The plot thickens.

Last time a cousin who was a few months younger to me got married and caused rather uncomfortable moments for me.My theory about relationships and marriages in the Indian set up were unceremoniously discarded and I was told to get a grip on my life.

So what do you expect when a niece who is 4 years younger than me finds her mate.I am home to make matters worse. No, I cannot escape at all.

I had wished I had found some body worthy of being my scapegoat so that I could ward off my parents for looking for a match for me.I didn’t find anyone that my parents would believe that I was actually ready to live with for the rest of my life.

They do believe that for any guy is going to be a tough job.I know my parents have rejected perfectly normal and eligible bachelors on the pretext that they were too nice for their daughter.Almost seems like they are looking for someone who would survive a combat with me.I ain’t that bad, but I guess parents know best.

I’ve repeatedly been asked what I want in a man. Oh well shouldn’t that be obvious; is’nt really the answer they are looking for. I have a very small list of what I don’t want in a man. I’ll take anything else I tell them. It doesn’t seem to make their life any easier. Increases the spectrum of choices you see.

I don’t know what my parents expect of me. The option, that I’d like to wait for some one to come along, doesn’t suit their sensibilities at all. My mum recently listed down all the perfect and fantastic men that did come to my life. Who due to some stroke of fate were ready to take on the challenge called EU and yet, I had done nothing to materialize the relationship. That of course was followed by a longer list of men that I have lusted after but no love had came out of it. 😦

My parent’s choice and mine are poles apart. Currently my mother is aghast that I think John Abrahm is one hottie, though I could settle for a Shiny Ahuja,however essentially I would like a Hugh know those clueless guys with the most wicked sense of humor. But no, my parents seem to want none of it.My mum is actually on a mission to prove to me why Johnny boy isn’t such a hottie after all. I am almost beginning to get convinced.*Gulp*

I don’t blame my parents for their anxiety.However to their credit they have been very patient and very non pushy. I don’t know how much longer. For now, some of my relatives have been roped in into this mission called marriage. I am almost enjoying the conspiracy around me.

The latest is trying to rectify my ‘dosh’ through a pooja. For parents who did not have a horoscope to show for their older child’s wedding,I think this is a huge step. After all at my age, the older child was celebrating a 4th Wedding anniversary. I do think the plot is getting rather dramatic not to mention very thick.

The only say I have had in this drama is the choice of prasad. I think that will do for now.



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31 responses to “The plot thickens.

  1. First comment!!!

    I always knew you hada ‘dosh’, good that your parents are organizing a pooja to get it rectified. As for the prasad, pedhes should be cool methinks πŸ™‚


  2. Obiwan:
    Oh well, if you think dosh means faults you are mistaken.I am not sure what they mean, but faults certainly not.Dude, thank god you weren’t in the prasad selection committee.That is all I have to say.:)


  3. Ads

    Hey girl! Looks like alls not all that well but I nevertheless adore your sense of seeing that element of hilariousness in it all!
    Moi is married to moi’s childhood sweetheart so maybe not the right person to be saying this but I think, sensetive as you are to understand your parent’s anxieties, it is ultra-logical and cool to wait for someone to sweep you off your feet!
    And the mother of all cliches – Jhonnyboy may walk to your doorstep as prasad!


  4. How bout that temple in Jodhpur I told you about … The prasad there is my all time favourite πŸ˜‰


  5. Atleast choosing ‘prasad’ would be much more easier. πŸ™‚
    For any guy marriage does proves to be a tough job. hehe πŸ˜›


  6. I came here to specifically say nothing. πŸ™‚


  7. ab mai kya bolu…
    bring me some prasad πŸ˜‰


  8. Ads:
    Hey Ill take that cliche any day.:D

    Ford Prefect:
    Some sort of vendetta you have dude? Why such suggestions may I ask?

    You bet.And err are we experienced to say so?

