I never thought I would believe in angels.But they exist.They really do.I now know by experience.They come into your life out of no where.Become a part of it like they always have been in it.You believe in them because at that point you need to.They help you tide your worst moments and when you are ready to face the world on your own again they move on.

Last time I didn’t know how to let go.I thought they belonged to me and were for me to keep.Only now I know they need to move on, because some where some one needs them more.

It is hard letting go of people who come to mean something in your life.But some times you just have to. For what it is worth..Thank-you…


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13 responses to “Angels.

  1. San

    I knew an angel
    but he flew away
    the feeling gradually went away too it’s strange but maybe that angels didn’t really come my way?


  2. I agree: it is difficult to let go of important people. As for angels, I always remember what an Episcopal priest told me of a visit he made to a monastery in the Egyptian desert: the abbot said to him, “We greet everyone as if he (sic.) were an angel—just in case.”


  3. But I want my angel to stay. I am not ready to let go. Just yet.


  4. I don’t know about angels, but yeah there are good people on this earth. It all balances out in the end, for every bad person we get a good person somewhere down in life.


  5. Very touching Edu. Looks like you’re mastering the fine art of saying everything yet saying nothing.:-)


  6. Gangadhar

    Agree,EU..Me encountered with such angels!


  7. San:
    Angels have to go.I’ve learnt it the hard way too.But if it was nice while it lasted you know an angel passed your way.

    I think that is a such a beautiful thought.

    You can’t contain them girl, they have to move on and so do you.

    I say for every million bad people even if I meet one nice person, my faith will be restored.And I know I’ve been blessed.

    How have you been Vishwa.I don’t know about that art, but I take it as a compliment.

    See I told you, they do exist.


  8. so beautiful and well written… Met so many such angels


  9. I need to first recognise an angel. 😐


  10. San

    who said you can’t contain them .. mum’s an angel in disguise :p


  11. u know that email passed on tons of times about ppl being there for a reason and a season and a lifetime…that is so true! maybe that’s what ur angel was there help you through a phase 🙂


  12. Hitha:
    Lucky you. And thanks.

    You don’t recognize them you feel them.

    All the time?? Really? Mine can be such a tyrant at times..:p

    Little Miss Muffet:
    Oh I almost never read forwards.


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