Ass/u/m/ptions =Making an ass of you and me

My parents are hosting a lunch for some of my dad’s friends this coming weekend and that same very day we would actually be in a different city having dinner with some of my dad’s other friends.

For the tiny bit of effort on my dad’s part he sent out emails to all his friends for confirmations and maps and so on.

I answered Mrs Mfmil’s call yesterday afternoon aassuming she was my dad’s friend or a friend’s wife. I was more than warm affectionate and lovely to talk to.So she said.

We discussed my stay in England, my future plans.Whether I was liking home after all these years away from it.What were my career pursuits.The problems Indians face abroad.Visa issues, training issues.How should one plan their medical careers and what have you.

We also discussed why youngsters find it hard to come back and live with their parents and what kind of understanding the parents should show so the child doesn’t feel claustrophobic.The mixed culture.The confusions.

The new age aggressive Indian women, their economic independance and changing expectations from life. My views on arranged marriages.

I can still go on.In short we had a lovely afternoon chat which lasted around 50 minutes at the end of which she asked me if I would like to meet them.

Of course I said emphatically.I confirmed whether it would be lunch or dinner.She politely refused the invitations but was game to meet my parents and me the next day for brunch.The prospect of good north Indian food and I didn’t want to say no.

Only when I gave Mrs Mfmil’s message to my parents did I realise that she had responded to my father’s email which he had sent in response to the advertisement that Mrs Mfmil had put in for their son in the Sunday matrimonials column.Oh by the way..Mrs Mfmil=my future mother in law.*gulp*

I might just about come back married this weekend.See what assumptions can do to you.



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20 responses to “Ass/u/m/ptions =Making an ass of you and me

  1. Mrs Mfmil sounds very nice… waiting to see what happens over the weekend..


  2. Duhita

    The fact that you spent 50 mins on the phone with Mrs Mfmil must mean, shes likabale….at least a little;) Now you better not go quiet on us abt Mrs Mfmil next week ok!!!


  3. hehehe..well if the son turns out to be as likeable and chatty as the mother, u just might come home married ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Hmmmmโ€ฆit sounds as if Mrs. Mfmil is quite a talker. If her son is as attentiveโ€ฆ


  5. Thanu:
    She sounds nice??? What about me.I think I get all the credit for holding a conversation for that long with a person who could be mfmil.

    She was just chatty and I was quite jobless.:P

    Little Miss Muffet:
    Noooooooooooooo, I hope there is a next time so I can be a tad bit smarter and not fix my own matrimonial meetings.

    Sometimes saintly Nick:
    Oh well, I might not get that far with this family.

    Grey Shades:
    Yup, laugh away…:P


  6. I am thinking of what I will wear to your wedding… must we go the sari route or will a black cocktail dress do?


  7. Haha, such a nice episode to read first thing in the morning. One observation – your ‘F-MIL’ seems to be pretty conversant with many issues. Does not sound the typical ones.


  8. Casablanca:
    Knowing me, you might need some trekking gear.I would love to have a wedding at a mountain trail some place.

    I just helped her understand her son better.She didn’t get a lot of what he had expressed to his parents and hence was happy that I could show them his point of view.


  9. Started out well ,so hopefully end will also be good.Good luck!


  10. Hahahahaa!
    *can’t stop laughing*

    Oops. :O

    *resumes laughing*

    So, EU is getting married huh? ๐Ÿ˜€


  11. Sharda:
    Thanks, will see what happens.

    Rohit Talwar:
    Yeah my parents are laughing too.This isn’t funny guys.*Straight face*


  12. San

    LMAO, okay i have had a similar situation where I answered the telephone to a rishta call for me, i thought tehy were calling regarding some papers dad had left for someone so i continued to laugh and talk openly about myself and their kids even and how these introductions etc are a pain and at times such a chore!! only to find out she wanted me to speak with her son!! :O

    but yeah wear something other then red on the wedding, skip getting a body wax – let him feel a real woman .. oh and make sure you buy yourself something very sexy as a gift from me :p


  13. oh my god….*ROTFL*…..priceless (as usual!!)…i sooooo wish i was there to hear it first hand…. now that’s what i call a self-arranged marriage….he he he..

    P.S. lemme know what happens…OK?


  14. really cute ๐Ÿ™‚ never know the son might be a darling ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. adi

    this one should be kept right next to the adi walking down the streets of delhi for forty five minutes on a stretch without realizing that he was wearing a torn pyzama…

    u bring cheers lady, thanks for that ๐Ÿ™‚

    waiting for the weekend though ๐Ÿ˜‰


  16. He He, nice post. I get a good feeling!


  17. San:
    Gee thanks, Im getting Victoria Secrets and lots of it….:P

    Lot has been happening.We need to talk soon..

    Will let you know once I know.

    Ha ha ha..Hota hai..hota hai..



  18. whoa… you talked about all this with a complete stranger?




  19. Sunrise:
    I can talk about anything with anyone.*Chuckles*


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