Not every post needs a title.

Because I want to rant, and ranting needs no high header I believe.And if that is not even a term, I doubt I care at this point of time.

I have exams sooner than I’d like.Calm as I’d like people to believe I am,I actually freak out, and need to speak to lots of people to calm me.I don’t want to talk about my exam.I just want to talk and talk lots.Not that I don’t talk a lot anyway.The increased need for a verbal diarrhoea these days is just too much too handle.So bad does the urge to make 3 am phone calls get that I delete most of the unsusupecting people on my phone list,lest they get an idea what a whacko I am.Not that they don’t know that already.

I had promised myself that I wont let emotions ever grip me to the point that I crumble.I have learnt not to crumble, but I still let emotions take me over.They now hurt real bad and I have no clue how to let go.I actually sit back and let time do its own thing.I have become a firm believer that time does take care of everything.I guess, so much time passes by that you forget what was bothering you in the first place.Works for me.

I really should stop making memories with every song I hear.The memories can be so haunting that for no fault of the song, I have a hard time listening to it.I do think that is very unfair.So many wonderful songs now haven’t been heard for eons because they invariably reduce me to tears.And no my upcoming exams have nothing to do with it.

I am having a hard time with the discrepancy between us and people who work for us.I don’t like the attitude towards our maids, watch man, driver.I often tell my parents that they have no idea what a luxury it is to have another person wash their dishes or do their petty jobs.They have to be respected as professionals and given their due.My mum isn’t terribly pleased that I think all the people we have employed are entitled to annual leave paid sick leave and a bonus for every child that is put into a school.I do think it is time we show some gratitude in our attitude and realise a thing or two about labour and its issues.Very well discussed here.

The title of my post is in response to one of Casablanca’s post title, dated 31st July.You were warned that this a *I want to rant* post, so stop asking for your 1 and a half minutes back.



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16 responses to “Not every post needs a title.

  1. Hey I’ll make a deal, u call me when ever u want. yehan pe it is 2.30 in the afternoon when it is 3.00 am there…

    Tho jibar ke baat karenge


  2. Thanu:
    Awwe thanks,that is a dangerous offer to make, because I will end up calling.:)


  3. Gangadhar

    EU,me saved your mobile no on mine..hehe..
    And i never forget that post by Atul,u generated some awesome content..Thanks for remembering it once again!


  4. Gangadhar

    btw SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ‘s homepage is looking fine now!


  5. Whenever I used to get tense about exams, I used to walk up and down the corridor and/or go out for a chai. It never helped in any spectacular way, but it did waste a lot of time! πŸ˜€


  6. Ahem. You know how the element of uncertainty, specially in my case, freaks me out. And I don’t know what to do about it. I end up wasting time, not studying to be precise. I hate those times.


  7. Gosh, i sometimes wish i had the ability to freak out when exams were near. It’s a good thing in a way. Keeps you focused on what more needs to be done to prepare for your exams right?


  8. Some ppl were asked sometime back if they were to give up one of their senses which one would it be! Some said the sense of taste, the sense of smell etc. I for one would never give up the sense of hearing! Nice post lady and hardly sounds like a rant! πŸ™‚


  9. what are friends for?


  10. Nice rant. Sometimes rants produce readable stuff which otherwise thoughtful posts don’t create.
    The point about emotions gripping you–so touching and yeah, true for me as well πŸ™‚


  11. Gangadhar:
    That post by Atul was indeed quite thought provoking.After you left the comment, even I could download the whole page.Wonder what happened.

    I think talking to a lot of people serves the same purpose.

    Ahem!Ahem!..I know indeed.I think it is about escaping that uncertainty and hence we try and ignore it.By doing everything else that we shouldn’t be doing.I feel it is time to face it and take it head on.I know we can do it.


  12. Man in a box:
    Yeah a little anxiety always helps.

    Grey Shades:
    I like being spoilt like that.Thanks, I’m sure more will follow for days to come.Exams do that to me.

    To hear my voes??Nah, they are worth a lot more.

    Ha seem to have an uncanny knack of checking on me while things get rough.I appreciate it.How are things at your end.


  13. havent seen u on my blog for somtime now


  14. Appu:
    That is odd I was just there:)


  15. adi

    seems u were having a hard time with everything…but as always, time might have healed u a bit? r the exams still on?


  16. Adi:
    What you see, may be how it seems, but may not be how it really is! Yes exams still on.


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