Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @ turns one today.

I am still going through the Waiter’s archives.I have only 11 more months to catch up with.Will some one please tell me what he means by yuppies.I do have an idea though.

What is gnawing at the back of my head is that there is a tag I need to do.I had promised to deliver it today. Why today? Oh well read the title again will ya, and do visit that link I provided.

It is a great feeling.Another milestone.118 posts, 14190 hits.It has been a good year.

In Atul’s words,it has to be about your blogging experience, link us to what you believe are some of your best posts – tell us (at least now) why they are important to you – what you like about them. Keep it as free form as a possible – tell us a story. Tell us what blogging has meant to you, notwithstanding the opinion of the media (or anyone else).

Then, more importantly, do this tag as an introspection – not as a chore – do it because (and if you believe in blogging) – the experience that it has meant to you.”

This blog is my universe and I am at the centre of that universe.My feelings my thoughts my emotions my life.All on a page poured out over this 17 inch confession window.

Blogging is a means of communication to me.It is here that I talk to myself.I satisfy my need to be heard.Feed my ego.Face the truth.Some times hide from it.

I am humbled.There are so many fantastic bloggers out there. Awesome write-ups,beautiful poetry, amazing photographs. There are people who dedicate sometime each day to painstakingly put in the net some piece of useful information.I am amazed at their conviction, their commitment.So many beautiful thoughts, so many that are necessary and so many that we can only dream of.They show us that the possibility is endless.

In this universe where I is so important to me I am often reminded how really small I am.How much there is to this world.How really miniscule this I is in the larger scale of things.I am humbled no doubt, but I am also motivated.I know I am not alone.

Each post that I have posted has an emotion behind it.A reason.A wish.A hope.What that might be, is probably constantly changing but there is not a post without purpose.Did I do justice to any of it, I don’t know.But is there any one emotion or moment that I lived more important than the other, I don’t think so.

In today’s world of political correctness,contacts over friends, where words became
weapons, silences war zones, animosity the name of the game, solitude a committed companion, this blog has provided the comfort of a nonjudgemental platform where I can be heard.It doesn’t matter who is listening, or how many.What matters is that I found my chance.

You ask me what my blog means to me.What can I say it has been a friend a mentor a guide to me.



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16 responses to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious @ turns one today.

  1. Amen ! The choice of airing your views on an anonymous platform is such a relief. There is no need to be nice, polite and the perfect human being in the blogworld. You can be just you with all ur uniqueness and imperfections. congrats on the 1 yr mark !


  2. there may be more comments from me – but at this time, i think what the ‘waiter’ means = young upwardly-mobile professionals @ yuppies

    i am still reading the rest of it 🙂


  3. This post has been removed by the author.


  4. u got me hooked on waiter too


  5. Congrats on first year completion and here’s wishing many more fun filled milestones to be reached. I have thorough enjoyed and enriched by all your posts.

    Yeah, what Gaizabonts said about Yuppies is correct, those people from New York. There is a similar blog, it is by a New York night club bouncer, that’s also a hot favourite in blogworld.


  6. Good one.[ as always and I’m fed up of saying the same thing over and over. Why not write a provocative post over which we can fight? 🙂 ]
    So many posts within a few days! And what was that ringing sound –wedding bells, is it?

    Need a bigger, clearer post on any new developments. You don’t have the permission to be secretive.


  7. Wah! I’d just like to say that it has been a pleasure knowing you, through your posts. As Miss Muffet said, this is a real page. Of insecurities, happiness and all sorts of emotions. Here’s to many more years of wonderful lines!


  8. Gangadhar

    Congrats,EU on 1st!!
    Wishing many more to come..

    take care


  9. Thanks for share Waiter’s blog. I may not be able to read it as much as you are, but I find it enjoyable.

    Yuppies? Yeah, as gaizabonts wrote: “young upwardly-mobile professionals.”

    John: “Do you know how to save a Yuppie from drowning?”

    Sue: “No.”

    John: “Good.”


  10. You finised one year on blog!!
    Congratulations medocuk!!

    Way to go…way to go….and hope to see you for many more years to come :))


  11. Congratulations on completing one year … Nice …


  12. Little Miss Muffet:
    You will be surprised at how expectations creep in even in the blogworld.You have been warned.Thanks for your wishes.I have loved my last year.

    Thanks for the explanation.I suspect I didn’t complete the tag to your expectation.Oh well..

    He is good isn’t he.And thanks for noticing that I have completed a year at blogging.X-(

    Thanks, you always have high praise for me.I am begining to get spoilt, but keep it coming anyway.
    Do you know the link to the other blog?

    Thanks a lot.I like hearing it all over again.So make one of us happy will ya?
    My next post is a lot more descriptive just for you.How is your wife and you doing?

    Thanks mate and Cheers!!

    Thanks a lot.

    Well he writes very well.I have read the blog completely now.I will be looking forward to his book.


    Thankssssss, where have you been? How is the British weather treating you?

    Ford Prefect:
    Thanks..I wonder if you use ‘nice’ like I use hmmm..

    I am curious to know the thought behind the smile.:)


  13. RR

    congrats on finishing a year!


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