Case report:

A 27 year old female, gives history of strenuous work for the last 13 days.Since her parents left after a lovely vacation,she has been on an agenda.Watching video lectures for eight hours a day.Reviewing the material read for around four hours.Never being able to catch up completely, adding to her anxiety(1).However she has managed to read 3 of the 7 books of JK Rowling, Tipping Point and Blink by Malcom Gladwell and is currently half way through The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.All of which was accomplished while travelling 2 hours each day.Bringing her a huge sense of achievement and displaced sense of superiority.Making her almost euphoric(2) at times.

Certain decisions and turning points in life have been wearing her spirits down for a few days, and hence the need to further immerse herself in work which would keep her mind occupied, lest it got distracted with negative thoughts.But the effort was getting to her.This particular morning she found it difficult to get up from bed.If she did she would have to face another day.She didn’t have the strentgh, she felt.Academics, career,relationships, friendships, travel plans,all suffering a huge blow(3) at this point in time, made her wonder what was she fighting so hard to sustain.No she wasn’t going to get out of bed.Not today.

Two rainy days later the sun was shining bright.What a contrast to her mood.But not the weather to waste when it is so precious in London.She decides to get out of bed after all.A leisurely bath,lots of sun screen later,she sets out of the house. A summer shirt, skirt and strappy sandals make her feel like a woman again.Very sexy(4) too.She is sure she looks gorgeous.She definitely feels so.

She decides not to waste the opportunity and heads for Central London for an open air concert currently happening everyday at Trafalgar square.Has lunch at her favourite Italian joint.She loves the peace and quite.She actually loves her own company so much.It has never complained about her.Doesn’t really judge her for anything. So much easier being with oneself.(5)

She happens to meet this man at the restaurant who appears to have daily sex(6). Interesting.

Well the day is going to end, she decides to skip dinner(7) as lunch got a bit heavy.She now listens to some of her favourite music and decides to sleep well tonight.Rest assured tomorrow is another day.How does she know..God told her so.(8)

1.Anxiety Disorder.
2.Manic episodes
3.Major Depression
4.Histrionic personality disorder.
5.Avoidant personality disorder.

P.S:Thirditis is a commonly seen condition coined losely by third year medical students when they start learning about clinical medicine.On reading the subject a lot of students become experts on self diagnosis.Most conditions seems to have been present at some point in time within themselves or some one they know.

I have just completed Psychiatry lectures as is evident.Next I do Gynaecology.*Shudder*

Disclaimer: Very lose associations have been made between symptoms presented and clinical conditions diagnosed.It has been done so for the sole purpose of this post entry only and in no way can serve to help make a diagnosis of any of the above conditions.


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30 responses to “Thirditis…

  1. 🙂 yeah……. been there..done that…..


  2. LOL..I knew you would understand.:)


  3. This post was damn funny babe. I think I just diagnosed myself with schizophrenia, attention disorder, OCD, depression, heavy nicotine dependency, slight mental derangement and insomnia. But what the heck, I’m still superman!!! 😀


  4. And I’m SuperSUPERMAN! 😀

    So this is what Psychiatry lectures do to you? Wonder what’s next in the Gynaecology post :O


  5. Sorabh Raina:


    I shudder to think.:)


  6. SB

    All i can say is good luck with gynaecology 🙂
    And yeah..same SB from Ford’s blog.Pleased to make your acquaintence.


  7. Hitchhikers guide …. And you still spell me Ford Perfect !!!


  8. SB:
    Pleasure is all mine.And thanks:)

    Ford Perfect:
    HAHA, ever heard of wishfulthinking? Who knows you might just about be that alien after all.:D


  9. I think i would make a terrible student if had to go through self diagnosis i’d end up with a mental condition.
    Goodluck with gynacology, hope its fun 😉


  10. thank god (er…you) for the disclaimer! 😛


  11. Karuna:
    I doubt it ever gets that bad.Thanks though.

    Atul Sabnis:
    You are welcome.:)


