And I didn’t really say that…

I am nervous about my parents visiting me.Its only 2 nights and a day.I’ve already cleaned cooked.Even asked my land lady to get her act together and hoover the house.I was initially thrilled about them coming but now I am kinda disappointed about the short duration.With an invitation which promises lots of fun time with her toys and a trip to the zoo where her favourite giraffe actually says hi, I really can’t blame my parents wanting to spend more time with their granddaughter.

I have a huge blog crush.No no I didn’t say I was in love.I have a crush, on the blog, the blogger,the content, the links,the template,the well written posts, the photographs taken.I find myself drifting off to that blog everytime my mind goes blank.Its refreshing, fun, funny, informative,inspiring,thought provoking,insightful.Yes believe it or not,this blog has it all. And no don’t ask me which one, I like having my little secret.

On one of my random profile browsing sessions on Orkut ,I actually stumbled upon a guy’s profile who I have met once and spoken several times.We didn’t keep in touch, cause I felt we really had nothing in common and we both we are at very different phases in life.He is a nice bloke,but that was that.So I politely but surely told him off.Inspite of that,I couldn’t stop reading his profile through and even went on to his blog.I actually liked this person.This blog person.But I just couldn’t find the nexus between the person I met and spoke to and this person whose blog I was reading.I’m not sure whether I was amused or disturbed.

Tu jo mera na ho saka..

Yeh ehsaas kyun itna ajeeb,
Tu sun to zaraa.
Mujhe aane de kareeb,
Ek pal ke liye tham ja.
Mera na ho saka to kya,

Khush hoon..
Tu jo mere daaman ko chuu gaya..



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36 responses to “And I didn’t really say that…

  1. Anonymous

    I know…I know…:)

    This blog is the home/birth place of some famous God (In north india). Right??



  2. oye so many posts to catch up with πŸ™‚

    hope you’ll have a great time with your parents πŸ™‚ Short time or long duration no worries, so long you’re meeting them πŸ™‚

    wanted to write more about the ppl you meeting and their blogs.. will come over later.. you take care and have fun


  3. Wont ask you about the blog crush. But trust you to have good taste πŸ˜€
    Ahem… I feel like saying ‘I know the feeling’, but I’m afraid then I would have said too much πŸ˜‰

    And the ending shayari… wah wah! Dil ko chuu gayi!


  4. saw a whole lot of pink ones too – seems like spring is finally here. πŸ™‚


  5. Isn’t it only fair that you share the pleasure?! :p


  6. I have a huge blog crush.
    So this is not a myth haan…good to know that…I too had a crush on one blog few months back….now naaaah….there are lotsa real life chicks around me these days..hehehe…

    On one of my random profile browsing sessions on Orkut
    WHOA!! (Again)
    since past 2 weeks Im stumbling on so many blog friends of mine on blog and am spending lot of time on orkut these days….hehe

    yeah..met ma pals from school tooo…I luv orkut πŸ˜€


  7. Now, now edu… I don’t like being praised so much. Please, please don’t do it again. I know you have a crush but…
    It happens sometimes—the blogger who comes across through his posts and the real person could be radically different. Someone you hear on the phone and the same person when met directly—
    Hope you have a great time with your parents.


  8. hmm….nice to know…is the blog that one I used to tease u about?


  9. Anonymous

    long long time ago,
    we met via,
    and we moved to gmail and yahoo messenger,
    and become sort of friend.
    i was young,
    much younger was my mind.
    my negative sides have been spotted
    and we drifted apart.


  10. Bharani:
    So you know haan..:)

    This blog is the home/birth place of some famous God (In north india). Right??…What??

    You bet,nothing beats getting real hugs.

    It’s strange but a nice feeling.

    Atul Sabnis:
    It definitely is.

    And what is to say, what pleases me will have the same effect on anybody else?..:p

    It is not so much about the person as it is about the personality.Then again intellectual stimualtion never really worked for men,now did it?
    Good for you, I’m already bored with Orkut.


