Its a beautiful sunny afternoon.One of the many she has shared with her friend.They enjoyed a chat here and there.Talking at length, aimlessly about everything and anything.Much fun those times had been.

But things changed.Expectations came along.Insecurities crept in.More questions than answers. Need for some love, definitely a hug.She wondered if she was expecting too much.May be they weren’t really as close as she thought they were.Why did she feel she needs to hold back, when all she wanted to do is, talk to her friend. All they could do was talk,there was so much distance between them.Yet they never did.Why?

After all this time, all the reasons for pulling away, seem to have faded away.Yet she holds on to that very piece of paper on which she had written down her most deep down thoughts.It reminds her of all the reasons,which made breaking away from her friend,necessary if not important.Her insecurities really.She needed to hear she was wrong and that things will be fine again.But she got no such comfort.She will get no answers either.

But why does it have to turn out like?Why do some people become a part of your life when you made no efforts and some no matter how much you did, never really become a part of it.It shouldn’t have required any effort.That is not how friendships are made let alone maintained.

If it was all so wrong why did it feel so right.If it at all it was right, why didn’t it last?For the time it did last, how come there is nothing to hold on to?If there was nothing to hold on to how come this void hurts so bad?Should it at all.It was her decision after all?Does she stand up to herself, or give in to her feelings?Should she reach out and make amends one last time or let time take it from here?



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4 responses to “Why?

  1. Two famous saying might be beneficial to recall
    • Friends are like stars, you might not see them but they are always there.
    • People hear what you say, friends listen to you, and best friends listen to what you never said

    Your ever increasing expectation, insecurities, dependency, shows your love for the other person. But at the same time you should realize that you need to show 100% trust in other person, only then your relationship blossoms like something it was never before. If you hold on to something too tight, you might lose it like sand held too tight in your hands.

    And never let ego come into close relationships, express your past fears and show complete faith in your friend, and you will be sharing and smiling again like nothing bad had never happened.


  2. Anonymous

    such wise words navneet..


  3. I don’t mean to sound sexist but i am amazed how intensely women bond. It’s deep…its dirty …its dark…and it’s personal.

    exhausting yet exhilirating, or the other way around?


  4. One fine day the sun shines again for those who have the courage and the endurance to last the winter rains through – and perhaps when one meets the person again perhaps while she alights from a train one is about to board – both are strangers – and the pain and the yearning vanishes into the past – and one can live again .. and this thought is there in this poem I wrote a long time ago …

    We met again

    An age had passed, Nay,
    a thousand ages,
    Since your love did wane

    Time had not dulled
    The inflections of your voice,
    Echoing in my brain

    You stepped out of the coach
    As serene as on the day you left, Looked at me casually, without shame.

    Your stranger’s face overlapped
    Your image, which since you left,
    Had in my heart lain.

    Waking me from my sleep of ages
    As your face, nodding politely,
    My sorrow did forever drain.

    The thousand ages, there ended With that indifferent nod.
    I boarded my train.

    Yet, remained a subdued longing
    For the age, now forever past,
    A bittersweet pain.

    We never met again …..
    by Deepak Menon
    (A stranger who chanced upon your blog)


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