Fairy Tales..

Didn’t I tell you some thing will brew up in my head I will just have to write down here. So much for a break.

Well life has been busy.I knew it would be and hence the need to take a break from this luxuruy of mine called blogging.But I’ve lived so much life the past few days,that it got me thinking. About the story that I write.Each day of my life.

Remember when we were younger we wonder what it would be like to be 15 or 20.We write our little fairy tale.There are real people,aims and ambitions, needs and desires and some where a tiny precious place for some one special too. And then each day we live that fairy tale. I don’t know if things go plot by plot, but eventually you get where you intended to be.

I wanted to be a doctor.I wanted to live by myslelf. Have a dog and of course a prince charming who would sweep me off my feet. I’ve done most of the things that my story wanted my character to do.I even found love.Which is bizzare because I didn’t turn out a demure ballerina like I once thought I would be.But the story didn’t exactly have the ending I had dreamt of for my fairy tale.

Rumour has it other’s were writing their stories too, and some where our stories have got all mixed up.Each time I turned a new page I was hoping I was writing a brand new fairy tale. I was so wrong.The past chapters have a lot of weightage.I now realise I can turn a page start a new chapter, but I cannot rewrite my story. I turn each new leaf with the marks of all the past seasons on it.

I know prince charmings don’t exist.I wont be allowed to bring a dog into my parent’s home and I am not yet where I wanted my white coat to be. I am ok with that.Atleast I know I am still writing my story and I know some where other’s are writing my part in their stories too.

Who knows I might just about get that fairly tale ending I have always dreamed about after all.



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13 responses to “Fairy Tales..

  1. San

    i love note books, teh fresh crisp pages unspoilt and unwritten and I do my best to keep them neat and tidy but then the ink spills and it’s ruined 😦


  2. That’s true, the course of the story does not decide the ending!!

    Here’s wishing you all the best for the desired ending.


  3. somehow the words “demure ballerina” don’t fit you 😉 i’m glad u’ve got some part of ur fairy tale come true, like being a doctor. There’s still time ahead for you to write your story your way. Whichever way it turns out, i’m sure the journey will be interesting.


  4. San:
    Those pages will fill up, even if you didn’t do anything.Just be careful about the spillage.I know how ugly that can get.

    May be the story doesn’t ever end? When I get to the point I want this story to go..I’ll definitely tell you about it.:)

    Lil Missy:
    Ha ha ha …You are right on.I am no ballerina and I am not demure.Well its been a long journey already.But I am not complaining.Not just yet.:)


  5. Well then, here’s hoping that this year sees all them fairy tales in your head coming true! 🙂


  6. Wishfulthinkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:

    *does a lil bum-wiggling happy dance*

    Now now I know this is inappropriate and all that jazz.But EU and Supercali.. and everything that goes with them have missed you a lot.

    Thanksssssssssssssss for your wishes.I hope you are back for good.

    Plis to note..still working on getting those expressions right..methinks Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks would have better effect but what the hell you know what I mean.:D:D:D


  7. Oh you will, you will. You’re a hardworking story writer..and they get their due.
    I can’t even recall what I wrote last week. Things popping up unexpectedly are a better thing anyway!


  8. Rohit:
    I love ’em surprises too. 😀


  9. Wow I really didnt ever think someone could love those things, but thank god! 🙂
    Goodluck for the exams and hope you get back to all the stuff soon…


  10. I just wish ur fairy tale heads just the way u needed it to be.


  11. Karuna:
    Thanks for your wishes.What happened with your exams?



  12. There is a neat book by Sam Keen, a philosopher I deeply admire, entitled “Your Mythic Journey.” Sam says that although it is true that we cannot rewrite our past stores, we can reinterpret them.


  13. Nick:
    Yes, I agree, just that I think it is a defence mechanism and a healthy one at that.:)


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