  11. Vishwa:
    I really cannot stop, you see..:p..
    I totally agree,you can only know a person truly and well by spending time with them,anything else only leads to erroneous perceptions.

    Like I said,don’t ask..but I like you, so I’ll tell you…NO!



  12. I also want to have a favourite giraffe that says hi man! πŸ™‚


  13. Oh parents homecoming? awesome… awesome…

    I think some people live a different life on their blogs. When a fellow blogger called me first time, the person expected me to sound like a kid with my voice echoing in excitement. But it was not to be. The person found a lazy voice like I had just woken up. πŸ˜›


  14. So how did hte parent’s visit go. Now u know what I mean by getting ready for parents and all the cook and clean means.


  15. Wishfulthinker:
    LOL, you could if you turned three with the most vivid imaginations.

    It was awesome seeing them.I agree, that is why I like keeping my distance from bloggers.No offence meant but I don’t think I want to mix the two worlds.

    You bet much tension.How was your birthday?


  16. WHAT! You’re on Orkut! Never knew! let me look for you πŸ˜›


  17. parents’ visit? everytime they do that to me, I am a nervous wreck. Cleaning, scrubbing, cleaning, arranging, cleaning.. and inspite of the previous two days spent toiling like a mad-man all my parents have to say is, “he doesn’t know how to manage alone”. Hmpffff!!


  18. Rohit:

    Haha, I meant cleaning not hiding things.:D


  19. Me a bit late in coming here. I wish you have a good time with your parents. (already having it by now )

    And the shayari is so good πŸ™‚

    Blogcrush ..a total new concept πŸ˜€


  20. apy

    Thanks for the advise doc.. i was really looking for it.
    N hope you are having a wonderful time with ur family…. Enjoy yourself


  21. Finally, a post that I could kind of understand πŸ™‚ You write Hindi poetry also???


  22. Greensatya:
    You are indeed, they have come and gone.Thanks, its my first attempt at shayyari.I don’t think its all that new an insanity.I’ve read other bloggers talk about their crushes.I have laughed it off earlier,you could do the same.

    Opps I didn’t realise I was getting that predictable.But a post like that had to evoke some response.Feel free to talk about it if you need to.Thanks for your wishes.

    Ha!After all the words you had to clarify, you think I can write poetry in Hindi?


  23. Couldn’t find you there…the search thingie there is so irritating. 😦


  24. Anonymous

    hey, did u recognize me after reading my poem????i dnt think u did..anyway, job trei dosti hi nahi raha, to pechan se hoga kya


  25. Rohit:
    That is probably cos I am not a very active member.

    Why the anonymity if you want me to recognise you?


  26. Ravi

    Donno about the parents visiting part…coz i hvnt stayed out of house till date….
    Crushes…..hmmm very very uncanny they can be….
    Crush on a blog!!…new phenomenon
    Persona as you perceive reading his/her blog and the persona when you meet him/her in person can be very diff….i can vouch for this…


  27. A blog crush, huh? Now you have more reason to stay online. πŸ™‚


  28. Ravi:

    Haha, I already do that.And now this crush ain’t helping at all.:D


  29. Anonymous

    it’s because i just wanna see if u still remember me or not. and it’s evident that u do not. any happy, it’s good that u still visit my blog. happy blogging..

    ur nagging once friend


  30. Ravi

    Doc…your crush..err blog crush( if he is truly tht) is turning out to be a canny one…now it is Uncanny crush on a canny blog(ger)….Paradoxical!!
    this aint helping at….i know i can already see you scrathing your head…..


  31. Blogcrush. Good idea! I can start working on a story on this new phenomenon (is it?). Keep some quotes ready.


  32. Soumyadip:
    C’mmon since when did crushes become a new concept?Take your time with that story will ya, mine is churning up already.:D


  33. Crushes are age old but blogcrushes aren’t.


  34. Soumyadip:
    OK I’ll accept, but I am not the first to admit it.


  35. Anonymous

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.



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