Day after day..

I quite enjoy my hand-to-mouth existence in UK.I do locum work for a few days and I can survive in UK for 3 months.Survival does include weekend partying, west end shows, and weekend trips across England every month and I believe I was doing just fine.

Just then the hospital I work with generally decides I have been sitting on my big bottoms long enough and that may be just may be I should earn enough to feed a meal to whole of Somalia.I am not complaining.

Don’t quite enjoy early morning awakenings.I do however enjoy morning coffee, the sun rise, browsing crisp early morning newspaper and uncrowded public transport.I also have an obsession about being on time.

My team members consisted of 2 seniors, both women and one colleague.About senior women,I personally think there are only 2 kinds, bitches* or mothers.Women I do believe make tough superiors especially if you are a woman,prettier than them in their days or your career is fast tracked beyond their own comprehension.

The mothering kinds are just nice.Not really my ideal in my field of work.However my most superior boss is neither.She is a medical consultant, just like they should be.However she comes with a great sense of humor and need for constant breaks during serious work, necessities I relate to.Over one really nice lunch she confesses her IQ pre-medical school was 78.The interpretation read, “Not very bright, should consider becoming a doctor”.So there she was.

The boss just superior to us, has just returned from Australia,is stressed about her dress size as her sister’s wedding is not even a month away and way too bogged down with research.How she manages to stay on top of all that is going on in the 4 wards with 35 odds patient in each, is still a mystery to me.

And then comes KP.A coconut* like British born Indians are called here.He comes with a very posh English accent,great interest in details of apparels and apperance and very loud voice.He himself,looks like a princess with all the grooming that seems to go into his hair spikes and matching cuff-links.I have to admit I kind of like men who pay attention to details.So vain!

It did take me a day to warm upto him.I can deal with my vanity, but he stretched it a bit too far for my liking.Gossip,extended coffee breaks,loud talking and laughing and chatting with every body possible was just not amusing.

I did get thinking may be just may be,I have forgotten what it is to have fun,to chill out, to be light hearted, to take things easy.May be I am just a stuck up ol’ granny…May be!

I was a little worried about working after almost 3 months.Warming up doesn’t really take time.Its like being a carpenter.Once you have the skill all you need is practice.2 days of hard work later, enough faith was earned to be allowed to do a fairly tricky,convoluted procedure *trying very hard not to show off*(It was quite a moment for me..and for those of you who know I put in a chest drain for a pneumothorax).Even earned brownie points for speed,sharpness and slickness.Couldn’t match up to KP and thats really when he earned my respect.

Next 2 days were spent in competing on everything.Constant quizzing, getting around difficult patients, clearing backlogs of administration work and just trying to beat the other at being the best at everything a doctor possibly does in a hospital was attempted and much fun was had in the process.

Buying lunch for the birthday boy, send-off chocolate cake,a box of chocolates given by a patient {strictly to be shared by all, šŸ˜¦ },phone number exchanges, possibly new friendships made.Was a lovely week.

Faith entrusted by strangers, a job well done, an old friend’s writing recognised in patient notes,people battling to live a normal life, actually battling to just stay alive,invaluable life lessons learnt, a word of appreciation.

Some things make losing a few hours of sleep each night so much more worth it!

*No offense meant to women superiors or British born Indians



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47 responses to “Day after day..

  1. Seems you had an interesting week. Good to read the details šŸ™‚


  2. Greensatya:
    Yes I did.Thanks.


  3. the factor of responsibility – the factor of knowing ourselves.

    IYDM – spelling of Gaizabonts on your blogroll?



  4. Atul Sabnis:
    Confession:I figured the spelling was wrong the moment I saw my republished blog.Been meaning to make the necessary amends.Lekin lagta hai laato ke bhoot batton se nahi mante hain..Had to be told to make the amends, and no I don’t mind.


  5. hmmm….someone is feeling like wrting loooong posts…


  6. Women I do believe make tough superiors especially if you are a woman
    I neva had women superiors eva in ma history of slavery in It…but I’m sure I wud have slept with her(if she is close to good looking) during appraisal time šŸ™‚


  7. sounds wonderfully clean and spartan – with my over cluttered existence and packing it up driving me crazy šŸ™‚


  8. Dwaipayan:


    I really wasn’t complaining…:P
    After reading your post,I can now see the exasperation.Damn I will be doing that packing in a few months from now.


  9. Enjoyed reading this! I loved the way you described everything. I love the way you write. Crisp and unique. Way to go woman!


