A good woman.

I wanted to watch A good woman for a long time.The trailers had some very interesting dialogues and I had this yearning to know in what context were such statements made.Helen Hunt appears very aged in this movie.That hasn’t changed the wonderful actress that she is.

Here are a few lines I am jotting down from memory.The context doesn’t matter.Find your own context.

If you are going to be guided by other’s thoughts, what is the point of having your own?

Usually what people call experience, they are actually referring to their mistakes.

Women do not want to be understood, they want to be loved.

Natural ignorance is the key to happiness.

Food is the rock we build on.Nothing is pure as the love of food.

Sleep is a chance to dream.

Women don’t trust women, men don’t trust women, no one trusts women.

Every saint has a past, ever sinner a future.

I don’t need to be the first, just the last.

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