousand ways to keep in touch.
    Hopefully we will even meet..Can’t wait.:)


  5. Duhita

    It takes courage! Good luck:)


  6. Duhita:
    Thanks, though I am not sure what takes courage? I have to confess though I haven’t had so much time off the intternet in so many years.The feeling will take some getting used to..And was that comment on the previous post yours?


  7. i read your reply to WT’s comment and I wonder…hmmm…


  8. Gaizabonts:
    I wonder, what do you wonder?


  9. Duhita

    Nope, me don’t remembering posting a comment..who what when where why? 🙂


  10. I think you’ll enjoy not chatting. When I replaced my last laptop after Alex the cat drenched it in Dr. Pepper, I forget to reinstall all of the messengers and stuff. I have not missed them one bit.


  11. 🙂

    Wow this is GREAT
    (in case you have still stuck to it!)


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