A bit of South Africa in Little Italy.

There is a thing about people you can make plans with at 5 in the morning and they will be there at 8 in the evening for dinner.I think they are the awesome kinds and very rare to find.I like that freedom and spontaneity.The food great, wine awesome desert even better, a bundle of notes and walk by the beach.I have a little sand in my shoes to remind me for some time to come I had a lovely evening and for a reason.I better make it up to it in the next coming days.No more getaways if I don’t.I know.

I am very confused about the right thing to do, only thing to do and what I am doing.I am not sure if I am going to be the one responsible for all harm done or all harm will be done to me.For once I am ready to take on the hurt because I don’t want to cause any pain.The thought scares me no end.Should I let go because I am not sure or play along to see what happens.May be, just may be I am thinking too much into it.I hope I am.

They don’t make friends like they used to methinks.I recently asked someone what they would like for a gift.With his birthday round the corner, and a new abode to celebrate it in, I think a little some thing nice deserves an exchange of hands.An acquaintance for over 3 months may not be good enough for the formality to be done away with.Happiness is the reply I got.Oh well! If only I had been asked the same question.I do have a thing or 2 I’d like.No I don’t get generous just when my birthday is around the corner too.*Cheeky grin*

I have serious studying to do this weekend.But you have a nice weekend.



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29 responses to “A bit of South Africa in Little Italy.

  1. u make plans at five in the morning? for me its 7 pm for a 7.30 party, and yes there are friends who would just agree. (or rather made to agree) they will never stop.
    Birthdays are demand days. I dont go by subjectivity on this day, oh no sir i dont. *evil laugh*


  2. WT, he say ‘One should not let a little bit of studying get in the way of having some fun’.


  3. Appu:
    I make plans when they occur to me.Hmm, see since I am not the demanding kinds I work on suggestion principles.

    I say WT for once says right!:D


  4. Whoa, 5 in the morning? I’ve almost forgotten what the world looks like around then.


  5. Please don’t forget to ask me. You’ve just ‘a thing or 2’, I’ve err…many.


  6. The Monk:
    Beautiful to say the least, especially when sipping some good adrak Chai.(ginger)

    Rohit Talwar:
    That is why you aren’t being asked.Muahahahaha!


  7. after two days – i am still trying to make sense of the title…


  8. Rohit:
    *Cheeky grin*

    Atul Sabnis:
    Well now you know.:)


  9. This post has left me very confused and a little curious.
    Anyway it reminds me i should go study… no nice weekend 😦
    boo hoo


  10. For someone called Educated Unemployed , you seem to be too eager to buy people gifts…;-)


  11. Karuna:
    Did you study then girl.I sure did.But need to do so much more.:(
    Confused?? may be I can help..

    Ford Prefect:
    Want to change people to friends in your comment.That might make my eagerness seem normal.
    However I do think people should fall for my Educated Unemployed status like you do, so they can decline my offers to buy them gifts and also take me out to nice dinners.


  12. nice ploy. how are the exams coming up. getting to dissect some bodies?


  13. Lol at your reply to Ford Prefect’s comment! So you applying reverse psychology here eh? Nice nice… 🙂


  14. Well Ive seen my share of unemployedness and educatedness…Not the best time to buy your friends expensive gifts … You Maam are the precise target market companies like Hallmark are based on …


  15. Appu:
    Thanks, exams are coming up faster than I’d like.No dissections for this doctor please.

    Grey Shades:
    As might as well make use of it eh?

    Ford Prefect:
    Er.Who ever said expensive.What ever happened to ‘It is the thought that counts’..:D:D:D..
    I should start using the principles of the market companies that are based on targets like me.:P


  16. adi

    a ltl bit of sand in my shoes, reminds me of the beach i’ve been to; seems everybody leaves a little bit of them, when they take their leave…hmmm


  17. adi

    waise, talking about friends…just above ur post is an ad by google, “never be lonely again. learn how to approach any hot girl and make friends instantly”!!!

    hope u had a good weekend, and finish ur exams off. we need to talk.


  18. Adi:
    I think you are trying to say everyone leaves with a bit of sand in their shoes when they leave.Correct me I am wrong.
    Don’t we all make our memories??

    I hope you clicked on that advertisement, because only then will Google give me some money…:p

    Yes I had a lovely weekend.Thank you.

    we need to talk. You mean you want to talk to me??


  19. My comment disappeared 😦


  20. It is these small small things in life which help us cross the big hurdles. Hope the exams don’t keep you away from life for too long!Njoy!!!


  21. adi

    what i was saying is,

    just like we carry a bit of sand in our shoes when we come back from the beach;

    we carry a bit of ppl we’ve met on the way in our selves too…

    whether u call it a memory or a fact or an interesting tit bit… that’s upto u 🙂

    actually i forgot why i said ‘we need to talk’ 😉 perhaps it was meant to be that u shud be back at the blog or at my blog, some sorta like that!!! sorry


  22. EU: been sometime u came to my blog too. “We need to talk”


  23. Casablanca:
    Oh noooo…:( so what were you saying?


    I’m so popular and in demand.So yeah I shall check my appointment diary and let you know when is it your blog’s turn for that “we need to talk” conversation.:P


  24. Obi wan:
    With the kind of friends I have, life is always a party.And you are right, it is really the little things that matter.


  25. Gangadhar

    Oh..when’s ur bday,EU?


  26. Ganga:
    Soon.:D.I will let you know.


  27. LeoGirl:
    Thanks, but it isn’t my birthday yet.I will let you know.


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