  12. I guess well just have to wait for the Vogons to come and destroy this excuse for a planet to find that out ..
    BTW now that miss SB alias Trillian is here ,its gonna be a lot of fun..
    P.S: Be careful .. she is pure evil…


  13. god..! for a minute i thought that was you…(wtf..!!)

    dude…gynae…! all the best lady…

    and btw…sweet pics..! ur cam does come up with neat stuff…keep it on…



  14. Ford Perfect:
    Why, does Ford always bring such bad luck, every planet he visits?
    TskTsk..Is Ms Trillian also Ms chipmunk.(Opps Im just too curious for everyone’s good!!).
    Ahoy!..and whaddya mean, my blog wasn’t fun otherwise?????:P

    HHAHHAHA, gotcha!
    Most of the photos are from Kodak disposables.LOL.

    p.s Ive added you on Flickr.


  15. SB aka Trillian aka Chipmunk

    Ford you take that back. I am not evil and you know it.
    You don’t listen to him educatedunemployed. BTW is there a shorter version of that? 🙂
    And yes…am also a chipmunk..actually one of many, its just that the others don’t like being called chipmunk for some reason 🙂


  16. SB:
    EU, does it for most people.I’d love to hear this Chipmunk story some day.Oh,just one problem, I like listening to Ford. 😀
    (Bloggers Loyalty!!)


  17. SB

    You have wounded me EU…but go ahead…listen to Ford if you must. I know i like to do it too..except when he says nasty things and calls me evil 🙂


  18. SB:
    Awwe, that wasn’t the intention.But I know you aren’t evil.I can tell.*angelic smile*.Anyway how is life post ISB treating you?


  19. SB

    hahaha…nice try with the angelic smile EU 🙂
    Life post ISB is…interesting.Btw…am sorta part of the ‘blogger community’ too. I don’t update too often but check it out anyway:


  20. cool post EU! good to see you back to blogworld


  21. The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
    I just started reading this novel..the ultimate collection 2 days back…am I carrying any symptoms I need to worry about ??


    Next I do Gynaecology.*Shudder*
    I once had a thought for like 7 mins…how about pursuing a career in Gynaecology…that too only for celebrities…..hmmmmm….



  22. Thank you ladies … and in my defence I havent said anything nasty about anyone .. Yet…

    EU – The story of chipmunks is a long and twisted one … Think of them as a sect … You know one of them devil worshiping dancing naked under the full moon people..

    Now I have said something nasty… 😉


  23. Thirditis is also common with graduate social work students studying psychopathology. I was one 30 years ago.


  24. quite well put,
    i suggest u read the opening chapter of three men in a boat by jerome k jerome if u havent already. and imsure u have read doctors.


  25. Lady, have moved to
    cos i acted crazy for a moment. you’ll know why! thought i’d share the link…

    cya around?


  26. Damn this was so professional a post. I can tell that you are going to make a very good doctor by the way your case reports are so detailed.

    Summer is here so enjoy and let the spirits cheer you up. (paranormal medication ) 🙂

    I was not free last week so going to read other post of yours and comment on them now.


  27. Blogger ate my earlier comment. Damn you blogger :((

    This is so professional post. Very good concept.

    Judging by the detailed case report you prepared I am sure you are going to be a big name in field of medicine.

    And summer is here so let the spirits cheer you up. I guess paranomal medication helps in Schizophrenia.

    Am going to read other post of yours, could not read them last week.


  28. Ae where ra you are being?


  29. SB:
    Been there, done that.Nice thoughts.You should put them up more often.

    Thanks, I was never gone.

    Most Gynaecs start off thinking what you thought only in time to face their worst nightmares.Hohoho!

    Ford Perfect:
    Dancing naked under the moonlight.A-ha!

    So you know.:)

    I will do.And thanks.

    Will do soon.

    Blogger didn’t eat up your comment.I’d like to keep ’em both.And thanks.No that is not how case reports are written I can assure you.This was plain story telling.

    Here wonly.:)


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