A man and a woman.

A few days ago or was it weeks, Wbix tagged me to scribble out my worst and best dates.I have been having a really hard to time to pin down bad dates let alone be able to make fun of them.

I think its more to do with the fact, that I completely take the onus upon me to make an evening enjoyable.Awkward silences don’t creep up, because I usually have enough and more stories to keep the conversation flowing.Eating out never becomes an issue because I can eat anything under the sun,trust me on that I can.I have even tried half formed baby duck eggs. Beat that.I even enjoy a day out hiking, after all, it does get the adrenal pumping.I also end up footing the entire bill a lot of times, happily at that.I think I am a very cool person to hang out with.I am so full of my self right now.*angelic smile*

Sounds like I have a serious problem here.I don’t quite know how to be a damsel.At the end of it, I enjoy making the most of my evening, irrespective with whom I am.So here is what I am going to do for the Tag.I am going to recount my best/most memorable date and then point out a few things that made me wonder whether indeed men come from Mars.I think I am allowed that.This is my space innit?!*

I was introduced to A by some family friends.After an initial email, we didn’t really keep in touch.Till one day out of the blue, he initiated conversation.I replied which only became a series of emails and then regular phone calls.You know how it usually happens.

We hit it off well, and decided to meet up.I had a blast of an evening.I was enamoured by how clued in he was during our conversations.The location, the timing, the venue,the menu, the sequence of events.Everything told me he was actually listening to what I must have told him during one of our many conversations.He had planned an evening, making sure we did some of the things I had only hoped I would, before I left London.

To top it all he was an absolute riot.All we did that evening was talk eat drink and laugh,and laugh lots.Inspite of being in the last trains, we weren’t happy that our evening of more than 7 hours was cut short due to London Tube time tables.It was a perfect evening.

Have I told you how cool I am or have you figured that out already?!

I don’t have issues with ‘my man’ still hanging out with his ex.Asking her to join ‘us’ for lunch with a 4 year old son that they share however isn’t all that cool methinks.Especially if that is when I find out that they do in fact share a child between them.

I enjoy plays and theatre.You say you do too.The moment you start looking for pop corn in one I know you have never stepped into a theatre.No need to lie,it doesn’t leave you all that cool now does it?

You are a sports buff you say.You have never watched a football game for real, inspite of being an ardent fan of the game.No problem. You don’t enjoy cricket.Am still cool.You ridicule my game.That will not be tolerated.I have watched Chelsea play, because I support them.HA!.Where is your passion mate?

You make me pay for you, I don’t mind.Four outings in a row,gets me thinking?You invite a friend and still expect me to foot the bill..HMMPHH?!!!

An evening out with me means an evening out with me.It doesn’t mean a counselling session over that friend you are ‘fond’ of who has left you long ago to lead her own life.It shouldn’t take for me to tell you that you are in love with your ‘friend’, in complete denial, not to mention totally unfair to me.


*Innit is a very colloquial term used for Is it not.I used to think only Gujrati population use it here, but now I know even the British population do so.Oh and I royally detest the sound of it.



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13 responses to “A man and a woman.

  1. I hate 0 and ‘0 comment’ it said. I changed it 🙂
    In a hurry, will come back later.


  2. *grin* he actually brought the kid and you got to know about it on that very same day!!some tact! aiie aiie!

    Super cool reading your post 😉

    and hey @ “half formed baby duck eggs” Really????? Nooooo??? REALLY??? OMG 😀 You are terriblue!


  3. SEJ:
    Ahoy!Glad you don’t like 0 comments.I don’t like them either.

    Well he didn’t bring the boy.She did.That experience is really worth a book I tell ya.
    LOL..ok this whole description of balot as a half formed baby duck egg is sad I realise.Simply a duck egg should have done the trick.*cackles*


  4. Hello Baby (Russel Peters style).

    Would you like to go out on a date with me?




  5. You should collect professional fee next time a date asks, directly or indirectly, for some “advice” from you. And let him foot the bill. Then don’t meet up with him ever again. Hehe.


  6. I liked parts of u r second date. No, I dont mean to hurt you.

    All in all amusing second date.


  7. Ok i could use a couple tips on filling in the awkward silences… i do so involuntarily but with the most nonsense you have heard one person spurt in thier whole entire life…
    I’ve eaten pig blood with funny half cooked grains… and some brain or other… duck egg cant be that bad.




  9. Vikram:
    I would indeed.*Blush*!

    To be fair, he didn’t ask me for advice.What does one do however when one can see a confused miserable person totally in denial,but help them see the light.

    Gald some one finds my life amusing.These are just exerpts from all that has happened.

    Ah, black sausages are we talking of?I’ve had that too.Interesting stuff that Scottish food.Hmm, play your natural game is my thing.And no matter why I am meeting a person I keep no expectations.However there is a down side.I tend to make people so comfortable that they start seeing a friend in me rather than seeing me romantically.I am not enjoying that anymore so you might not want tips from me.:P

    Cool Woman?Man?…:D


  10. He got his ex and kid along??? Tsk tsk tsk!


  11. As a very old ad used to say(paraphrased) – “Take the rough with the smooth” 🙂 Such jerks will keep trying to spoil the reputation of complete mankind in your eyes, but then, there was the 1st guy also! What say??? 🙂
    You do seem to be leading an extremely adventurous life, I must say.


  12. Casablanca:
    I had known him for over 2 months and met him several times.I had also met his ex before that.It was an interesting sequence of events that led me to meet his son.I still wouldn’t have had a problem,but for him to say that part of his life needn’t affect me was some thing I could not be very cool about.

    Nah, I have nothing against the whole of mankind.In my defense I have posted a new entry.I can do with less of adventure and more of calm and peace now methinks.


  13. Oh, that! Galti se ho gaya. :D–>


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