Time Lines.

The blast from the Past:

It is such a thrill for me when some people from my past recognise me even before I have completed saying hello over the telephone.I haven’t spoken to some in over 3 years and yet, it doesn’t take them a second to squeal out in delight.It doesn’t take any effort to start off from where I had left.It is easy to have a conversation.It is a warm feeling to be around them.They know me, or have an idea of who I essentially am.They have tried their best to keep track of me and how I have changed over time.They have been aware that they were changing too.No matter what, I feel welcome in their lives.They understand me so well, that I know I can trust my feelings with them.They provide me the security I know I can fall back on.

The stated Present:

Most people come and go.They all have a purpose in your life, even if it was that bitter sweet lesson you had to learn.Nothing stays forever.Not even people.There is always a current set of people in our lives.There have been in mine.New friends that I have made around the block.New colleagues, crushes,cousins I have just learnt to love.New relationships I have got into.It is this novelty that is so appealing.I see an effort by all concerned in this this new relationship.We are at our best.We want this to work, just like some of our old relationships have.There is a comfort of the skeletons being tightly packed in the closet.There is hope and a certain charm.It is beautiful and it is like falling in love.Till one day I know expectations will creep in.Judgements will be passed.People will walk away.But hey! I am here now and so are you.So why not ROCK ON!

The future that awaits:

I don’t know what life has in store for me.How many more set backs, failures even.How many more heart breaks,disappointments.How many people are going to fade away like a distant memory.I don’t know.I don’t want to know.No I haven’t become any stronger.Each failure takes away a bit of my confidence.Each set back, throws me down a few miles,requiring a lot more effort to get back to from where I fell.Each heart break leaves me slightly bitter.Each friend lost leaves me skeptical.Yet I strive to give the best I can to each new moment, new opportunity,each new person in my life.

I do some times wonder whether the the future that awaits me, will understand that there is a reason I cannot give my 100 percent.I don’t have a 100 percent left in me.I wasn’t born any lesser.I guess it was life that happened to me.



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24 responses to “Time Lines.

  1. At my age, being recognized by people from my past is unusual.

    In my sagely wisdom, now built on over 60 years of experience, I have come to realize that whatever I am able to give at any given moment is my 100%.


  2. Apy

    with ref to future

    i guess that happens with evbody… n if i say ‘thats life’ it wd be a cliche… but still… i wd say that its all circumstantial… tomorrw when circumstances will need ur 100 percent… trust me u ll b able to give 110 n u ll surprise urself with the caliber that you have… so chillax… n don wrry so much…


  3. agree whole heartedly aith apy. and just absorb life as it comes.. sometimes we find the days boring, but tomorrow we miss the boring days, too..


  4. This is very technical … When we talk about percentages and Future values of commitments , we have to take into consideration the base values and discount factors … Base values can be calculated based on the present, but the discount factors can be quite tricky .. I can help you with the calculations .. But its gonna cost you …


  5. SometimesSaintlyNick:
    What about old friends?Relatives?Lovers?
    Well said.I called it my best at that very instance, not necessarily my 100%, but now that you say it,like you do,I reckon that would be my 100% at that very instance.

    Thanks, not worried, just pensive.


    Ford Prefect:
    If you can’t convince them confuse them strategy doesn’t work with everyone.:D
    You are definitely not going to be paid for it.


  6. Of course it works … Thats how I earn my living … and trust me , Ill make it worth it ..


  7. Not meaning to sound familiar or personal but know exactly what that feels like. The last para in italics so says it all!


  8. Ford Prefect:
    Is that the best you can do to sell yourself? Might take more than ‘trust me’, for me to give you my money.:D

    Grey shades:
    Not meaning to sound cliched, but life touches each one of us.Glad you know what I am talking about.


  9. That’s a wonderful way to put things in perspective. It is good to have past like that. Sometimes the past never become past due to frequent contacts.


  10. EU – Is that a challenge ???


  11. Greensatya:
    Such a past resurfaces time and again most beautifuly.

    Ford Prefect:
    You bet it is.*evil grin*


  12. Voila… I write about past and present and come to your blog, and you too write something similar!! Now that’s blogopathy, ain’t it?

    ‘Each failure takes away a bit of my confidence'(?)…and it also makes you wiser and stronger. I’ve become better only through my setbacks and the lessons they brought with them. I feel, the bottom line is Perspective.

    Loved the post on Fairer sex.:-)


  13. finally you agree on something i said…


  14. So well written.Some times it becomes so hard to keep in touch with every one,even if in your heart you want it.After all as we grow older ,new problems new relationships invade our mind,and we keep loosing the prior contacts


  15. Anonymous


    Are you ready to rock ‘n roll??

    *Heavy Metal plays in the background*

    *vikram plays his air-guitar*

    ok, i didn’t know what to comment… 😛


  16. Vishwa:
    Oh, I shall check out your post asap.You are so right and yet, some times I wish I didnt have to fight so hard.Thanks, I am glad you liked my previous post.

    I said sure, I didn’t say I agreed.:P

    I agree, it takes a lot of effort to keep in touch while it really takes none at all to lose it.

    And you still don’t know your password?!*very disappointed look*


  17. yeah right!!!it’s our fate to fight with each other.


  18. Dwaipayan:
    Who is fighting? Disagreeing doesn’t mean fighting.And I didn’t say I disagree either.


  19. Whenever I worry about my future…and I get nightmares (like last night when I moved to ma new apt and woke up at 4am in the morning wondering where I was and wht I was in somebody else’s bed all alone…took 30 mins for me to come back to ma senses), I just do one thing….

    I read DILBERTS FUTURE by scott adams…

    You shuold try that too…


  20. On a serious note:

    Nothing stays forever.Not even people.
    I’m a kind of guy who always want people to stick around with me…and when I see them drifting away..it hurts a lot..its painful really…but there is hardly anything I can do…

    You cant hold peopple to yourselves…they are part of your life cycle…and they are not going to stay with you forver…hafta accept this fact n keep moving..

    But memories…they just dont fade away na 😦


  21. arzoon is so right. and educated unemployed, u’d have made me go crazy…thank god i escaped that as i’m already the craziest person on the entire solar system


  22. Arz000n:
    I do read Dilbert.I love HT for its cartoon section.:D
    However I know what it is like with people.I too have learnt to accept that there will be a constant flow of people in my life.As long as the flow is there I am happy.Good luck to you in your new place.

    Good for you.:)


  23. That was well written, why is that I notice you write a lot abt past or things in the past. May be its just me;)


  24. Ubermensch:
    I have more past then present or future to talk about I guess.:)


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