If I was called something else???

What is in a name?


I’ve been frequenting a blog for a long time. This blogger lets say nick name xyz spells freedom to me.Gives me hope, makes me laugh,cry.I see a strong determined person behind that blog.Some one who is ready to take on the world.Some one who isn’t afraid to accept what they are.Even use it to their advantage.

Then I recieve a comment from xyz.I was thrilled beyond belief.For those few moments before I could get to the comment several emotions passed me by.I have felt one with this blogger for so long that today it felt like we were finally going to meet in the blogworld.

It wasn’t them.But some body else with the same nickname.I was disappointed, because xyz had come to mean some thing to me, and I didn’t really find that in this other blogger.

Is there any logic to this disappointment?

Ever heard of people discussing this person is a very Alex kinds or a Jane kinds may be in the Indian set up, a very Alok or Swati kinds..

Do people attain a characteristic just because they are called by a particular name.Would they be different people if they had a different name.

If I suddenly changed my nickname from EU to lets say crazy-whacky-nutjob would I suddenly develop a sense of humor or sound less stuck-up.

I wonder.



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27 responses to “If I was called something else???

  1. hmmmm….interesting thought…would I stop being lazy if I changed my nickname???


  2. Lazy Leo:
    No some things are pathological beyond repair..:p


  3. San

    why the hell are you up so late??

    what’s in a name .. hmm let me go and think about what’s in my name. Oh and if anyone thinks of the answers before me send me a postcard .. oh the name’s sangeeta


  4. San:
    A Sangeeta types is a category too you know…:p
    Am a night owl.Insomniac in more technical terms.


  5. I wonder too. I noticed a change in the kind of comments I used to get on my blog as soon as I changed it’s name from Baffled Up to Perspective. I think it’s psychological!


  6. EU: you know me so well!!


  7. i am intrigued about other people’s blogs by their names… i came to your blog in that manner… there is nothing in a name, in comparison to the whole person behind that name… but in the blog-world, it does create an impression…

    when i look through comments on people’s blogs… i randomly click on the names of the bloggers that intrigue me… sometimes it is based on their names, and sometimes based on their comments that make me want to find out more about them…

    but i don’t deny that the name does create an impression on me… even if it is only momentary…


  8. think you have something here..there’s definitely an air that a name gives.. I used to think of names a symptom..of how the namer (what he/she has made his/her name into..sometimes an extension of his/her personaility)..reflective of how one sees oneself.and also how one’d like to be seen by others….but am not sure that’s all there’s to it..


  9. Rohit Talwar:
    I think one comes to expect a certain some thing because they percieve everything in their own way.

    Yes maam, to that I’d agree.

    So you really think a Rahul Gupta doesn’t sound sexier than a Debashish kundu or more glamorous? of course it can be totally off mark, but a name does not make any impression on you? I agree in the blogworld, a nick name a blog name..does become the portal of impression making.

    Correct me if I have understood you wrong.You think that the name one gets from parents gaurdians are actually an extension of the personality that parent/gaurdian wanted to impart to this person.


  10. No no! was trying the argument on assumed names only but now that you mention it, it makes sense!


  11. Good name in man and woman, dear my lord,
    Is the immediate jewel of their souls:
    Who steals my purse steals trash . . .
    But he that filches from me my good name
    Robs me of that which not enriches him
    And makes me poor indeed.


  12. I think people don’t develop a characterstic just cause of their name. It is we, the second or third person that make a whole personality of a person, based on their name, blog, etc. That might or might not come out to be true. But as long as we don’t get to know the real person, our image holds true.


  13. yeah, we have heard of beggars called daulat khan etc. its we who give a meaning to our names.


  14. Gangadhar

    EU..a better choice!!


  15. Spew:

    Is that what you think too?

    Quite possible.


    Yeah I like EU too.


  16. Deepa

    Hey ! Chanced upon ur blog today ..i know what u mean about this name thing…i used to do that too…it’s silly though..if i had kept persisting with the idea, I would never have married the guy i did – Knew a guy called X (since I don’t want to do any name slinging), and despised all X’s coz of him..turns out the man of my dreams is called X ! Huh!

    Anyway, that sort of name- expectation is unfair coz our name is what our parents chose it to be…now if ppl judged us on what we decided to call ourselves, that would make sense to me! I’d probably call myself- Little Miss Muffet..it’d be interesting to know if ppl think i have a little girl lost inside me or if I’m simply afraid of spiders!


  17. Deepa:
    Ha ha I know what you mean.It isn’t so much about judging a person, but coming to expect a certain personality because we tend to make associations.Like Anurag Basu the quiz master..you just think of an intelligent man when you hear Anurag.Just an example.


  18. I do it all the time, like a smitha is more bitchy than nice etc etc. I’ve even renamed people because they werent thier names but ive figured that i jsut associate the name with the personality type of someone I first associated with the name and so its not really the name that defines the personality type but the person who was first associated with the name and so I dont think the name changes a thing.
    Im guessing u werent really looking for an explanation but anyway.


  19. that’s an interesting thought there! Yes, i sometimes do click on interesting sounding nicknames. But beyond that I don’t think I’m much influenced by the names, expect that I know a lot of people only by their nicks 😀


  20. Well a name is all you got here in Blogosphere and the mind will subconciously form an mental picture… So yeah I think the name here does matter!


  21. name is ur identity…
    when someone calls you with particular name you create a special bond with that name…
    without ur name how you can be recognized..


  22. I think in general there may not be a great deal to think about this. However, a name can make a difference to other people’s perception when it is unique. EU, for exampple, is more intriguing than Pratik if I were to simply see these names on blggers’ list.
    I am not sure if you have read Freakonomics, but Steve Levitt has an entire chapter dedicated to names – especially african-american names!


  23. Yes its weird… but we do categorise names. Like I always think people with the name Rahul will be cute. Dont ask me why. Or Sonia will be pretty. Laugh now, laugh at me :p


  24. I believe that people need time to find out your personality just .So “name” and “appearence ” are the first things which give an idea about what kind of a person you are.May be later the same won’t be true.So I think ” name ” realy matters.

    A very comprehensive post.


  25. Karuna:
    Changing some one’s name is rather extreme don’t you think??? *shocked look*

    What about out of the blogworld.Doesn’t a name give you a first impression?

    Grey Shades:
    Exactly about First impressions, and you don’t think that holds true outside of the blogworld?

    You touch upon the other aspect of a name.What does one associate his identity with?His name?Work? I was thinking of writing an addendum to it.

    Are you saying that some one’s name be it here in the blogosphere or out of it leaves no impression on you whatsoever?
    I did start reading Freakonomics but didn’t last 5 pages.I don’t think I have the aptitude for such books.

    No no not laughing..Exactly the point of my post.*cackles* 😛

    I do agree that names also help form first impressions or opinions if you may.
    Also I’ve been told that it is a very imcomplete post and I now agree.


  26. n

    i always thought
    EU = crazy-whacky-nutjob


    sorrry yaar. i am going now.


  27. N:
    What can I say, you’ve thought wrong for a very long time…:p


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