What if you know some thing is inevitable.You prepare your self.No denial there.A little bit of anger, but mostly bargaining.Sometimes not with the circumstances but with your own emotions.Not quite sure how you will react.But you think if you are prepared,you will be in control.So you tell yourself.

And then it finally happens.It hits you in your face.Like you didn’t know it was ever going to happen.It hurts so bad you have stopped feeling the pain now.

There is no depression.Just numbness.Helpless as you feel, you have to accept and move on, because life certainly will.



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21 responses to “Alive.

  1. It will be over soon.. adn u’ll do just fine, b/c I’m praying for u.


  2. Fail ho gayi ya shaadi ho raha hai? Both are chutiyas. Beer mangta hai. Cheers.


  3. Thanu:
    Thanks girl.God knows I need your prayers.

    Ha ha..yes so you are just looking for an excuse to drink beer.
    No, I haven’t failed and neither am I getting married.


  4. Then this means that we must celebrate no? Fail bhi nahin hua aur shaadi bhi nahin ho raha hai! Beer mangta hai. Cheers! πŸ˜€


  5. Gangadhar

    everything’ll go fine for u..
    And i don’t think you ‘re lacking the necessary courage to tackle dis one..



  6. Hmmm..Depression , numbess , anger , dispair … Lemme guess , you saw KANK …


  7. You’re writing about me, aren’t you? This is serious invasion of privacy πŸ™‚

    What matters in the end is that you’re still alive and sane enough to tell this to others(or blog about it). And not to forget the lessons learnt and to be grateful for the whole damn mess!


  8. Wishfulthinker:
    We should celebrate indeed.:)

    Eventually things do turn out ok,just the journey is a little unnerving right now.Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Ford Prefect:
    Argh, no.You need to refer to your book before making random guesses.X-(

    You will be happy to know that your privacy was not invaded as I wasn’t writing about you.The narcissitic me, only writes about me.No,I am not grateful for the mess just yet.


  9. Sooner or later we all accept. One day we do make peace with ourself.

    Crisis are a great way to make ourself strong.


  10. I bet this is because Orkut was giving you bad donuts.

    What, I lost? 😦

    Relax. πŸ˜€


  11. Greensatya:
    Yeah one day I will too, I know.

    Okie dokie..if you say so.

    Rohit Talwar:
    You haven’t lost anything,yet πŸ˜›
    I am relaxed thanks.


  12. Phew….! Mirroring my mind here, are ya?! May you soon regain the strength to FEEL alive and be back on your feet.


  13. The despair, the crying, the shock, the numbness…will always pass. One fact remains: The show must go on!

    May the Force be with you.


  14. Janefield:
    I see I am not alone.Thanks for your wishes.
    (Your blog isn’t public yet?)

    The show will go on.Nothing waits for anyone.It is each one’s choice, do they carry on just like life does, or take a moment and reflect.


  15. chill out. come to chennai. :))


  16. Hi EU, so you figured out who I am? Nice to know I’ve not been forgotten! Blog link is not there, but you can click on the link that says ‘my web page’ πŸ˜€


  17. Appu:
    Thanks for the invitation.Will hold you up to it some time.

    I don’t think I have ever known you, but pleased to make your acquaintance.


  18. In my experience that’s exactly how people feel at the funeral of a loved one whom they knew was dying.


  19. Likewise EU, no, we don’t know each other. You have commented on my space a couple of times when I was called The Chosen One and the blog was called Shades, Hues and Tints.


  20. Nick:
    You have come the closest, to what I was saying.Thank-you.

    Yeah so I gathered.You’ve had a make over?Nice to meet another ardent Garfield fan.


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