The last dance.

“This is our last night, you cannot do this to me”, he said.”I don’t want to, leave me alone”, she cried back.”I don’t understand this!”, saying he stormed out.

She kept staring out of her balcony.Not sure what she felt.She knew this was it.It all ends tomorrow.They will all disperse.Back to where they came from.Leaving behind a burnt bridge,pretending that a tear was shed at the loss.Did he really want to celebrate it.

She didn’t have the strentgh this once, to pretend that she was happy.She couldn’t go tonight.Singing drinking eating celebrating.But what?An end to this life?A part of her was going to end.Was going to be mercilessly forgotten.They had mused over it so many times and today when her heart was ripping apart, he wanted her to share this last dance with him.

It wasn’t in her to say no to him.She just couldn’t.But this once she had to.She couldn’t bear to go that party.He had sadness in his eyes,”I have done this for us”.There is no us, she thought.Not after tonight.

She kept waiting in the balcony just like he had left her.Crying, replaying the last 5 years they had spent together.The laughter,the tears, the love, the anger,the fights, the love making.The oneness they had shared.Was he really asking for the last dance or telling her that this was infact the last dance.

Night swept away,quicker than she had anticipated.He hadn’t come to say bye.He was leaving the next morning.She was going to leave a day after.She hadn’t even packed.She couldn’t get to.She saw the bus pull into the foyer.Oh, this must be his bus.She ran to the terrace to see him upload his luggage.He was there, with the rest of his friends.Was he really going to leave without saying bye.

The engine roared to a start. She wanted to run down and crush herself into him one last time.Hold him close,tell him that she loved him and always will.May be he didn’t want to hear it and that is why he hadn’t come to her last night.Teary eyed she runs down the terrace to her room.He was there, standing in front of her room.

“I couldn’t leave without….”, ssshhhh.. they hugged, no words spoken.There was no need to.This was their last moment together.They both knew.



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2 responses to “The last dance.

  1. Anonymous

    Nice post..


  2. Ok, will tell u a couple of true things. You write very well, but its not always to my taste. It can happen. One of my friends hates racing but he appreciates

    Second of the couple. Dont be mad.
    I copied one of u r poetry which recieved lots of awesome comments and entered in a poetry writing competition in my name. Coz the prize money offered was something. Promise if it wins I’ll let them know the true author’s name.–>


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