Whole of last year I have been very committed to this blog and everything that comes with it. Yet I haven’t understood the concept of blog friends. Bloggers I understand and friends I definitely do. But the concoction still doesn’t make sense to me. I have come to know some really amazing people through my blog. I couldn’t have asked for more out of this commitment.

I want to be in the business of feeding people.I don’t know what gives more pleasure than sharing a lovely meal with your family and loved ones.I love seeing people eat their food enjoy it and have a good time.I love to see people laugh and be merry over the next morsel they get to eat.I believe this world will be a better place when people realise even that is a luxury for many.

I have had my share of growing up all of this year. I hope I will come out a better person after all that has happened. I know there are people who have stuck it out for me no matter what, while others never realised how much of myself I gave to them. I do believe life balances out itself. I can already feel the calm after the rough.

I miss working in a hospital.Since I’ve come back to India I haven’t done any work.I really miss being a doctor. I can’t wait for things to change on that front. Come February it should. I can’t wait.

It is raining weddings and enagagements and alliances.My buddy from when I was 2 has just announced his wedding.I am so happy for him.It is nice to see your friends take that plunge.Become men from boys.Deny all you like, things will change between us.Having seen most of my friends make that move I know the difference.It used to bother me initially but I think it is like moving from college to the working stiff. Things are bound to change.

I like moving on to the next year hoping I can let go of my past. Make a new begining. But come another new year there is a new set of challenges, disappointments, happiness and life will come a full circle. I don’t mind the full circle now. Atleast I know I will get to start over some place.

I want to take a break from blogging. I am quite certain the day I make such an announcement I will have this unsupressable urge to write some thing, or share an experience, or a poem will brew up in my head and I would just have to write it out here. So I refrain.I just really want to though.For a few days, may be a couple of weeks, may be more than a couple of weeks.

I want to send this wish out especially for all those people who aren’t with their families or loved ones to welcome the new year. I have spent such moments. It wasn’t fun. Today I sit in my chair knowing I have people who will hug me and wish me the very best as the clock chimes 12 on the 31st. For those of you out there studying working or just trying really hard remember you are there for a reason. Some thing good awaits you as God has a plan.

God bless and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

ps: Does Happy New Year need to be in capitals.I always thought it didn’t.Let me know will ya..



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16 responses to “Gabfest.

  1. Gangadhar

    The thing I find interesting, if not slightly disappointing about blogging is that while all of my friends can see what I am up to (or at least get an idea of it) from reading my posts, I have no idea what is going on with them and their lives because none of them blog!
    At any rate, in this busy time, it is nice to be able to go on-line and catch up with ya,EU..
    And i feel it’s juss wonderful to receive new year wishes like this..thank you..
    Happy new year to ya too..And about the ‘ps’ item..same question bugs me too..lolzz.. ‘ll see here if anyone can tell..

    And wish you all the best,EU..


  2. Hi EU, wish u ahppy and a prosperous new year. The post certainly has reflected the self introspection phase of ur stay in the blogosphere.

    As gangadhar said, one realyy reveals everything to his frnds, and lest gets to know very little abt them.

    All i feel is just gather motivation from reading other blogs, when u really feel like dissuading from blogging or have really nothing to say.


  3. I totally understand the part about wanting to get back to work at what u do best/what ur trained for..i want that too!! 😦
    I know, there are somedays you wonder what ur gonna write about and then u suddenly have these strong ideas or feelings and u want to put them all down..Wish you happy holidays and a great New Yr ahead!


  4. Thoughtful words about the begining of next year. And, no, don’t take a break from blogging, your loyal blog readers are not going to accept it. Nope, no way…

    Merry Xmas/ Happy Holidays..


  5. M

    First, Wish you a nice time.
    Whether Happy New Year needs to be in caps depends on your mood and the strength with which you want to convey that message.

    Making it all Caps would be akin to Shouting it out. So if thats what you want go ahead and make it caps. What you have done is a neutral, normal way of wishing, which is fine for the occassion.

    As long as the wish is from the heart your friends will get the message πŸ™‚

    keep smiling and cheers for a wonderful time ahead.


  6. p got that right! πŸ˜‰


  7. so many different things in one post where to start?!?!
    yes the new year is full of change ugh,
    yes what are blog friends?,
    yes whats with the weddings?
    yes things change with friends… even when they get into relationships.
    oh yes, gabfest. πŸ™‚


  8. Agree on this part–you can’t really take a break from blogging. Once you decide, you’ll find something interesting to share.
    But it’s good to take a break, albeit a short one, just to refresh, relax and come back with a new perspective.
    This post, like most of your other posts is very sublime and heartfelt. It’s very conversational and frank. Honestly I don’t want to miss out on such writing for too long, so make your break as short as possible, will ya?
    And don’t worry much on things not happening. This too shall pass!
    Happy New Year, well in advance.


  9. I’m with Vishwa. I am just glad you chose to do what you wanted to – for a while. It should successfully refresh you.
    And hey, February is just about a month away – please smile! =)

    New Year Greetings.. Be good.


  10. Anonymous

    happy new year my dear eu doc πŸ™‚
    see, everything is in small letters πŸ˜‰
    remember delhidreams???


  11. Apy

    (H)Apy new year to u too…

    *Having seen most of my friends make that move I know the difference.It used to bother me initially but I think it is like moving from college to the working stiff. Things are bound to change.*

    Hmmm.. I think I can relate to that… I guess we jus move on..


  12. i’ve not understood what blog friends mean either. but i sure do know that they’ve managed to get a smile on my face. a face they’ve never seen before!

    wish you a very happy, wonderful and meaningful new year.

    (came here thru sines’ blog)


  13. San

    Happy New Year to you too πŸ™‚


  14. Ash

    Hey EU,

    perfectly understand the way it is with blogs… the surge that comes for a time and then the tiredness of no output inspite of the urge and the data…. in a similar phase….

    wishing you love, satisfaction and joy in the new year…. emphasis maybe with the caps.. maybe mabe not…

    cya, take care and keep in touch


  15. n is for you know who


    All caps, tons of exclaimation points. That should take care of everything! πŸ˜›


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