Take it or leave it.

And finally, those that are essentially like marketing tools. Except they’re selling themselves, to who?..well f*** knows! Reams and reams of print about some profound insight into humanity and relationships while all they’re trying to say is how they epitomise all that’s good on this planet. How they opened their hearts and emptied their bank accounts for a noble cause..sniff sniff…how quaint…jeez…talk about putting in your application for sainthood by proxy.”

If you still read my blog,I am sorry I haven’t provided a link to your post.So feel free to sue me.I am a negative bank balance worth with all my charity.Feel free to extort.

I was stunned when I read this on a blog.I saw this long after I had written Point 24.I thought I knew this blogger personally and hence took it for a personal attack on my post.On me.I was shocked.For me it was personal vendetta.I was even a little hurt.I didn’t know why would some one retort like that.

If I don’t like someone’s writing, I don’t go back to that blog.If I didn’t like the person doubly so.I thought it was that simple.

Then I read this blogger’s point of view.

I actually felt elated that my blog got a mention, and it wasn’t about completing a tag.But why would some one spend two pennies worth of their time, to visit my blog, read what I have to say,assimilate the tripe and then go on to make a mention of my blog onto their space.

I think the real issue here is intention. Is the intention to state an opinion or is the intention a personal attack.I wouldn’t know.I don’t care to find out.Amusing is all I can think.

Was I on an agenda when I started to blog.Was I looking for returns? Did I promise to make it worth your 2 minutes on this blog or your money back.Hell did I even ask you to come and read my blog.

But then, lets take a closer look at both those interactions.

Just because I think I know some one, doesn’t mean I really know them.Just because it is quite some time after I wrote my post doesn’t mean they are getting back at me.Atleast not personally.

They are expressing their opinion.They have the freedom to do so.Freedom to write what they want to write and how they want to put it up.It is their blog.They can do what they want to do.

Atleast I’d like that same freedom.

The narcissist in me, enjoyed that 2.5 seconds of glory.But what I really want is to be left alone to do my own thing.I haven’t signed up to entertain you with my stories, be smart ,funny, intelligent or even dependable.

I signed up so I could just be me.Take it or leave it.



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21 responses to “Take it or leave it.

  1. It is okay… just as you have the write to air your views, on your blog, and those who read your blogs, someone else has the freedom to criticise it. I am not saying it should be done, but the internet is a free medium. We cant take everything personally, can we?


  2. You can only control your own actions, not anyone else’s. As long as you are at peace with yourself, you should not worry too much about factors beyond your control. Beyond a point, there is very little you can do about it, so why fret?

    Keep writing what you want to write, not what others want to read, you owe it to yourself.

    May the Force be with you.


  3. Viewpoints. We all agree to disagree. I find your blog a pot pourri of feelings, emoticons of a rebellious adventurous exterior and a soft mellow interior. Correct me if i am wrong.


  4. Casablanca:
    The point of my blog post wasn’t about criticsm.I agree they have the right to say and write what they want.It is the intention behind it, that I would like to know.Some people have nothing better to do but sit back and talk about others.I say feel free to do it.

    Obi wan:
    I am not fretting.Just venting out.I don’t really care about what a handful of people think about me or my blog.Of course I will keep writing.What I do want these smart asses to know is that they can as might as well stop visiting my blog.I didn’t ask them to come visit me.

    That is such a bad description of pot pourri…:P


  5. Yeah. You signed up because you wanted your space. Let’s not even think what others think/thought. And if they still visit, you really can’t help it, can you? Let’s be true to ourselves!


  6. Rohit Talwar:
    True that.I only wanted them to know.I know what they did then.Just because I didn’t retaliate doesn’t mean I accept their crap.


  7. Anonymous

    this blogging business is a pain … u shdnt even be doing this bit of ‘clarification’


  8. Anon:
    I was only writing another blog post.Not doing any clarifying.I don’t it painful.I quite enjoy it.


  9. Gangadhar

    I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of months..me feel like I go here to remind myself of what I can turn into if I don’t exercise my mind and read widely.Very smart and I enjoy the youthfulness of your blog. Very soon you’ve become one of my FOB..Don’t think anything else and keep blogging,EU..

    take care


  10. Gangadhar:
    Thanks, coming from you means a lot.Of ocurse I enjoy praise.I can even take criticsm.I’ve been told my poetry is very juvenile.Or my Hindi ones are very cheesy.That I find constructive criticsm.I want that.If some one just wants to put me down.He can go fly a kite is what I think.


