In trust lies my faith..

It can get quite difficult to trust another person.You want to.But find your self weighing your words to the point of discomfort.You then let go, thinking it probably isnt the right time or the right person.You don’t really know.

Then how does one take that plunge? How do you let go off the insecurities and bare your soul.Hoping you will be accepted for what it is.Where do you put your naked bare self knowing your tender self will be protected just as fiercely as you have done.

How does one know what is the right thing to do?How does one trust their gut feeling when it has has let them down in the past.You want to reach out to the open arms that await you but find it really hard this time.

How did your belief system get so distorted.You don’t know.But you are at the end of this cliff and are scared to take that plunge.

I know I am sometimes.

Bharosaa itnaa naajjuk hogaa
Sochaa naa thaa..
Diyaa to tooth gayaa
Nahi diyaa to
Bharosaa hi na thaa



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24 responses to “In trust lies my faith..

  1. A dilemma it is! But once you do want to take that plunge, you’ll know it!


  2. the more you give ur trust the more it breaks, but the more you learn, so as you learn the less you will give and so the less it will break… jeez, u got me thinking, and i need a break.


  3. It is conflicting and difficult but when it does really feels ‘just right’..


  4. The only way to find out is to trust. Sometimes you get burned and sometimes you don’t. The trick is to not not ever trust someone again just because you’ve been burned once. Yeah. That would be a tragedy indeed.


  5. Grey Shades:
    It is more about letting go of the inhibitions and then taking that chance.

    Let me know of what you thought after the break.

    Perspective inc:
    What does really happen? Pray do explain.

    I so needed to hear that I think.I do worry that once bitten twice shy, will take away the pleasure of my new discovery.No, no tragedies here so far.


  6. dint make much difference doc, but one thing. trust has various degrees, one should be careful at what degree you give it to others. πŸ™‚


  7. Gangadhar

    Umm..may u r right at sometimes..


  8. Aha, the esoteric question !

    Sorry, don’t have nothing meaningful to say.


  9. Appu:
    This very calculative life is getting a little bothersome.

    May be..

    That is ok,Now how about saying what you do have to say.


  10. hi

    Can’t say anything but that you said it all.


  11. Duhita

    Ooh, good question, I’ll sit in to listen to the answers as well:)


  12. I find taking that risky step into vulnerability can be very frightening; and the more I want to know and the friends with the person the more frightening it is.


  13. Shankari:
    Hiya, nice to see you here.Cmmon there is always some thing to add.:)

    Ha ha easy way out haan?Get your thinking cap on girl..

    I agree,however some times it can be very relieving.Repurcussions can be looked into later.


  14. hahaha…as i read ur post the only thing that comes to my mind is Ghandhigiri(just watched Mumabhai yesterdays so could help addin that)

    and abt that plunge…i guess fear is what that refrains us frm taking kick it and dive..

    another solution is restlessness…yeah funny it sounds but it just helps getting over soon…


  15. San

    trusting is the easy part, breaking someones trust is even easier but maintaining the trust is the difficult task.

    You have to fall and make mistakes in order to grow and learn, it’s the learning curve and no way around it.

    If the feelings are strong then you will know if you have to go for it or not. Trust yourself to make a choice – no rights or wrong we make the journey what it is.


  16. yeah,it mite be a lil calcultative start doing that and it becomes a habit, you wont even know u are doing it. Atleast you have broken hearts.
    Anyways, doc, wake up. its time for the next blog.


  17. read that as”atleast you wont have broken hearts” eeks, i get this light headed feeling whenever i visit ur bolg


  18. Scarecrow:
    I didn’t get 2 things..
    1.What reminded you of Gandhigiri while reading my post??
    2.Really how does restlessness help any situation?

    What does one do when the journey so far has been a rough ride and reasons to trust are few and far apart.

    Oh well, I don’t think I want to live a calculated life.
    Stop blaming my blog for your typos will ya..:p


  19. I guess the answer is by doing what you have to do…


  20. 1. nothing just trust, truth, fear etc made me remind of it. I mean how the movie potrayed that trust and faith can help us with almost everything…quite rosy but whatever..

    2. what i meant was that what u talked abt were all doubts, self created doubts. and the only solution of these things is to let them out i.e take the restlessness just saves one of the time and tension…quite a funny idea but still worth a thought.


  21. which is fine doc, i always get light headed when i am inside a hosp/clinic. (not trying to say that ur blog reminds me of the same, dont get me wrong). or it must that wicked cold i caught this week. whichever way, wake up, its time for the next one.


  22. Apy

    Interesting… BTW.. I mailed you.. U din reply..


  23. Sinusoidally:
    And then burn with the consequences.Yup, am getting there.


    There you go blaming my profession now.HMPH..
    I am up and about dude, a bit too much methinks.

    Back in action are we?Oopps..don’t check that email that often..nice to see you back.


  24. It’d just keep you out of all this if you don’t trust anyone. πŸ™‚


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