Don’t ever sell yourself short.

Don’t ever sell your self short,he had said.That is probably the best advice he had given me.Sadly that is one of the last too.

Funny to think he was only 19 when I met him.I was much younger.He hated me calling him old.But what else do you call old people?

It has been so long.Too long I think.I digress.

Just when I needed validation to my being, he wanted to tell me to be strong and fend for myself. He wanted me to know that I had to learn to validate my own self.If I kept looking out for others to do it, I will only end up being insecure.I had to find me and learn how to love what I did end up finding.

We both agreed that we are responsible for all our actions.It is always easy to pass the buck and blame another.But whatever happens to us, has us responsible for it the most. He wanted me to pick up my pieces and start over, when he had said that to me.

Such a time isn’t the time to give your friends advice I would argue.He should have supported me and be there and give me his strong shoulders to cry on.Tell me he still loved me.

But friends have their own designs I think. So many times when you think they are being cruel and selfish and and do not care, they decide you are ready to learn one of life’s harsh lessons.

I walked out of his life, for that one thing he had said to me.Times were just so bad.I might have been wrong in the decision I made.But I stand up for myself. After all he taught me how to.In all these years there isn’t a single day I haven’t thought of him. For good or bad.

He turns 30 today.How I wish I could be there to see his face cringe everytime I would remind him how old he has got.Rub it in real hard that now he is over the cliff.Another year and his age wont even feature in the calender. I mean really 30 is OLD.

Ok fine, I lie..he turns 29.But still that is old.



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18 responses to “Don’t ever sell yourself short.

  1. Happy Birthday to your friend. And I sincerely hope he reads this. πŸ™‚


  2. Gangadhar

    me already crossed 30 mark..
    Happy birthday to him.


  3. awww…you just made me feel really olddd…sigh 😦 i’ll be 29 next yr…


  4. Rita:
    I doubt he ever will.Well thanks on his behalf.I am sure he has had a blast where ever he is.

    That old joke is only to annoy him. I think feeling old is again a state of mind.I think I might do a post on that.

    Little Miss Muffet:
    Hey is there a shorter nickname I can use for you? I will be 29 next year too..:P..Feel any better?


  5. so 29 is old? hmmmmpppphhh! *fuming*


  6. Gangadhar

    I know it,EU.. πŸ˜‰
    take it worries..

    take care


  7. I’ll be 20 next year.. Aarghhhh 😐

    Birthday wishes for him! =)


  8. I hope your friend reads this!!good post


  9. LazyLeo:
    Ha ha ha ..we are all getting there..

    I’m glad you do.

    Yeays and I know when, did you manage you IPOD fund?

    Thanks about the post, but why would you want my friend to read it?


  10. well, yeah, old is as old feels..sorry, i mean ur only as old as u think u are…:) i don’t really feel old, except for a few rare times..well, why don’t u call me LMM? wait, that reminds me of a really old prof…arghh!!


  11. adi

    oye doc, nobody is as old as the man who thinks himself old…


  12. But what else do you call old people?
    simbly call him UNCLE πŸ™‚

    Thats wht ma friends call me….Im just 26 and am surrounded by guys who play for under-12 hockey team :(((

    Man…am gonna turn 30 sometime and people are going to point finger at me and laugh one day 😦 😦 😦


  13. I believe that those difficult lessons we have to learn can be stirred by the comments and advice of others. However, we still have to learn them.

    He’s 29 and OLD? I am 60, so I must the archaic!


  14. When someone dies at the age of 50, people say, “Oh, so young!” Now, what’s young and what’s old? But yeah, I agree: 30 is freakin’ old – nay, ancient. πŸ™‚


  15. The reverse ageing process begins after 30!


  16. Thanks for reminding me!



  17. Lil Missy:
    Hahahahaha..Wont call you LMM..:)

    True that.

    Thank you.:)

    I called him that and a lot more.:P

    Oh cmmon..You know this is the age we measure our lives by the second what did we achieve what did we not.Right now the age meter really means a lot.

    Hahahaha..I love it when people agree with me.

    Gaizabonts: mean mentally?…:p

    Why the angry expression? Shouldn’t I get an award or some thing?


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