  10. Rohit:
    Thanks! All the loving is mutual..:D


  11. apy

    Apy was here.
    Apy said, “nice post…” šŸ™‚


  12. especially liked the line about women superiors being either mothers or bitches…. i have come across some detached types as well who are neither here nor there but they are a rare breed….

    kudos on the chest drain by the way – way to go babe! *standing ovation*


  13. It might sound very patronising, but it isnt meant to be – I’m so proud of you!

    Glad to see you stretch your every minute… awesome post. Inspiring, to say the least šŸ™‚


  14. Apy:
    EU is happy Apy was here, and say come again..:)

    Hmm, not encountered one of those yet.Thanks,*taking a bow*! šŸ˜€

    Would have never thought of you as patronising me.But now that you mention…*thinking*…:P


  15. Looks like you are always on the edge. šŸ™‚

    That can be nail-biting at times but it’s fun afterall.


  16. Nooooooooo!!! Pliss to ignore patronising bit wokay šŸ˜€


  17. Kind of agree with the women superiors part, have come across a lot of them in the media industry here, which anyways is female dominated (in terms of numbers at least) to a large extent, but fortunately, haven’t had too bad an experience till now!
    Some things do make losing a few hours of sleep worth it. It definitely helps if you know how great a difference you have made to even one person’s life, I work like a maniac for the kick it gives me šŸ™‚


  18. medicine is a profession where you can find instant gratification. i wish i were in a profession where the difference i was making was counted in lives and smiles and not in dollars and lines of code. but then we all TRY and make a difference. if i can write code that enables doctors like you do your job better, i claim a teeny weeny part of your gratification for myself šŸ™‚


  19. good read!! ……
    u write pretty well …



  20. This is a cool post! Such a flurry of activity in your life! Great!


  21. hi…nice vivid potrayal of you rlife in the hospital…the experiences are really worth sharing with others and you sound really somewhat philosophical and cynical at times…but all i all your blog makes reading the posts enjoyable.keep up the good work…


  22. i also read your poem titled- onse step closer and i really liked the subtle yet powerful hidden meanings of life’s several travails which were depicted through it…have felt the same many times and almost everybody must have at some time or the other…i like to read good poems and i like keats and frost…i write some stuff too…whenever i feel like releasing the emotions…


  23. >chest drain for a pneumothorax

    Is that the one where you poke a needle through the ribs into a patients lungs? Did you make it in one try?!

    Whats a KP.A coconut?

    There was this one time, long time back in the past, when I interacted with a doctor from Ramachandra Medical Hospital in Madras for my B Tech project. This Dr was a heart surgeon and was quite well known. Now, from my interactions with him, I decided that he was a very passionate man – loved technology, loved improving medical systems and practices, was high spirited most of the time and worked like a maniac. But one thing about him has puzzled me ever since: while he is a great guy to be with in person, he comes across as affable but rather cold while dealing with his patients. Almost as if he detaches himself emotionally from the person behind the body while treating him. Is that true of doctors in general? Does dealing with patients and deaths on a regular basis make them stoic and less emotional?

    IMHO, being a doctor must be one of the most satisfying jobs. Atleast, you wake up every morning and know that you are not really wasting your life!


  24. Vikram:
    No I am not always at the edge.But when I am you bet its nail-biting and fun.


    I’ve had very limited experience with women superiors.It has more to do with my limited experience than anything else.How ever that is what my perception tells me.I do think in very tense, over worked,underpaid, stressful situations,, men make better collegues and far better superiors.
    That is just the workaholic in you..Don’t blame it on others..:P

    I don’t think many people realise, that listening to people’s problems and trying to help them as best as we can is what doctors do for a living.It is an every day job.What is always at the back of the mind, is that we don’t cause more harm than good.More that instant gratification, it is constantly being on the edge and the adrenaline rush that keeps on going, is what I think.We don’t gloat in any glory or gratifications.We are underpaid, over worked and in such large numbers that most countries would pay for cattle more than us.You can claim all you like.;)


  25. Bubbling with life:

    Parul Gahlot:

    Harry Potter:
    Thanks for all your kind words.I do think just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, any piece of writing would only make sense when some one can identify with it.


