Understanding Vs Understanding

Just when I can do with some support, you walk away, because you want me to be strong. I understand.

Relationships are a balance between give and take, benefits and risk.I am begining to understand.

There is constant lies being told,truth hidden and distorted, in the hope that someday I will appreciate the bigger truth.I fail to understand.

Just when things are looking up, you want to give up.You want me to understand?

The closer I feel to you, the farther you think your place is.I don’t understand.

I have been an adult for longer than I had bargained for.I want to be a child sometimes. You don’t seem to understand.

I expect loyalty, and passion in my relationships.That is so much more important to me than ‘socially acceptable behaviour’. Could you ever understand that about me?

When I decide to get into some thing, I do so fully.I will make every effort to see that till the end.You fail to understand.

I can’t stand pretence or superficiality, and definitely don’t do well with hypocrisy.Do you understand?

Sometimes I just want you to let me be. Whether you understand or not, at this point,I don’t really care.

What are our definitions of a relationship?Ever heard about the transactional analysis and dynamic realtionship between Parent adult and child?
Define your relationships before you think of what effect this post has on you? I am not necessarily talking about a guy and a girl and a romantic relationship.Just thought you would like to know.



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19 responses to “Understanding Vs Understanding

  1. This relationship concept is so esoteric. Wish I could get it in easy terms.

    I guess the only time it is peaceful to be in a relationship is when you don’t need the relationship. The moment one got dependent for anything – it is begining of getting hurt.


  2. I think I gave up trying to understand anything that happens between two people of the opposite sex a long, long time ago. *sigh* 😀


  3. hahahaha at WT’s comment! so true dude 😀

    and now abt the post! 😦 yeah, i can ‘understand’ that! its so unfair that it all starts out so well and easy and turns into such a big mess.

    hmm! let me see though…


  4. Greensatya:
    And that would be idealistic or atleast unrealistic to not want or get dependant on some one.So is one always doomed to be hurt?

    And you really want me to play along with this one?:D

    I don’t know about unfair but it sure gets harsh.


  5. ‘Course dude!!! Really!!! I meant every word I said!!!


  6. I sometimes dont want to understand… I just want to be understood.


  7. Wishfulthinker:
    Dude?????Huh?huh?huh?, no wonder you don’t get it.:p

    Right now, I’d pass even that.:(


  8. ah…TA and those nearly Venn Diagrams – PAC – dotted lines and solid lines of transactions going here and there.

    What we will understand (or not), i guess is just abt what we believe we want out of something…?


  9. Relationships are meant to be broken…thats wht I learnt from ma past break ups…

    Hmmm….Am I making any sense in here..aur you still not able to understand me??

    I dont want to add to more confusion here…


  10. Casablanca said everything.

    Seriously, how are you SO good at expression? Ahem, that’s such an awesome quality. Everytime I read here, I am made to think. There’s just so much power in your lines. This post is one of the most powerful ones, goes without saying.


  11. Atul Sabnis:
    Are you saying, we understand what we want to understand,as that is what we want?
    Then I would agree.Is there anything you don’t know about?

    No scope for further confusion is this muddled brain.But good try.:D

    Thanks.I’ve said this before and I am saying this again.It is really what you percieve or what you want to think about; that makes my lines make sense to you.May be another day another time, it would all just be plain blabbering.


  12. Ashish Pokharna

    Hiya doing MG.

    nice post…read your blog after a long time…awesome stuff…

    what have u been upto these..will ring u up when in UK

    tk care



  13. awesome post. i have a feeling that the older we get, the harder it is to deal with relationships….. we’re expected to be ‘grown-up’ and ‘understanding’….. but who on earth can be so perfect all the time??

    ahhh…how i long for those idyllic childhood days where ‘crisis’ meant fighting over the window seat in the school bus!


  14. I understand that….’ I didnt’.:-)


  15. May be another day another time, it would all just be plain blabbering.

    I doubt it.


  16. Ashish:
    Hiya,happy to know you still visit this blog.Life is good.Will await your call.You’ve promised several times now..You better.:)

    Lazy Leo:
    One doesn’t need to be perfect to deal with relationships, they need to be themselves, which I think gets harder as we grow up.It is when pretence creeps into our behaviour that all the misunderstandings crop up.

    Well Said.:)



  17. Further to addendum, I guess my comment is generic. It is true for all relationships. And as you pointed out one is always doomed to be hurt. This is a hard fact.


  18. Greensatya:
    Sure..But why so bitter?


  19. I don’t know. I’ve never tried to define a relationship and put it down in words. But that works fine with me. 🙂


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