Fairer Sex

I am a woman.

Question is what really makes me a woman?My monthly hormonal cycles?My birthing capacity? Sex needs to be associated with a degree of emotional involvement.My thrills at shopping?My need to be loved? Cared for?Cajoled?My aesthetic sense?My desire for beautiful things?

Really? Is that good enough to qualify me as the weaker sex?Fairer sex?

I don’t know about weaker or fairer, but different I’ll accept.Physically, chemically, emotionally,even our genetic make up.Being called weaker beats me, considering genetically we are the stronger between the two of us.Yes sweetie you didn’t know that now did you?

I am not oblivious to child marriages,infanticides,rapes,family oppressions, suppressions,eve-teasing.I consider that a disease.Just like TB, HIV, malaria.It plagues our society and we need to eradicate it.

I don’t see myself as weak.As any less competent.As any less capable.I don’t think I was given any fewer chances and I don’t think the world is really big and bad out there that I need special protection.

I have come to realise, men women all fight their battles.All compete, some less fairly than others.And really who do you think is taking advantage of what?
So men stare, and no not at my face.But what does a woman do.She completely scrutinizes you, even shows her disapproval at the not so recently manicured feet.I am not trying to belittle the issue here.

How ever women fighting for women’s rights irritate me.Yeah you heard that right.Did you? I didn’t say women’s cause.Please mark my words.Fighting for a cause is like ensuring a prevention programme.Always good for the plague.

I can’t stand some women especially the kind who sit on a high chair and shout out loud, because they think it is fashionable to do so.Those that weren’t ever faced with repression owing to the fact that they were females.I hear them cry out the loudest.

They just irritate me.If anything I feel those very women take us back a 100 years in civilisation, not to mention show disrespect to all the previous generations of women who have actually fought to get us where we are today.

I can list so many women,in so many fields that have made it big.I can go on a roll of my role models.I don’t think that is necessary.Look around and you will find a woman who has done well.So I am aware of ill representation, but work hard and get there.Don’t ask or expect just because you are woman.There should be more to you than your extra X chromosome to get you where you want to be.I say it so uncompassionately, because I am confident you can.

Asking for reservations/quotas/a preferences, makes me feel like I have some sort of handicap.Since when has being a woman been a handicap, you tell me?

ps:I write this out today, because it is an issue that has been bothering me for the longest time ever.I’ve had such contradicting views, that I needed some clarity and hence the jottng down of thoughts.



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16 responses to “Fairer Sex

  1. nah – nothing weaker there.

    the problem is that – because of a few people who dont understand things – it becomes an “issue” and the situation just becomes regressive for all involved.


  2. Atul:
    I see where you are coming from.I myself, agree that I am different because I am a woman and yet I don’t see a need to fight for equality.I think that is contradictory enough.I believe that does come from lack of delving into the ‘issue’ deeper.Thanks for your post though,I’ve been wanting to get this out of my system for long.


  3. I completely agree with your views. *sigh* when will some people learn?


  4. Wish all women had similar thoughts.


  5. LazyLeo:

    Why the wish? Do elaborate.


  6. I don’t have any coherent thought on this.

    Just an observation – you might not be disadvantageous in any respect, but is that true for every woman in India ? I think they are asking favours for them.


  7. I rather like differences. Being married to a militant feminist for 30 years led me into an (almost) constant state of defending in my mind my gender. It was a most uncomfortable 30 years.


  8. Greensatya:
    Are only women disadvataged in India?There is a strata of society that is, in which men and women equally deserve or need better opportunities.I don’t think that a gender based bias will get us anywhere.

    I like the differences too.I would like to be at the recieving end of roses.Sorry to know about your not so good experience.


  9. This whole thing depends on ones understanding.

    My opinions here :http://igoynblog.blogspot.com/2006/04/three-women.html


  10. whew… i agree with you… to a certain extent. someone once told me that, generally in life, if you do your bit, if you work hard, etc. you will get what you want from having done your bit…

    and generally speaking, that is true in this world, na? regardless of your sex…?


  11. SEJ:
    True, it depends on perspective.I have said exactly the same thing as that post.Except I haven’t called a woman and baby making machine like that post emphatically tries too.But I guess what it really is attempting to do is differentiate between a man and a woman based on functionality.I found the post rather derogatory, but then again may be I am being partial to women.I am allowed to be I think.
    How ever I’d like to add, we aren’t animals in a jungle and neither are we cave men.So the arguments presented don’t come across as viable.
    How ever you are allowed your opinion and it is nice to know what it is.


  12. Sunrise:
    I couldn’t have said this better, thanks.:)




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