Thinking aloud..

It can be difficult at a time like this.A few more days and we would be welcoming a new year.Another year.Another milestone.

I haven’t been taking too well to these milestones.They seem to be coming on too soon in my life.Not so long ago, I found myself really upset about turning 28 and being me.I would love to change a gazillion things about my life but given the choices I had I think I have done well. I know things could have been a lot worse and they aren’t. So may be I actually have things to thank God for.

What bothers me, isn’t how well I have done given the circumstances, but how much I wanted to do inspite of them.Some things I could have done differently but I didn’t know better.Now I do.Do I consider that time lost or experience gained. I don’t know.

I do know that humans have the best defence mechanisms in place.We know very well how to justify our lives.We do it so beautifully that we begin to believe there was no other way or choice.

….might be continued…



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18 responses to “Thinking aloud..

  1. it would *really* be interesting if it continued.

    it may perhaps be a good time to change our measure of milestones. Beyond standard measures.

    I wait, for the sequel 🙂


  2. Please consider that time as “gained experience.” I once had a plaque on my desk that read: “Please Be Patient: God Isn’t Finished with Me Yet.” That message really wasn’t for others, but for me—I really needed the reminder. Sooooo… Please be patient, my dear young friend, God is far from being finished with you.


  3. “…I do know that humans have the best defence mechanisms in place.We
    know very well how to justify our lives.We do it so beautifully that
    we begin to believe there was no other way or choice…”

    FUNDOO!!! Captured such a sophisticated behaviour beautifully….


  4. Apy

    True…we are defensive…no doubt about that… In addition to that, we all are pretty greedy.. its neva enough…


  5. Blame game shalt not last long for, the truth bounes back @ the earliest to disabuse all myths:)


  6. yes, we do like to justify our lives..but i think that’s better than being disappointed with what we have turned into…


  7. Gaizabonts:
    You were right about what I felt and what I experienced.The moment seems to have passed, but I do want to complete my post.I will some day hopefully.

    You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.Thank you.You actually deserve an award.You are amongst the few readers that actually get the pulse of my posts.

    You got the right.It is being sophisticated.Thanks…
    I love the word fundoooooooo!..:D

    Making a confession are we??? ..:PPPPP

    Suresh S:

    Lil Missy:
    I am talking more about justifying the choices we made, which eventually points to our lives.But then there are no justifications for the choices we made.That was what we thought was the best given the circumstances.Some times we really need to stand up for ourselves.


  8. Gangadhar

    yeah EU,you’re right..i can identify myself here..


  9. Interesting post; sometimes you write that you don’t think of past and this post suggests different. I do get a feeling that you, may be, think people who are like 30 are old, and should be written off !

    And yeah humans have amazing ability to justify anything.


  10. Gangadhar:
    Tsk tsk..I generally am.:D
    Thanks, Gangadhar.It is always nice to hear from you.

    Whatever gave you the idea I don’t think of the past.I think of the past, dream of the future and do a really good job of living in the present.
    Ha ha ha, if I started writing off people how will I earn a living?


  11. Oh damn, how could I miss it. This is like a gigantic mistake on my part. How can ‘you’ write off people..hmm will have to think more on how to word this? Good point by the way 🙂


  12. San

    another year another day ?

    It’s not a milestone imo, it’s just a date. Why wait until teh digits on the year change to make changes? Make it now!

    Why change things about your life? why not change the outlook on your life instead 😉


  13. Greensatya:
    Awaitng on the different wording.
    Some times not analysing but understanding might make a difference in the choices one makes.Think about it..:)

    That I am..:D

    I should just complete my post…Then we will discuss..:)
    Ah but don’t hold me to it.

    Thank you.How have you been?


  14. Liked that second para of this post….it applies to me too…

    Good wishes for new year from ma side 🙂

    Have fun and take care doc…


  15. Arz000n:
    For some one who writes one of the best goofy posts, you are quite a thinker aren’t you?
    Thanks for the wishes mate, you have a great holiday season too.
    Don’t miss the boxing day sales and please please do dig into one of those christmas puddings


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