Happy New Year and all that jazz.

“The state of a woman should be decided by what is in the head and not what is around it.”

—Quote Queen Rania of Jordan.

That cannot hold more true now than when it was actually said and in the context that she had made that statement.

We have indeed entered another and left behind a year which has just witnessed the assasination of a thought process. The smothering of an idea, the fight against a bully. The question I ask today isn’t whether that thought or idea or the fight stood correct in it’s right but why was that right taken away.

Today is apparently a milestone.To celebrate, conquer,reminisce,make resolutions, plan for coming Tuesday,make promises for the future. I wonder if a dress, a trophy, a certificate, a party attended, a bottle downed, a post written actually marks a milestone in our lives. I would think it takes a little more than that.

I’d like to know what will change from today.Nothing for most part of the world. I’d like to know what are we welcoming into our lives? Or hoping that we will?

When I thought I had left bullies behind in school little did I know I would grow up to face those that I would not be able to see.Those against whom I would have no voice.Those that I would not be able to recognise.Those that will be impsosible to prove were not only harming me physically but were even robbing me of my thought process.The very essence that defines me. After all it is what is in my head that makes me who I am not what is around me.

It is one thing to be raped and another to be forced into prostituion.So they want us to believe.Aren’t both violation? Only we are made to believe one happens by choice.

I hope that I am not robbed of my freedon to think and differentiate the truth for myself. I hope tomorrow doesn’t take away the dreams I saw yesterday, the plans that I make tonight, my convictions that I hope to carry with me tomorrow. I want to be able to make my own decisions and not be forced upon by another bully, because they want me to believe they know what is best for me.

Today I hope tomorrow doesn’t take away my freedom to live a free life.

Happy New Year and all that jazz…

ps: Still on a break..



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24 responses to “Happy New Year and all that jazz.

  1. New Year’s blessings to you and yours! Thank you for your kind words regarding my mother’s hospitalization.


  2. I fear that there will always be bullies of various flavors. I perceive my own country as the world’s primary bully—not the people who live here in the U.S., but our federal government.

    Today I feel the need to go forward to whatever that brings. Going forward with intentionality—knowing what one wants and deciding on how to get it—can be very rewarding.

    May 2007 bring you much peace, prosperity, and love!


  3. Quite an intriguing post but I feel that the keywords gave it all. I can in a way understand your state of mind and what you actually wanted to say. Maybe I am wrong but yeah, this thing did let all of us think a bit more about what the world is going to be in 2007.

    Inspite of all this, Happy New Year.


  4. Nick:
    I hope your mum is feeling a lot better and that you were able to bring her back home

    Bullies do have various forms, sometimes it is the government sometimes policy makers some times business men.They are all around.So much so that we are not able to recognize them.

    Thanks for the encouragement and piece of advice.I do need it right now.

    I do hope for an awesome 2007 for you.


  5. seems you write (even) better when you are on a break (or perhaps on a break from the break).

    Happy New Year, like GS above says, inspite of it.


  6. Greensatya:
    I wasn’t trying to hide anything.I said what I wanted to say.So I don’t get what you mean by key words and giving away.I agree an incident prompted my thought process, but I do think we face similar situations in all walks fo life.We just don’t want to accept that.I hope we do and start standing up for ourselves.

    Yes because of this I think I will be thinking a lot more into 2007.I hope you do too.Cheers.


  7. Gaizabonts:
    Thank-you.Happy New Year to you too.:)


  8. Nicely put Gaizabonts..Yeah indeed a break from a break.:D..albeit a tiny one…


  9. Happy, happy new year! All the best in 2007!


  10. Quite some ideas there. Particularly feel the same about rape and prostitution. Yes, they’re both a violation, how many ppl actually realise that? How many times have you heard someone say- How can you rape a prostitute?


  11. Anonymous

    When Queen Rania talks….there are people…who actually listen!!!!….get them a life….

    don’t get me wrong…i have nothing against the contents of the post…but didn’t a certain MK Gandhi said….no one can harm/insult you unless you want to…


  12. Anonymous

    …and just one more thing i noted….the “against reservations thing”….hmmmm…but isn’t it the same lack of equality of oppurtunity at play again….maybe in a different form….a small contradiction??…most of us know the problem…time we thought of a few solutions…no?

    PS: Most of this is in response to the quote you’ve put in…it unnecessarily makes u a feminist


  13. Oy! Wish you a great new 2007 lady! Hope all is well!


  14. San

    on a blogging break?


  15. Abaniko:
    Thanks a lot.I am looking forward to this year.It should be a good one.Many many heart felt wishes to you too.:)

    Little Miss Muffet:
    I believe we are aware, we just don’t want to admit.

    Grey shades:
    Thanks a ton for your wishes.I reciprocate the same.All is good..just life taking up all my time..:)

    Oui mademoiselle!!..:)


  16. Anon: 06:58, 07:05
    Quite honestly I don’t get your point.You have obviously read the quote by Queen Rania I have posted.So much so you have made 2 comments over it.How about you lead the way in getting a life.


  17. Happy new yer EU …. And all the jazz too …


  18. I agree, these are not the milestones. But these are the markers that remind us of the milestones.

    And yes, may we be free to think for ourselves in the years to come.


  19. Ford Prefect:
    Thanks, a very happy new year to you too..ofcourse with all the jazz that comes with it.

    Milestones should not need any markers, they are markers by themselves.


  20. Anonymous

    You need to stop reading the news so much.A just can’t stop talking..What have u done? Don’t you access email/orkut and why haven’t you been answering your phone???I know I promised but I am worried about you..miss you..UKW


  21. RR

    yeah HNY and all that jazz


  22. Yeah! Happy new year!
    Heres to another year of blogging 🙂


  23. I do know who:
    Smart ain’t I? I have sent an email to you.Miss you too..

    Hmmm..that doesnt really sound like a happy wish almost a forced one.Please do correct me if I am wrong.;)

    Thanks girl and to you..Yes you mean precisely 12 posts in a year blogging or will we see more of you..We should me likey your blogs lots.:D–>



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