I am so glad I found them.

This post should have been posted a couple of days ago.I’ve never been very good at keeping dates, or even following instructions.What I should have done a couple of days ago I do now.Go ahead sue me.

Here is my list of few Bloggers/Blogs that I enjoy immensely.

He was a management student when I stumbled upon his blog.The simplicity of his language, thought process and maintaining a blog that I call value for time had me going back to his blog everyday.A lot of what he blogs about,doesn’t really make sense to me.What does appeal to me is the hard work and dedication that one can sense through his blog.Now he has moved onto his domain and I can only wish him all the very best.

Current affairs,politics, books, music, movies, share markets, finance,travel, photography,food,blogging are only some of the interests that I have gathered this blogger has.His blog is the perfect place to have a discussion.Many a topics have found some heated discussions superbly conducted under his guidance.Now when I read an important news item, I hop onto his blog because I am always certain that Greensatya would have some thing to say about it.I am currently rummaging his archives.I have to say this blogger has come a long way the last 2 years and I do hope to see a lot more by him.

Ford Prefect:
He had me convinced he was the alien we all wished to be at some point in time.Also a management graduate when discovered can construe most happenings in his life to the ways of the alien world.His sense of humor is par excellence.One is often tempted to put down his writing as gibbersih.I suggest take a closer look.There might just about be some true wisdom there.I have often used this blog as therapy when I have desperately needed some cheering up.This blog has never failed me. Thank-you.

He makes you think.He puts you on the spot.I feel so compelled at times I feel uncomfortable. That is exactly what I like about this blog.There isn’t a single empty write up.You leave perplexed,happy sad, confused or just blank.But you always go back.If you thought you understood what you read the first time, it surely wont make any sense the second.I suggest feel this blog, don’t just read it. The blogger maintains nine blogs in three languages and he is still going strong.This blog is what I call my food for thought blog.

I am an addict of this blog.No it has nothing do with the fact the he can make liver damaging amounts of alcohol seem like sweet nectar.An expert at staccato writing his posts are a whirlwind of imagination, laughter and sheer madness.An architect by profession,he manages to construct some of the most beautiful images of life itself.He is such a romantic that he almost always convinces me it is ok to be the emotional fool that I am.That it is ok to dream and be a wishfulthinker.



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22 responses to “I am so glad I found them.

  1. what happened couple of days ago?


  2. Atul Sabnis:
    It was blog day on the 31st August where in you could recommend/write about 5 bloggers.I didn’t think I needed a specific day to write about the bloggers I enjoy reading.


  3. Thanks for the blog posting…I am actually exploring 3 other blogs that you described…Looks very promising…Thanks for sharing…Got some stuff for next one week πŸ™‚



  4. I should say the mentioned blogs are too good. esp Gaizabonts and Greensattya (Vigorous head nodding). yours in not bad either :)) keep blogging.


  5. Thank You … Thank You …
    I would like to thank Blogspot for giving me this incredeble oppertunity and for believing in me and not removing my blog for obscenity or bad taste … I would like to thank my employers for providing me access to high speed internet connection and the time to blog and paying me for this … I would also thank all the suckers who have too much time like me and would read any crap I shell out … And most of all , I thank Dr Grunthos for finding spots of wisdom amongt the Gibbrish …
    Thank you all .. Good Night .. and God bless you …


  6. Blog Day huh? I never knew they had a blog day! But I’m not surprised. And yes, thank you!! πŸ™‚


  7. Bharani:
    You are welcome.I do hope you enjoy the other blogs.

    Your URL doesn’t work? I am glad you agree.

    Ford Prefect:
    Some speech that was?!

    Yeah Blog day, and you are welcome.


  8. Wow, I am unbelievably gratified ! Thanks a lot for those kind words. Your other listings are truly deserving.

    Thanks Appu as well.

    I didn’t know 31st was ‘Blog day’, should have celebrated it as well. I love reading blogs and I devote fair amount of my time in reading them.


  9. Greensatya:
    You are more than welcome.It is a nice way of letting some of the bloggers know how much we appreciate their writing.Unbiased and unforced.


  10. hey thankee for sharing links. those are cool blogs!


  11. Amarula:
    Thanks,happy you agree.Hey what does Amarula mean?


  12. EU, my link is working: zaparajith.blogspot.com


  13. the wishfulthinker really is one of my favoritist haunts ever!
    The others were also interesting πŸ™‚
    And since i now know it exists… happy blog day i guess…


  14. Appu:
    Thanks, I did manage to go over.:)

    Thanks girl and yes I admit to my addiction issues with Wishfulthinker.:D


  15. cool ;list!!! have to check out the ones I’ve not done yet!!


  16. Duhita

    Been reading to 3 already thanks to you from way before:) Just started exploring another, and its way cool! Thanks for pointing it out:)

    Randomness, I thought Amarula was a liqueur?


  17. Duhita:
    Hey you are welcome.Hmm,Amarula..that is interesting.


  18. San

    a well a few more good blogs to stroll over to .. although think of all those jealous bloggers who didnt get a mention in your list :p


  19. San:
    I doubt anyone would be jealous, after all they said only 5 and I really couldn’t hog too much of web space.:)


  20. Gangadhar

    Gaizabonts is always the best!!
    And i’ll definitely look into the other blogs u mentioned..thanks


  21. Gangadhar:
    I hope you enjoy.

    He is indeed good.I have to thank you for Green’s discovery.


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