45 minute love story, childhood moments relived and 14 year itch…

Munchies* was the new kid on the block.He joined my class in the 10th standard/grade the day 6 of us were sent to the principle’s office for probable suspension.The commotion scared the hell out of him but the expression on his face was priceless when he was asked to sit next to me.One of those expressions of utter despair if I recall correctly.That moment was the turning point of my life.;) But like all tragic love stories he was unceremoniously whisked away to the other section in less than an hour.

Still part of the ‘gang’ as we called it, his many talents began to unfold and I fell deeper in love.A sportsman, guitarist,poet,singer, and quite a good student with a smile to fall for I had found my soul mate.Just that 76 other girls from my batch thought the same.Arrghh! He was with me for 21 days of my junior college.Sigh! those memories. Then his dad got transfered again and he had to leave.I remember crying like a baby when he told me.Then he cried too.I think it was only then did we realise how much we were going to miss each other.

We lost contact.I would hear about him but not from him.I have waited for him to call me for the longest.Munchies* called this Sunday.For the first time.The wait for this call has been the longest,but totally worth the wait it was.A whole 45 minutes of pure bliss. I know I could have made the effort to get in touch with him.But when you cry like you have lost a limb and you scare some one so bad that they start crying too, one kinda sorta feels embarassed.OK!Huh?!

So thrilled I was after talking to him that I decided to call the other set of parents that I am so fond of.No they aren’t my ‘other’ set of parents,but they as might as well be.The excitement in their voices to hear mine, the affection, the warmth,the love made my Sunday.It is still a little rude shock to know that they aren’t in the same city let alone a stone’s throw away like they used to be.I miss having them around.No it isn’t just about the awesome food I always get treated to, it was about being introduced as their daughter one time that made all the difference.

I’ve known some one for a very long time.14 years, actually more.So long that I think I no longer know them.I don’t understand them.Don’t find them funny.Don’t agree with them.Don’t approve of them.Don’t them every thing.I gave myself some cool-off time thinking that may be time will help heal.It only strengthened the resolve.I thought if I told them the truth they would care about my feelings.I felt let down.I expected too much I think.That is never a good idea I know now.I also know that I have felt more at peace with myself by letting go than actually trying hard to hold on.

May be, just may be it is time to let go.May be its time to accept that life has indeed moved on.I am not going to get my childhood back. That 10 minute walk I have taken so many times will never lead me to that home again.I am no longer the friend I once was.I am not even the same person.

*Munchies is the name of my favourite dog that a senior in my college had.I am calling him Munchies because I couldn’t think of another name.

PS:I owe a huge thanks to The Boxed Man for asking me to restore my system to back dated settings.The Control V function is back.



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13 responses to “45 minute love story, childhood moments relived and 14 year itch…

  1. Me first (probably) !!

    It’s a lovely post, though I must admit, I am bit lost as usual. The ‘positivity’ with which the post started, tapered in the end.

    It is always good to hear from long lost ‘friends’ whom we still feel the same way.

    have a good day!


  2. This theme of letting go and coming clean seems to be lingering around for some time. What’s with all the introspection?

    And yeah, it’s good to be back in the blogging world 🙂


  3. Greensatya:
    You are first.And nice to see you there.Thanks.Well it is all positive.I am coming to realise that even breaking away can have a positive effect,if for the right reasons.So all good I think.Thanks and you have a nice day too.

    Hey nice to see you back.All settled in the new phase are we?Hmm, don’t we all introspect all the time.Mine is getting vocalised on the blog that is all.


  4. The opening sentence invoked many sweet memories (now sweet, then bitter) especially …

    “sent to the principle’s office for probable suspension”


  5. Gangadhar

    I read this post a couple of hours back..EU,your post brought back so many memories,..Those’re sweet memories indeed..
    Me during my childhood..had lots of friends both male and female..And of course i was a lil bit shy towards girl friends..Most ofthem ‘re for two yrs or a less due to my dad’s work.But i still remember all of them and remember most of the moments i spent with them..


  6. Soumyadip:
    Oh so you were one of our kinds too eh.Awesome.
    Those have always been bittersweet memories,I wont trade for a thing.

    I feel this post has had a feel good factor for you.I am happy.

    Im using firefox now.It seems to be working as of now.


  7. Yaar, yeh letting go kaise karte hain? Pliss to enlighten me. Mera bulb fuse ho gaya hai. Bleady.


  8. You are now a Tagee. Hee..hee..


  9. Anonymous

    Whoa! I went through a similar situation, if not the same. I could sing, play the guitar, hell I still can… but I had no clue girls would like that…

    Hmm… anyway, your Ctrl-V is back to not functioning again right? 😉

    You know who it is… 😛


  10. This brings back so many things!! Man…those days..


  11. Wishfulthinker:
    Trying some strategies myself.If they work I will let you know.
    The tag should be up before the next crack of dawn.

    Anon 9:56..
    Yes I do know who it is.See..there was more to him than just the guitar and singing.That some thing else is called personality.:p

    Rohit Talwar:
    U bet those days.Sigh!


  12. Best remedy- Learn to live life in the present.


  13. Hiren:
    But doesnt the present get shaped because of your past.


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