Scrambled eggs made to order.

There is so much going on in my pea sized brain that it is quite ready to burst.I’d like to make some sense of the gazzillion things I feel currently but I know it is going to be a useless excercise.Even more useless has been the rude behaviour I have displayed all day today.I am left feeling guilty, as I was horrid to the few people who decided to be nice to me.What is really bothering me is that I am feeling guilty about being rude.Not so much about the actual act of being rude.That I was pretty darn good at.It is keeping up the act that I am not very good at.I want to send a few apology sms’s but that might get those people really irritated even if my original act didn’t.This isn’t the first time I would be getting myself into such embarassing situations.I do that to myself very often.I am actually impressed with the consistency of my actions.The other thing I am consistent is with making angry people even more angry.It is a curse.What was a real curse this weekend was trying to have crabs with a 2 year old boy.I will try and keep my promise of never spending time with his mother again.She rubs me in the worst possible way.How can people be so stupid and irritating beats me.But then there are all kinds I know.I just have to accept.I also have to accept I might be heading for a drinking problem.I have hidden wine bottles from guests.Stolen whisky and started drinking vodka as the first drink since morning.I mean don’t people drink coffee or some thing.I do recommend masala squid curry with rice.It was the yummiest thing I had this weekend.So much for a person who doesn’t enjoy sea food.But then again for a person who doesn’t listen to rock I can sing most of DL, JBJ, U2 songs.What did I know they sang rock.I just thought they were really cool love songs.I also didn’t know that the answer to when would you like to get married should have actually been a date or a month or even a year and not ” when I can fit into a really tiny sexy black number”, especially when asked by a prospective mother-in-law.But that expression on her face is the least of my problems.I do have a lot of things going on in my pea sized brain right now.



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22 responses to “Scrambled eggs made to order.

  1. I’m sure that expression on her face was quite a sight! 🙂


  2. Vodka first thing in the morning? :O


  3. San

    >>when I can fit into a really tiny sexy black number”,

    I love it! I hope you gave her a sexy purrrr look while you were at it.

    i’m still to annoyed to feel sympathy for anyone else so :p


  4. Grey Shades:
    Yes it was but it didn’t look like she would appreciate all the effort I was happy to make for her son’s wedding.

    Ah! the Wishfulthinker himself, and it takes my admission of drinking issues for you to resurface? HMMPH!
    So nice to see you back.

    Ha ha ha, naah totally missed on the added effects.


  5. p

    Come back! I will take care of the alcohol and your pea sized brain issues.
    I know what you need 😉


  6. i’ve been through a phase where I thought ppl were giant smirnoff bottles walking…lol…but it was just that..a phase..nothing to be worried abt as long as ur not in denial…and what’s wrong with wanting to get married when u can fit into a sexy black number? we might as well try that before coz that becomes really difficult to fit into after marriage 🙂


  7. oops..i think blogger liked my comment a little too much 😉


  8. P:
    What did we decide about my blog and you? And don’t give me crap when you don’t answer your phone calls.

    Lil missy:
    I took the liberty to delete ’em.
    Ha ha ha…I might have a little issue with it before marriage too.And no I am not in denial.I know I am heading for an issue..:P


  9. p

    Ever heard of leaving messages in the voice mail? Or you ‘bloody’ Indians don’t have that concept.You knew about my nights didn’t you? About this blog, to quote your one time favourite blogger,” no one rules the web”


  10. Ha ha ha ha no only Bangladeshi’s have that concept.And s.u. about my favourite blogger.Time you started your’s.Then you will know how irritating predators are.:p Will call you over the weekend.BTW A will be here then.Yuppies!


  11. Casablanca:
    We are like that wonly..:p*

    To quote another blogger..:D


  12. It’s all normal. And trust me, this too shall pass. The best thing about life is that everything is temporary.

    Thanks for the compliment that you left on my blog the last time you stopped by. I write because I get the feeling that it is probably the only thing I am good at! 😛


  13. RR

    I liked the post. You really have so much going on in your brain.

    But lady, whats with the vodka in the morning?? You surely cant have that many things in your brain.


  14. p

    Ok I promise I will behave.Stop deleting my comments.I will get a sign in name too.Then can I leave comments?


  15. AFJ:
    You are welcome,I am thrilled to see you back.

    Hey there, thanks.Oh well some times all you need for your day to go well is several Vodka shots.

    Ya ya ya ya ya..
    Can I ignore you now.


  16. Truly scrambled egg it is, make to stock though. And it is okay to be onself once in a while. So dont worry. Friends understsand , don’t they?


  17. so whats with the vodka in the morning? first hand experience to remember the effects of alcohol for the exam?? or just softening the blow of Grays and Robbins et al? 😛


  18. and maybe you should get that ma-in-law a sexy black number as well….why should she feel left out?


  19. Greensatya:
    Made to stock means? Well I am not worried and least of all care about any of my friends understanding me.I don’t depend on such things.:D

    Ha ha ha ha, very funny.It was to drive away the pain of excruciating company..married women et al…:P
    Oh man don’t you think such a mother-in-law would be so cool.


  20. sigh….if only that were possible…


  21. LazyLeo:
    Ha ha ha ha! I hear ya sistah..I hear..


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