  11. Phew! could not understand what it was about on the first reading. When I checked on the links, I got the whole thing. My ‘blog quotient’ has become rusty, I guess.

    Success has its own detractors so you should actually revel. People criticise George Bush, only cause it comes from President of US. Would anyone have cared if it was just from some Bush.

    The linked post says “emotions are the most common denominator”, the blogger forgot to add that so is ‘hate’.

    Anyhow enjoy your 2.5 seconds of fame and yeah, I am back to blog world 🙂


  12. Gangadhar

    you’re most welcome,EU..
    yeah u r right almost everyone likes these praise things..But for criticism..we get mixed reports..And me too welcome constructive criticism..More than a yr ago..me echoed on this subject..you can see it here



  13. Just chuck them all, and keep blogging. we (am sure i can speak for the rest of the junta) enjoy ur posts.



  14. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, the hell with them! They’re not paying for your internet connection anyways. 🙂


  15. it doesn’t matter what anyone else writes about your blog….. any reader worth his salt will make up his own mind…. so chill, girl…you have lots of friends here who love what u write….and to hell with the rest!

    by the way….have come out of hibernation…..there’s a new post at last… 🙂


  16. Greensatya:
    I am not looking for any more attention that I already recieve.I was just trying to dissect into the intentions of the 2 bloggers.Honestly the one I linked,only amused me.It was nice to know what some people might think of my blog.Of course I revel in the fact that I have a steady readersship.But for anyone to assume my blog depends on my readership, I think is rather juvenile.

    Welcome back.You were so missed.

    You must tell me how do you put up a hyperlink in the comments section.Thanks.

    Ha ha ha thanks for the vote of confidence.Like I said I am so in love with myself, that I know I will continue to hog the internet space which I belive is now mine.

    You bet, Salamat for giving me the confidence.

    No don’t get me wrong.I don’t mind the criticsm.Remember one time we discussed my poems.That is good.But dishing out attacks isn’t.


  17. Gangadhar


    that’s it..pl exclude small brackets while doing this..Tell me it works or not..


  18. FANTASTIC! (btw, you were right about the 2.5 second high!

    I thought I HAD clarified that my post was a p.o.v on my mind, and also the subject of a conversation
    I’d been having with AW! It had to come out in a post, and too bad you latched onto the -ve part of it.
    I suggest you read the post again for a more balanced reaction.

    Comin’ back to my original remark, what i lOVE (not that you care :-)) about this post is that it has passion and a p.o.v! So so what i’ve yearning for – no karan johar! (My personal preference again).

    One last remark – blogs (and comments for that matter)are ALL about readership – and let no one kid you otherwise.

    Cheers mate.


  19. Gangdhar:
    Thanks but it seems rather complicated for a dimwit like me.

    Ha ha, I am glad we atleast agree on the 2.5 seconds worth of fame.I loved your post.As hypocritical as it might sound.But please allow me to explain.The first blogpost seemed like an attack, yours seemed like an opinion.I was trying to differentiate the two by writing this post.Because I read what you wrote about me, I gathered the courage to lash out on personal attackers.I was going to let them go by.But you provided the platform for comparison.

    If you think you sound negative dude, I should have saved some hate mail I have recieved.I can really pass with such readership…:P

    And really coming from an ISBian that blogging is all about readership comes as a lil surprise.I have come across several awesome ISB bloggers that never recieved a single comment.They still dont and yet painstakingly continue to blog.Quite honestly some of them have helped me go beyond counting the number of comments I get and blog for the love of blogging.

    I do hope there are no hard feelings here.


  20. Oh and yeah AW told me about the conversation.I agree with you..if I had as much emotion within me as much as he does I would implode too..:P.*peace*


  21. *peace* it is! although we really MUST agree to differ once in a while – and feel free to take potshots at me whenever it suits your fancy!

    I kinda lost the plot on how i managed to help you against hate-bloggers but anyways i gathered
    i’m not in the slammer as much as i thought! Cheers to that then!

    about blogs and readership – that’s an interesting discussion -and i stand by my comment – ISB or no ISB-they’re all for someone – someone faceless to begin with (and sometimes too wide an audience for a facial identity)
    – or a real live commenter!

    but never mind me, EU – AW’ll be happy to tell you – am a cynical ol’ fool !


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