  26. Liitlecow:
    Chest drain is a plastic tube that is inserted into the 2 layers that cover the lung, to remove mostly air or fluid,which is left inside as long as it is draining.The needle thing is only aspiration.So the needle goes in aspiration is done and the needle comes out.
    Oh yeah I did it first attempt, also it was my first time.I was quite excited.Little joys we doctors have.:)
    KP are the initials of the other doctor that I worked with last week.A coconut is a fruit.
    Hmm, to be honest I don’t know.And I cannot generalise.Ill agree we lose the will to hear people’s( patient’s) life stories when there is tonnes to do.It would be horrible however if one forgot that they are dealing with a real person rather than just a disease or a part of him.If you know what I mean.I’ll agree, I come back a very happy person everyday.I do have bad days when some thing goes wrong,it just bothers me no end,and I try really hard to sleep over it..but whether I have wasted my life..Ah that is another question..Another post even, someday.


  27. Exciting your life is sounding I say! Carry on Doctor! šŸ˜€


  28. pretty excited, huh? Good for u. šŸ™‚


  29. so much activity! how very fancy… great going! šŸ™‚


  30. congrats … now you going to change ur alias? EE??


  31. Wishfulthinker:
    Well all this excitement comes to an end soon.But thanks.



    No such thing is going to happen..:(.I only work part time.


  32. hey! just went thru ur blog..although i have seen your comments on my batchmates’ blogs often..this is the first time i read thru urs…great read… i like the fact that you just pour out what you think and not try to “inform” or “inspire”…i believe that should follow naturally anyway…
    sorry..longish comment..but just poured out what i think..;)

    have a great day!


  33. In my first job I had a women superior…
    gosh shez was fkng diplomatic…

    good bt got to learn how to tackle politics rt frm my first job šŸ˜‰

    u seem to have fun šŸ™‚



  34. little cow:
    ‘Is that true of doctors in general? Does dealing with patients and deaths on a regular basis make them stoic and less emotional? ‘

    I agree with EU that one cannot generalise. But here’s my tuppence worth. In this profession we cannot afford to give a free rein to our emotions when we need to keep a cool head to deal with emergencies. But that does not mean that we do not empathise. I’m not sure if we doctors feel any less about suffering/pain/death… may be with time we do get desensitised, im not sure… but sometimes the joking/ casual/ detached attitude is just a facade to help us cope… and get on with work…. also the knowledge that my composure will serve my patients better than my getting emotionally involved.

    yes, it does teach you to become stoic…. (though we may not manage that all of the time)…. and when i see some patients facing pain and death cheerfully, i realise two things:
    a. how insignificant my own problems are compared to theirs
    b. nothing can be taken for granted. so live every moment like it will never come back


  35. Ram

    What is KP doing there? KP could also be a doctor … can’t believe it šŸ™‚


  36. Haywire:
    Hiya.Thanks.Feel free to pour your heart away.No restrictions on this blog.Hehe, even if I tried I never have anything intelligent to say..:)

    You also got very bitter is it?

    All I know is that I go through a 100 emotions each day I work, and some times I really wonder how we maintain our sanity.I agree with you a 100%.I guess that is what really makies living so much more worthwhile.Realising that our lives are so much better than what others have to deal with.

    What a pleasure to see you here.HAHAH didn’t realise, yeah my colleague is KP too? Is your KP a Patel??That would be just too funny.


  37. This is a really a nice post! I enjoyed reading it! So, your a student doctor in London. My cousin’s also doing the same thing. It’s bloody hard work! How do you do it?

    Happy (Indian)New Year!


  38. Oh one more question! How do you make time for blogging?


  39. That was really well written.

    Especially the line: ‘Some things make losing a few hours of sleep each night so much more worth it!’




  41. Okokok so yourrr superwoomann!
    tell me hooowww?!?!


  42. AFJ:
    Thanks.Happy new year to you too.Blogging doesn’t take me all that long.



    LOL, no I am not..what made u think that?


  43. @lazyleo: You are probably right that it is a coping mechanism… And it sure will put things in perspective about our own insignificance and many other things. I read this book “Complications” by Atul Gawande about a year back. It is about the life of doctors, their experiences and emotions. It is a good read.


  44. Littlecow:
    I’ve read Complications as well.It was a gift from a very good friend, just when I was starting my internship.Its quite accurate, though I’ve been told that it can have quite a squeamish effect.Glad you enjoyed it.


  45. “Some things make losing a few hours of sleep each night so much more worth it!”……………. šŸ™‚


  46. Sunrise:
    You bet.And thanks for brining me back to these posts.It has been a while since I have felt connected to my work.


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