Finding the right company.

A conversation with a friend not so long ago got me thinking.Am I becoming a very asocial person? I don’t think so.

I left home at a not so young age.I did leave a very protected environment.And I have never got that back.Now I don’t want it back.I enjoy my freedom.I enjoy taking care of me.I also enjoy my solitude.

She said, I am not a very social person.I would survive, without many people around me. She thinks, my going for a film alone or eating out alone, are freaky.


I can’t be bothered to wait for people to materialize their plans to go and watch a film.I enjoy movies too much to let go of a good film for some one else.Think about it, a whole tub of pop corn to yourself.That is precious.You don’t have to accompany your girlfriends to the loo, and you don’t have to wait alone while your rude friends choose a smoke over your precious company during the break.

I think what stops people, is the fear of what others will think about them.What a loser haan? Who cares? I don’t. How does it matter to me what some stranger who I don’t know, wont ever know, thinks about me.And even if I did know them, I still wouldn’t care.Think about it, when you go for the movies, how often do you scan around the theatre, to look for that odd loner?

I would agree if some one said eating out alone in a restaurant is kinda tough.I don’t think so, but then again I might be a loony psychopath.I started venturing out alone when I came back from the hostel after 5 years to my city.Most of my friends were gone.The remaining few just didn’t know how to strike a balance between work, boyfriends and me.So much had changed in my city.I had become more adventurous.I wanted to enjoy my city.I would go to the new malls springing all over by myself.If I found an new, inviting restaurant, I would go in for a meal.I quite enjoyed it actually.One does tend to get more attention.I don’t know if it is out of pity, or amusement.People are just nice.

Try a new bar.Order a cocktail.Enjoy your drink.Or go to this new restaurant which promises a fantastic gastronomic experience.Order some thing you have never tried before.Eat to your content.Even order a pudding.Trust me, it is an experience.

Even in company, I believe it is upto us to enjoy.It is upto us to make the most of what one is doing.So why do we always need some one else to be there. Don’t get me wrong.I enjoy and make good company. I do enjoy my friends here.But I don’t see lack of company stopping me from doing what I feel like doing.

So while mates, girl friends, boy friends are essential for a lovely evening out, I do think one should go out with themselves once in a while.You would be surprised to find what lovely company you make.



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18 responses to “Finding the right company.

  1. interesting, to say the least. In the absence of who we ‘eventually’ loathe, we sit there enjoying the drink, as a toast to their absence? However, i must admit, being able to enjoy with oneself is an exhilarating experience…


  2. apy

    Well… i can relate actually.. when i went to Bangalore.. didn have much of frnz there.. jus me n my bike.. saw so many movies all by myself… loved it always.. in any case…. i hate it wen people talk to me in the middle of a movie…so that worked fr me.. n i received similar comments frm frnz… Who cares as long as i m havin a good time.. 😀


  3. Atul Sabnis:
    No, there is no need for distaste towards anybody, whether present or not.That is not what my post stems from.
    I do think we should give ourselves a chance rather than fret about the lack of company, and then be able to respect those who have.

    Ah well you see, it isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be.


  4. I know exactly what you’re saying man! And sometimes people still look at me and go like ‘WTF, you went for that movie alone??’ Gah!


  5. That’s a great thing you do. I also think that people who are confident of themself, they only can go for movie or eating out alone.

    I don’t know why people don’t accept it but many of us do go out alone. May be like you wrote they are termed as ‘loser’.


  6. Wishfulthinker:
    I went for LOTR alone.I was shitting bricks at all the ugly creatures, but next time I felt so much bolder.Totally enjoyed the expressions on some of my friends when they realised what I had done.

    I think it is about being comfortable in one’s own skin.True, other’s try and instill their own incapabilities as normal on us.Ah well, can’t stop living now can we.


  7. Attagirl! well said.

    haven’t tried it myself but quite tempted to….. whenever my dad goes out of station for conferences etc he often uses evenings to catch up with a good/ hit movie… he enjoys it much better than the ‘socialising’ over drinks….


  8. Attagirl! well said.

    Haven’t yet tried it myself but i’m sure i will do some time….. whenever my dad goes out of station for conferences etc, he uses the evenings to catch up with a good/ hit film all by himself…. enjoys it much better than the ‘socialising’ over drinks…


  9. Ravi

    True, one should go out alone…you will appreciate the experience better..
    I guess thats why bikers prefer solitude on a long ride….


  10. Couldnt agree with you more … although watching a movie alone just so that you dont have to share your popcorn is a bit disturning 😉


  11. Who cares? I don’t.

    Even I don’t.

    My friends point out a lot, why I keep sitting with a book in a coffee house…or why do I usually have lunch alone–if college’s over earlier than usual. Isn’t it important to sit by yourself, even ignore what’s going on inside us, and just give us a chance to be? I mean..all those times when I hang out with friends over beer or movies–being alone in that sense becomes a lot more special.


    And…I ALWAYS wonder, WHO can share popcorn or nachos.


  12. Never tried this movie alone thing… but then again i havent done the movie thing in awhile. With me its more because of the social aspect than the movie. When its about the movie im on my bed with a larger than life sized popcorn bowl only for me…
    but i will consider the reccomendation… 🙂


  13. Ford Perfect:
    LOL..that is misconstrued interpretation of what I was trying to say.Cmmon now be nice.:)

    Interesting thought!
    Oh and I don’t mind sharing my pop corn as long as I am holding the tub.:P

    Let me know how it goes.


  14. My first movie alone was Bachchan Saab’s Aankhen. I had just been transferred to Nagpur, and didn’t know a single soul there. Came back from work on the first day, didn’t want to go to my hotel room immediately, so seeing a cinema hall on the way, just dropped in and watched the film. Have watched some 4-5 movies alone since then, but for me, the pleasure of many movies is increased when you watch it with friends, especially nonsensical David Dhawan type movies, in which the whole group just goes crazy laughing, and derives madness from each other!

    Eating out alone??? Never done it, I just order food even when I am touring and in a hotel. Somehow don’t like the feeling of being alone when everyone else is eating with someone, and can’t even talk to myself in a civilized restaurant, which I can easily do in a room or at home!


  15. SB

    i watched LOTR 2 alone too and loved it..the movie and the experience. And have been doing this for sometime now…some people think i’m a freak but some movies, you just can’t miss because of other peoples’ schedules.Enjoying one’s own company is a lesson i learned really early on and its done me a world of good.And yeah…the popcorn helps too 😀


  16. Obiwan:
    I never denied that movies,eating out, hiking,travelling aren’t social events.What I am trying to say is that, one should venture out alone too.Try find some time for yourself.No commitments,no expectations, no need for propriety.Just you with you.It can be quite interesting an experience.There will be a lot you could discover about yourself.Try it once, see how you feel about it.The city you live in, wont really care how where what you do.:)

    Are you SB from Ford’s blog?Just wondering.



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