Don’t mind me..

EU screams on top of her lungs…” I NEED RESCUING…BIG TIME”

1989: Doogie Howser MD. 11p.m. Telecast of the re-run.Tip toe out of my bed.Fumble in the dark for the remote.Stand 2″from the screen.Watch the entire serial standing.Volume to the minimum.Scared the entire time I would be caught.

2006:Grey’s Anatomy.Telecast of the re-run 3:30 am.No tip toeing.Fumble with the remote.Stand 2″from the screen.Watch the entire serial standing.Volume to the minimum.Scared the entire time I would be caught.

And you would think after 17 years with 4.5 years of med school and 4 years work experience things would change.

I love the sight of a hospital and scrubs and nurses and stethoscopes and patient charts and files and sexy surgeons and weary internists.I miss the smell of a hospital. I miss my feet hurting.I miss the good night’s rest after a hard day at work.I miss the cold tomato cheese sandwitches with 2 cups of coffee.

I want to be in a hospital agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.*SCREAMS*

I will be done with my exam on the 25th.Anyone have a job for me. I love blood mucus and p*** and phlegm and breathless and pulseless people who have enough combustible material in them to burn out a whole city.I really do.



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19 responses to “Don’t mind me..

  1. Tring tring
    Person: Hello
    Thanu: Is this EU’s mom?
    Person: yes
    Thanu: Can u please take the remote with you when u go to sleep
    Person: *Confused, but takes the remote with her to sleep*

    And the sad thing is Thanu will really do this.


  2. San

    Doogie Howser .. wooo hoo gosh that takes me back some years!

    I don’t like hospitals, the smell of sickness and death 😦


  3. Thanu:

    For me hospital is a shrine which smells of hope and improved lives and a place where people can get get a new begining.


  4. Yuck, yuck, yuck-yuck Ä

    These are the reasons,I don’t ever want to be in hospital. But to each its own 😛



  5. Greensatya:
    All you see is sickness and death and gore.I see life,a job well done and a satisfying day.

    Kabhi doctor ki najjar se to dekho..:)

    Agree each to his own..:)


  6. all will be fine. enjoy what you have now. it will not last for too long.


  7. The 25th isn’t far away! If you want to come to the good ole U.S.A., I am fairly certain I can find you positions in several hospitals.


  8. Nick:
    You can? May be we should exchange a few emails.:)


  9. Patience, lady! It’ll happen.. You’ll smell and see all those things again soon *avoids naming them*

    Till then, how about shifting the TV in your room so you can enjoy the view of the hospital without any fear? 😛


  10. All the best for ur exams!


  11. Rohit Talwar:
    The TV is in my I dont tip toe anymore..but hey when you know you shouldnt be doing some thing you are, one is always scared of being caught.HMMPH!

    Thanks..hope your break is coming on well.:)


  12. I was in hospital for past 3 weeks…not a pleasant place to be, when you are returning back like afta 8 months….but it was required so am not complaining…

    Im not sure whether you are going to enjoy ma upcoming posts coz am into writing lot of funny things about hospitals…hehehe


    Still 11 days to go..


  13. Arz000n:
    I always like your posts.I don’t have to approve of what you write but I find them entertaining nevertheless…and I will definitely be looking forward to reading the other side of the story..

    BTW ask the doctors who were looking after your dad? Was it fun for them to see your dad get better.

    Also all that after my exam..tum meri najjar se bachoge nahi…:P

    I hope things are well there..Ok this is becoming an email..I will stop..:) Have a nice week.


  14. Actually things hardly ever change its the perspective and the environment that changes! Say, why were you scared of getting caught watching Greys Anatomy?


  15. The line that said it all for me – “I miss my feet hurting”. Yes, I know that feeling, and I miss it a lot of times! There is no joy that compares to the physical exhaustion from a job well done!


  16. i loved doogie howser, the boy genius:)…and the 25th isn’t too far away…before u realise, ur exam will be up and u’ll be here in the big ol US, doing what u love:)


  17. Grey Shades:
    When one can easily watch the 10pm show, some one just sneaks upto to watch the 3:30am re-run.And they think she reads through the night.:D

    From a job well done at the cricket field eh? 😉 Just got to know of your liking for the sport..:)

    Lil Missy:
    Yes ma’am..And all that sounds absolutely delicious to me.:))



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