    I knew you would understand my pain.:)



  9. Duhita

    I can very much relate:D hmmm, mum and dad have tried the poojas and all that jazz, after a while I just do whatever they say to keep them happy:) And of course hope it all works! hahahah For now, all I say is “May the force be with you”! Some prasad please?:)


  10. same thing is happening with my sis, who’s 2 years elder than me. though I’m not a part of the conspiracy, I often think how the marriage would be like…

    and as far as the qualities of the groom is concerned, I have 2 points to ad with the ones set up by family:
    1. he has to be loaded and friendly
    2. he has to treat me with booze whenever
    we get the chance


  11. Duhita:
    I just find it all too surreal and not in a nice way.Oh yeah, if the pooja does take place, prasad is a sure thing.

    Oh well you haven’t stopped thinking beyond yourself, now have you?..:P

    Hazel Dream:
    So I’ve been told, misery loves company.


  12. Anonymous

    haha … very funny.


  13. Gangadhar

    Well depicted a girl’s mind…

    take care


  14. Congratulations on 10,000 hits …
    Good job entertaining people like me who would rather read your wedding woes than do some productive work πŸ˜‰


  15. kristen seems to’ve left a rather long comment that’s completely out of context.
    actually that’s wat I do when my parents talk of marriage and the hundred odd things that the astrologer had an opinion about.

    Subtly humorous post. great!


  16. sb

    speaking of wedding woes…i’ve done a few things i never thought i’d have to do…all just to ward off parental nervous breakdowns. One of them…getting my picture taken. But I didn’t give in without a fight…they only a got a passport shot out of me πŸ™‚


  17. Anon 14:21:


    Ford prefect:
    Good job entertaining people like me who would rather read your wedding woes than do some productive work πŸ˜‰
    Knowing you, I am not sure if that is a compliment, but me being me, I will accept it as a compliment most graciously…:-%

    Oops, and I thought Kirsten was a spammer.
    Hmm, that is a thought though, and thanks.

    Oh well,I guess we all end up doing things we didn’t think we would do.But you go girl!!!


  18. all i can say is….may the force be with you! and don’t lose hope…*hugs*

    by the way, me thinks you having much fun whilst cribbing….. *ducks to avoid
    the crockery hurled at her*…. how many guys have you managed to slaughter?


  19. Of course I meant it as a compliment … you are just being paranoid ..
    SB – I could send them a couple of your snaps …


  20. Lazy Leo:
    Thanks,Hugs to you too.
    Ahem, that I will tell in private.:D

    Ford Prefect:
    Compliment accepted bola na!?..:)


  21. πŸ™‚ Nice post. I remember one of my friends narrating a similar incident to me the other day. And laughed hard at the combat thing πŸ™‚


  22. Am in Manchester…right now busy in searching for apt’s….uske baad will get a broadband at ma home…and will then come back to blogging

    Hows you??


  23. Grey Shades:

    Good luck and I hope you are enjoying the English weather.I am well thanks.


  24. educated unemployed,
    u thought I’d change??ME?? no way…. evil grin…


  25. I totally, perfectly, understand! My sister had to see all this, until ofcourse she talked about the guy πŸ˜› I say, get one soon…or the relatives (usually) seem to be best at the art of sucking on your life X-(

    Have fun!! And oh, how’s the pooja thingie? :O :O :O


  26. Dwaipayan:
    Know I had figured you were beyond help.:P Muhahahahaha.

    Actually I am enjoying the way everyone is being sensitive towards me.My relatives rock like that.


  27. Apy

    hehe.. i kno i shudn be writin a ‘Hehe’ in the comments of such a huge problem that u r facing but still cdn help.. All i can say is good luck dear…

    so u have dosh huh?? so that makes u doshi… hehe…

    PS: if all this does not make sense to u.. dont wrry. . u r perfectly fine… its jus that author was not in a right state of mind…


  28. Apy;
    Hey, it isn’t really a problem.Some time or the other we all to have to face such issues.
    No I am not a doshi with dosh’s.It is only a stint by the pundit to extract money out of my parents and get Halwa puri.But that has been changed.Muahhahahhah.
    Don’t worry about not making sense, you never do.*cheeky grin*


  29. Having cousins younger than me already in line makes me a perfect target. But then again, it will happen when time comes. Why worry.


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