Romancing Delhi.

I was visiting Delhi after a long time.Or so the calculations said.I had not met my family for so long.It felt weird.I have been in touch with everyone.It isn’t the same as actually seeing them.Fine lines on the face, wisdom of the ages shining through the eyes, weight lost to illness and smiles lost to circumstances told me it had been way too long.The warm hugs,night long chatter and lots of love saved the moment, but will never make up for lost time.

The aura of Delhi hasn’t changed a bit.Instead the orange sun shone even brighter this Sunday.With India Gate at the backdrop, the view was breathtaking.I was on my way to an exam.The result is immaterial.The act was motivational.The roads beckoning.The mood inspirational.I have long lost the charm in the battle of Mumbai vs Delhi.I am proud to be from a country where landscape language and history changes every 200 kms.* Delhi is rich in each.It has it’s own story.It has it’s own character.

I did meet Mrs Mfmil.I don’t know what she made of me in person, yet.I suspect I have already created an impression on her.She was nice.Realxed.Jovial.She did not once make me feel uncomfortable,like I had suspected.Instead true to Delhi hospitality the high tea was spectacular.

Discussing politics and everything that is wrong with my country is always high on the agenda when one visits Delhi.I love the long debates heated arguments and several hundred solutions to all of mankind’s problems.Unfortunately no one was listening.I think it comes with the territory of being from the capital.The residents think they know it all.I suspect they do.

I am always amazed at the aggression that one comes across in that city.Be it on the road or out of it.My dad explains that the residents of Delhi are originally refugees and had to fight for everything.Well what happened 50 years ago is no excuse to behave badly a generation or two later but may be I am no one to comment.May be my views can be worth another post altogether.

Met lots of doctors, and loved it.Reminded myself that I belong to a benevolent fraternity and I belong to that generation which shoulders the responsibity to keep it like that.The plight of doctors world over didn’t go undiscussed.Their stories lessen my own misery. After all misery loves company.

But what makes me like Delhi the most, it makes me fall in love with Mumbai all over again.I am happy to be home, away from the dust, the maddening traffic, loud voices, unsolicited solutions,bad phone lines and lack of electricity.Don’t get me wrong I do like Delhi,but I am a Mumbai girl after all.

*Borrowed from a comment by Atul Sabnis


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24 responses to “Romancing Delhi.

  1. one of your best, i would hazard a judgement. notwithstanding the footnote and the citynote.



  2. Gaizabonts:
    Really? I am always amused to see the varied reactions to my posts.Nice to know this struck a cord some place with you.
    I am smiling..I really am..:)


  3. yep !delhi is so totally different from bombay (will always feel weird calling it mumbai)…it’s a whole new experience..but all said and done, it’s bombay i like going back to..

    Pls do update on Mrs MFMIL and the ensuing story:)…


  4. Well written ! I somehow like these kind of post about perception of cities each one of us has.

    I do second the conclusion you made atleast of some aspect of Delhi life.


  5. Ram

    Delhi …. I miss it so much ….. and I like it more than Mumbai may be because I spent lot more time in Delhi than in Mumbai. Dilli chalo.

    BTW, did you meet your Mr. MFH?


  6. San

    Ah my brief stay in both cities will always be memorable, although I do prefer Mumbai over Delhi but for historic buildings and culture I think Delhi win’s.

    I wonder if I’ll ever visit India again.


  7. San

    btw I didn’t realise you were a doctor. Oh so can i blog my illnesses to you.


  8. Little Miss Muffet:
    I like coming back home too..:)

    Thanks, may be some day you could come to India and I could show you around Mumbai.

    Thanks.I guess it the agression part you can identify with.

    Im sure there is the element of identifying with a city you have lived in for a long time.And Delhi has its own charm.
    Nope I didn’t meet MFH.:p

    Who knows some day you will.
    Of course you can blog/email me..anytime.


  9. Was in Delhi for couple of months during this time last year…didnt enjoy ma stay much….but the post got all those memories back…

    And I agree with you gal…Mumbai has its own charm…am missing Mumbai right now 😦


  10. Arz000n:
    You from Mumbaiiiiiiiiiiiii???? WOWOWIEEESSS!!!
    Awwe..cmmon..You will come home soon right?


  11. As usual, your analysis is spot on. As a Delhi girl I will always be partial to my own city πŸ™‚ but I can’t contradict any of the points you made. And yet, in spite of all the aggression and the sporadic incivility (especially on roads)….there is something in the air that I miss very much.
    (By the way, the roads are far far better than some other cities eg Kolkata)


  12. Lazy Leo:
    Of course you will love your own city.No one will hold that against you.And the roads are an absolute delight.It is sadly masked by the indiscipline.I love the air in Delhi too.It is beautiful.


  13. I am always amazed at the aggression that one comes across in that city.



  14. do you mind if i make a suggestion? someone said this to me afew years ago and i noticed the difference immediately: do you deliberatly not leave a space after your full stop? I never used to until someone voiced it to me, and ever since then, i’ve realised how easier it is to read with a space after a full stop!

    btw, although I havent been to either, I imagine Mumbai to be alot more…vibrant and have that buzz.


  15. Rohit:
    Ahem! Ahem!

    I didn’t know and I didn’t realise. I will try and be more concious. Thanks. No I don’t mind. I quite appreciate constructive criticism. Thanks.


  16. I was planning for this xmas….but then its very costly to fly during the now next year….either Feb or March for 2 weeks…

    Am planning for either Rome/Paris next month….that depends how efficient I am in getting ma Schengen VISA stamped πŸ™‚


  17. adi

    u ( ) in delhi?????????????????
    (were/are) is immaterial…


  18. Arz000n:
    That will be lovely.You must go.And then tell us all about it..and don’t get tooo naughty..:P

    I was visiting Delhi yes…now I just have to see the Delhi Dreams…:D


  19. this was me…while reading the blog…

    crapppp – when the f*** were u in delhi. and when exactly were u planning to call…to atleast let me know…!! holy shit…i hate u for this…

    crapppppppppppppppppp – mumbai…better than delhi…???? some people..i tell u


  20. Anonymous

    mumbai???….it so dirty and the people are robots….what’s the fun of livinfg in a city where everyone is civilised… have to have a chance to let out ur frustations once in a while…and delhi offers you plenty of oppurtunities….i make it a point to stop if someone is being beaten by a crowd on the road and make my contribution to the “guilty’s” punishment..:D

    but seriously…delhi is a city with life….ne problem you could get a 100 odd solutions in 5 mins…u choose wat u want….and of course delhi doesn’t have those stupid local trains (in my 10 odd visits to mumbai i haven’t been able to get the courage to board one…in delhi we have our sweet DTC buses….:) and now the metro….ahhh.. i miss delhi….


  21. *misses delhi all over again*


  22. Gangadhar:
    I did a long time back.

    Now you know.I just had to take this battle out of my blog…:p

    Anon 09:23
    Exactly the agression I was talking about.I rest my case.*raises collar in victory*

    Awwe…It is a miss worthy place.I truly enjoyed my 2 days there.It was bliss.


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