The night that was..

For the first time that I am going to meet this stranger I am actually a little anxious, even a little nervous.

It isn’t that I haven’t met strangers before.Or I haven’t gone on a blind date, or I haven’t been out alone with guys that I was meeting for the first time.It isn’t even that I haven’t met people I have only known through the net.

But this feels weird, not to mention weird.Have I said weird already, yeah quite weird.

I think it has to do with the fact, that some where along the line I know we are very different people in real life than what we come across in the virtual.What adds to it is that, we know about each other, more through ‘other’ sources than what we know through the effort we have made to get to know each other.

This isn’t like one of my usual dates arranged for matrimony purposes, neither is he introduced to me through a common friend.This isn’t even a romantic evening, or atleast it isn’t meant to be.We both have very different back grounds.No I am not worried about what will we talk about.There is always a lot to talk about.Or atleast drink over.As that is definitely on the agenda.Uh, I might need a lot more drink that should be appropriate.I don’t even need to be appropriate.

I guess that is what is unnerving me.I don’t know what is expected out of me.When I first thought about meeting this person, it was purely due to the thrill of meeting the person behind the words, I have read so many time.He makes you laugh in the most uncanny way and makes life seem kinda trivial in the most demanding of situations.Or atleast I percieve it so.Reading what he writes makes me happy., invariably leaves me laughing and feeling better.

Yeah it is our writing that bind us, or atleast me to him.I do have the insecurity of first impressions being masked by our prejudices.Both mine and his.I wished it hadn’t been like that.I wish we could take things at face value.I would have been a lot more at ease.

I will be once I meet him.I know.It doesn’t take me too long to let my hair down and enjoy the moment.Life is too short to live it any other way.Oh well Im off now.Sayonara.



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