Kiss your past good-bye.

Its been two sleepless nights.Miracle, she thought, she was up on time.Even boarded the right train.On her way to the same place she has been two times before.Yet each time, the journey seemed new to her.

She fights her loneliness this morning.Like she has been the past few months.One never gets used to it, do they?The blistering cold, the rain, this gloomy morning,discouraging forecast.Didn’t make things better.

How different it feels today.Last time he had been there, in entirety.He helped her get all the documents ready.Answered all her frantic calls.Didn’t seem to mind at all.Speaking to him always felt so nice.He never missed her calls.Too much of a perfect lover he made.Only he wasn’t her’s.

Waiting outside the building now.Only a matter of minutes, she would be inside.Her hands felt numb with the cold.How she missed him.He has asked her not to.He had walked out of her life.No explanantions, no reasons.Not a phone call.Just an email,which too didn’t make sense.

Such a long wait to get answers.The anxiety was there.But she couldn’t care any less now.How many times will she be put to the test.How much will she have to pay fo this.And what had come out of the last year.Nothing.

The first time, he had called her atleast 6 times.Wasn’t he working then how did he manage?It felt nice that some one was anxious for her.Today she wasn’t sure what she should feel.If she got another chance, she will thank the higher power.If not, she will move on just like she always has.

He was nervous,but sure.That is what his several text messages indicated.She took the liberty of thinking of him as her lover.May be that is what she did wrong?She doesn’t know.She never let him know.Even when they met.Just friends he had said.So be it.What was that they shared.If they were just friends, why didn’t their friendship last.

Now was the not the time to think of him,the past, what had gone.Now was the time to think of what was to come .What was going to happen next, what the future had in store for her.

The wait was now becoming unbearable.Why does the mind go haywire when there is much time on one’s hands.

At last..they call for her.Today, must be her day.So they have granted her another chance.Peace of mind really.So much to look forward too.So much to do.She walks away from the building.The rain now a slight drizzle.She decides against the umbrella.She hopes the tiny drops will wash away her past.

A happy stride, new person..she hopes tomorrow will be a better day.



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5 responses to “Kiss your past good-bye.

  1. apy

    I dont know whose life story it is but its been wonderfully written. feels like… have heard this situation so many times. At times its so difficult to move on but the other person doesn leave much of options… u gotta move on.

    he/she din love u but u were loyal.. u loved… u loved with all u had … n still it was not good enough… n still he/she moved on.. alwaya looking fr smone better… saying “I dont feel for you the same way. I have always treated you as a good friend…”


  2. Anonymous

    Excellent post..consider writing a portray your thoughts very well..


  3. i really like how u’ve written about something so common in a simplistic way. i like the way you write. 🙂


  4. 2,2 blogs! wow and really well written


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