Of cake and friends.

Ever since Orkut has had 4 birthday reminders on my home page, I’ve been dreaming of cake.Now I’ll eat any cake.I really do love cake a lot.I know some people think I’d eat sweet bread in the name of cake.Whatever!

But what I really wanted was a Gaylord Tiramisu cake.Gaylord isn’t the best bakery in Mumbai, but it comes with a lot of history.For me it comes with a lot of sweet memories too. I think for the last 13 years, each year that I have had my birthday in this city and my friends have been around they would get me a Gaylord Tiramisu.Now the deal with this cake is that you have to order a minimum of a kilo because there goes a lot of rum into the cake.Once they open a bottle of rum for the cake they pour it all in.So when you order a Tiramisu with Gaylord, they will invariably advice you to order 2 or 2.5 kilos.It has that much rum in it.We of course always only got a kilo.We loved the high we got with each bite.For us it was our yearly bit of legal alcohol, when we weren’t allowed any.

We is me and very close friend of mine.

So my big plan was to order two half kilos this week.One half for the birthday person, one half for me.Knowing how dripping in rum this cake generally is, I happened to ask the birthday person if they actually liked rum.

No is the answer I got.

I felt this deep sharp pain.Trust me, I was numb for all of 3 and half seconds.I could see my dream of digging into some dark chocolate rum dripping cake over the weekend just crumble.I was bordering depression.I even decided no one needed to get a cake from me on their birthday.Hmmph!Yeah I was that upset.

But birthdays are birthdays and everyone deserves a cake.All of my friends definitely do.We live by the motto more cake the merrier.So what the hell I thought.Plain chocolate cake for them, and a whole Tiramisu for me.:D:D:D

Have a nice weekend ye all..I know I definitely will.

ps: The previous post might make some sense now.



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30 responses to “Of cake and friends.

  1. lucky you am a few 8k km away – else that “whole Tiramisu for me” would only be a dream!

    the connundrum made sense anyways!


  2. enjoy your tiramisu cake.It is a very popular Ethiopian delight in the U.S. too.


  3. Gaizabonts:
    Nothing better than digging into an awesome cake with like enthusiasts.I would have loved to share the cake.I cannot deny my happiness though,considering my parents don’t really enjoy the flavour and none of my friends are around to gorge on it with me.

    I didn’t know it was an Ethiopian delight too, I always thought Tiramisu was Italian.Oh well it is awesome nonetheless.


  4. It’s unfair to ask someone if they like rum and when you should’ve asked if they like cake with rum. They are two entirely different questions.


  5. Sorry, off topic. You have been tagged. Details here


  6. u made my mouth water gurl!
    i shall have my cake and eat it too…soon!
    nice post!


  7. Chiranth:
    Point taken, but then I don’t feel so bad now.*cheeky grin*

    Looking forward to working on it.

    Thanks, Yeah that cake is definitely mouth watering.:)


  8. cake…nope….rum, yes yes yes.. so now you know u r dealing with an alcoholic megalomaniac. :))


  9. Gangadhar

    tiramisu cake’s intersting! I’ll check it here in hyd!!
    Anyways adv happy bday wishes to your friend..


  10. * the homer simposn look *
    tiramisssuuuuuuu cakeeeeeee !!!

    this frnd of mine and I, pigged on an entire KILO of tiramisu cake @ curlies in goa last month 🙂

    ‘ve never had the tiramisu from gaylord[s?!], tho the one from cerjon and homechef ….. aaaaaaah to die forrrr !!!

    u’ve got a kewl blog 🙂

    me !!!


  11. Appu:
    Knew that already.:p

    Well Tiramisu is an Italian desert made with Marscopane cheese and alcohol and the works.The cake is an innovation out of the original.

    Once Again:
    Nope there isn’t a ‘s’ in the name, contrary to popular belief, but you have to tell me where is Cerjon and Home Chef??..I do maintain JW Marriot fella makes the best cakes in Mumbai..And thanks, but I don’t always talk about alcohol….:P


  12. The cake must taste good, for it warranted two back to back posts relating to it.


  13. *Snatches the cake from EU and runs*

    Wah! It’s yummy…:p


  14. SEJ:
    The cake rocks.You have to eat it to believe it.

    Kya re bewade..:P


  15. Do you know of any cake with beer in it? Oh but the way, I want 1% cake and 99% beer. 🙂


  16. woow… cake s the bestest thing ever in tis woorld.. Tat too those rum filled cakes are an absolute delight!

    I can feel it going straight into my hips!!! 😀


  17. ahhh… there is something about cakes in India… i love them!! it’s funny you should write about cakes, cos i have just been thinking about testing my baking skills, and baking a cake (of course, what else?)… 🙂 and yeah, the previous post did make sense now! “You know this is really about me.” – lol… why is the title “Conundrum: In 55”, though?


  18. Abaniko:
    It was all about the cake you know, not about the rum.
    And no, I don’t.Sorry…


    That weight concious haan? Nope cake isn’t the best thing for you then…:P

    Oooh I like knowing people who have an interest in baking et al.Let me know how it went.
    In 55..words..
    Conundrum, now I can’t tell you everything can I?..:P


  19. I want cake too!!! But I am more of a plain type of cake minus the icing. Ya I know boring, but then again, I love how the warm bread just melts in my mouth the moment it’s out of the oven…omg, here I go again, I am just feeding into my cravings….ugh


  20. n


    mummeeeee! 😥


  21. Agree with Chirnath … Is it me , or is there a marked difference on the mental ability of People from ISB ??? Well put Chirnath , the problem was not with the answer , but rather with the question ….
    and Thanks BTW …


  22. Shama:
    Feed away I say.Fresh cakes out of the oven are just pure bliss girl.

    Hmm, I think I should get another cake next Tuesday and while waiting for them to pack it up, I shall nip over to K Rustums to have an icecream.What say???

    Ford Prefect/Chiranth:
    I had almost spelt out my plan to this person, you didn’t want me to outright tell them I was getting them a cake,do you? Or do you ISBians not believe in any sort of surprise element eh?? As for the problem, I don’t see any.The cake was yum I can assure you.:D:D:D


  23. adi


    wont mind sharing it at all 😉
    and yes, now the previous post makes sense.


  24. Yummmmmmm…hope you enjoyed your weekend and the cake! 🙂
    And yes the previous post does make more sense now!


  25. I like rum. Its lovely.
    Does that earn me a birthday cake?
    What if i pretty please with a cherry on top?
    Why oh why do i still sense a no.
    And no my birthday si not soon but who cares huh? huh?
    Not you.


  26. Adi:

    Oh yes I did, but now I am little sick with all that cake..:p

    No Nooooooo I never say no to cake..You can have one too..anytime..Unfortunately this one doesn’t come with a cherry on top.
    Er.if there is cake and champaign, of course I care if its your birthday..:P


  27. I’ll bake a cake for you. I am good at baking. No rum though… I will drink it even before I start making the cake :p


  28. Mujhe sirf teen cheezein pasand hain: cake, rum, aur cake with rum :-)(This, btw, is a take on a famous joke of Ajit, which most people would have heard at some point in their lives. That involves Mona, sona, aur mona ke saath sona)


  29. Casablanca:
    Wow, I might just hold you up to the offer.

    And of course you just had to tell me about Ajit didn’t you? Thanks for the gyan.It has added so much to my life and to every reader on my blog.Thanks again.


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