The only place to go when you hit rock bottom is up.

This quote was all a person wrote on his about me section on a social networking site.

I was amused San: then why post such a quote?, and hence I put it up on my blog.

Was this person telling himself everything will be alright and he can get a hold of his life.Was he indulging in self pity.Was he keen to get the sympathy.Will I ever be able to empathise with a person who can only tell me that he has hit rock bottom.

LazyLeo: may be you haven’t reached rock bottom coz you’re already drifting upward? 🙂

Matter of perception, we all have blips, but that doesn’t mean we are defeated.Defeat is a mental condition not a physical one.Who knows some times what looks like the worst thing to happen to you, might actually be a boon.Feel free to call it a defence mechanism.In the end each to his own.

Greensatya: So if there is a mess, make it more messy till it can’t be messed anymore. When something is at top, the only way further is to come down 😛

So should I actually be self destructive so I can ensure success?

Arz000n:true no one wants to be at the rocky bottom anyway 😛

I agree no one wants to be at rock bottom.I also believe that some times life does get really tough.But then that is the challenge right.Why put up your arms.I think the biggest loser is the one who feels defeated not the one who is still fighting.

Rohit: Oh you haven’t? So, you wanna? :O 😛

Like I said, it is a matter of perception.I don’t think I have.Then again, I have my own measures of success. Some body with a different measure might find my life a total waste of carbon on balance.Who is to tell? Who is to know. No I don’t think I want to ever get to the point where I don’t have a plan B. As long as there is plan B, I think I can walk with my head high.

Nick:I have always wondered about that quote. How does one know its “rock” bottom? What if the “bottom” is made of quicksand? I remember what Ian Farina wrote: “I’ve been down so long it seems like up to me.

Exactly my thought.When does one know they have hit rock bottom.What defines rock bottom.Does one ever feel so helpless.Does there actually come a point in life when you think you can no longer keep going.Isn’t that giving up? Do we ever give up? Do we have that liberty?Don’t we constantly struggle, don’t we constantly fight?

Gaizabonts: Don’t know if your found the context you were looking for yet, and Karuna Hi, keep rambling I say.:D



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22 responses to “The only place to go when you hit rock bottom is up.

  1. ah! so complete in context!


  2. Ha ha..Ok I give up with you..;)


  3. Wow, I like this new way!

    See I didnt mean it in personal context but this theory has been mathematically proved.

    If ever there is a situation, then the point of inflexion reaches at the lowest or the highest point. Take for example, Bangalore, that city is becoming worse, but I wish it becomes worst ASAP. Then only something good will happen. If there is some scandal going on, some rumour, then blow it. Then the truth will come out.

    I didn’t know the quote was written for you in some social networking site.

    And the way from top is bottom is a well known fact. That’t the normal life-cycle for anything.


  4. no, dont, not as yet. This is a very new way of writing a post, very creative, i am of the believe that the earlier short post was almst on purpose, so that you could ‘create’ this. don’t mind if i improvise on this.


  5. Heck that’s what I like to think on regular basis!


  6. Greensatya:
    Nope I didn’t mean to take it personally.I was generalising by saying I.And no, this wasnt written for me.Some one had written on their page..for themselves.
    I get your point.

    Quite honestly I had no plan when I wrote that post.But with the comments I recieved, I thought to myself if I have even one reader who could get the context of my post I will explain myself. Nick did that for me.Hence the continuum.

    You bet girl.Nice to see you here.


  7. I think the biggest loser is the one who feels defeated not the one who is still fighting.
    This is a universal truth….and I agree with you in here 🙂


  8. I had a seminary professor who once wrote a book on the Psalms, dividing them into songs of orientation, disorientation, and new orientation. The first are the ones we sing when all is going well; the second is what we moan when we feel we are rock bottom—or in the valley of the shadow. Of course, we usually don’t remain down for ever, so the third are the songs we joyously sing when we find ourselves back on the mountain top. Unfortunately, as is the way of life, our new orientation becomes our orientation and the cycle repeats.


  9. Gangadhar

    woow,EU..great going at “Nick” thing!!


  10. Arz000n:
    I do write a lot of agreeworthy things on my blog..:P

    As long as there is a cycle going for us, we are living methinks.

    Woo hoo. I can finally put in links..Thanks..:D


  11. You’re exceptionally good when you’re communicating your point!


  12. Rohit:
    Thanks, but no one seems to be listening.:(


  13. Like Humpty Dumpty,
    I, myself prefer the “bottomless pits”,
    Far more pleasant
    to keep on falling.
    With no chance of hurting backsides or breaking bones.


  14. Little Indian:
    It might be pleasant, but it sure isn’t progressive.But each to his own.


  15. I merely said,
    if falling means damaging oneself on a rocky bottom,
    (fatally for humpty dumpty)
    I would prefer to keep on falling.

    Does a perpetual fall always have to be regression?
    It depends on one’ perspective does it not?
    A parachutist, is he progressing or retreating when he falls?
    Is lack of progress always a bad thing?


  16. Little Indian:
    I apologize I missed the “bottomless pit’ part.As for the questions.I think each has to find his won answers.


  17. ksbabar

    could not agree more…



  19. it means that he already has hit rock bottom and on his way up … It’s true that ppl sometimes suffer from problems and then recuperate !!


  20. Maiosh92: possibly!..


  21. I think “rock bottom” means when you feel “things couldn’t be worse than this, and no more things could have possibly gone more wrong” I feel the quote is saying “well if you know that things have hit ‘rock bottom’ don’t just ponder at it, make a change. You’ve experience the worst, and thus will make you stronger. Shouldn’t you at least use it for the better?”

    How i see it.


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