Rules of this tag:

1.Name the person who tagged you.
2.8 things about you.
3.Tag 6 people.

1.I enjoy doing tags.Not that I dont have enough to write about.Just that now I can actually blame someone else for making you endure an entire post that completely wholly fully centres around me.Pointing fingers at Wishfulthinker for this one.

2.I have absolutely no sense of direction and I mean on the road.I tend to get lost very easily.

3.I totally detest my mother’s maids.All three of them.They rake up so much dirty politics between the 3 of them that they can put Bush-Osama-Blair-Parvez all put together to shame.

4.I’d rather be happy than right.To hell with political correctness I say.

5.I have an elephantine memory which unfailingly fails me at the most strategic moments.I can never win those you-said-that-then-so-I am-upset-with-you-now arguments.By the time I remember, the plot is usually lost.

6.I have a huge appetite to watch movies.I have once watched 13 movies back to back with only you know very essential breaks in between.

7.Teacher,lawyer,dancer,writer, waitress,bus conductor, dancer,grocer are the other professions I secretly wish to pursue at some point in life.

8.I have this unsuppressable urge to eat kebabs and down a whole bottle of red wine.Just about now.Care for a drink anyone?

I tag.Boxed Man,Thanu,Rohit,Appu,Pratik,Karuna.



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23 responses to “Tag-o-tag

  1. #4, #5: I’m with you.

    Why did you have to tag me 😦


  2. 13 movies?!? Wow! And I thought my record of five movies would get me into the record books.


  3. I’m on… lets get some dinner… i’m hungry too…

    holy crap!! i forgot my wallet at home.. can you take the tab please? πŸ˜€ *fake innocent smile*


  4. Rohit:
    To know more about you.Simble.:D

    Hey can you access my blog in ISB now?Yeah 13 Zakham and The Juror were amongst them that I remember distinctly.Well 6 movies I can do any time.

    You are on.Nothing fake at this end.:p


  5. Dang! should have come here yest. Cant do it today – hv a flight! πŸ™‚


  6. 13 movies at one go ! that must have been some special ocassion.

    Yeah, I take up the offer of kebab & red wine πŸ™‚


  7. Atul Sabnis:
    Can do it when I visit you.I know some awesome places at Ipswitch.

    It was after 1st semester exams in med school.If one rented 12 DVDS we got one free so for the weekened we(21 girls) got 13..I was done by saturday night starting friday.It was crazy..
    Cool, will rememeber if and when we meet.


  8. Thirteen movies huh? Come on! More power to you! Kababs and red wine? Yanytime!


  9. I don’t know.. I tried to access it a few days back, and I didn’t get any funny error message πŸ™‚


  10. EU, #5 and #6, particularly # 6. ooh.. last week when i was home unwell, i was ordered to bed, but spent most of the time watching movies. Mine has not beaten the 13 mark, but well, upto 7 back to back is all i could muster.
    thanks for tagging me, whats that, forgive my ignorance, i am a rookie :))


  11. Wishfulthinker:
    Thank-ye.Oh but you wont ditch me on this when I come to Madras will you, like we know some others that you did.:p


    Well the idea of the tag is that you get/have to do what I just did.Idea is to see how versatile can one meme/tag get.So follow the rules and write your own blog post.Right from the title to the presentation is totally upto you.Just tell us 8 things about you.Pronto!
    How are you feeling now?


  12. Can totally relate with the movie mania and getting lost easily. My dad calls me directinally challenged!


  13. Grey Shades:
    Shhhssshh..my father might pick that up.;)


  14. Kebabs and red wine??? Let me know when and where πŸ˜€

    And I have lost my patience to watch even 1 movie these days. Sigh 😦


  15. Maybe the memory loss has something to do with the wine…
    i’ll drink to that… (illeagally)
    The tag is emminent…


  16. After a bottle of Wine and 13 movies , no wonder youd be directonally challenged πŸ˜‰


  17. Nah not married yet :)Not even close. Was tied up with something on persnal front so taking a breather will back in full swing soon


  18. Casablanca:
    Awesome.I will do..

    Nope wine has nothing to with loss of memory.Very sacred those things are my girl.
    I will look forward to the meme.

    Ford Prefect:
    You will be surprised how well I can handle my drink and my movies.In any case, atleast I am not mentally challenged.

    Hmm,what makes you think so?

    Its nice to see you back though.


  19. sac

    kababs!! ooo ooo ooo.. mohd ali road in ramzan.. oooo!
    ok shall quietly settle down to Β£4 tesco screwcappers.


  20. adi

    comment no.’s 2, 3, 5 n 7… all pretty aquarian traits. m so much like these. but then u r a scorpio 😦


  21. Sac:
    Well you don’t have to.If you are in the land of Tesco. I’m sure there would be a sidey Lebanese/Turkish place that sells some awesome Kebabs there.



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