Funny how life turns out.

A new person, a different life.
All new and happening.
A life way more interesting than my own.
Busy times and some decisions later, we lose touch.
I don’t lose track.Instead I meet new people from that life.
Get introduced and a peep into the lives of some of the most amazing group of people I have ever known.
I actually think I’ve made some awesome friends there.
They have shown me different levels of conviction,determination,focus,motivation,ability to live life to its fullest.
Their trying times has seen me tensed,nervous and praying.
I am amused at my own degree of involvement.
I am happy,they have conquered.
I am sad it is going to end.

I doubt they will ever know how much they have affected my life, without even being in it. Funny how life turns out.



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28 responses to “Funny how life turns out.

  1. true…we can never tell who we’ll meet and what we’ll do….. life surely has a way of springing the unexpected….


  2. the butterfly effect … huh??


  3. “The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.” ~ Ursula K. LeGuin


  4. Every ending is preclude to a new begining. Life is such!


  5. However much we crib/regret about being over-involved and then moving on, methinks you would anydays prefer this living life to the fullest for the moment experience than being superficially involved with people. So what if the parting causes more hurt, at least those friends were an integral part of your life while they were with you. It more than compensates for the feeling of pain and emptiness on parting.

    May the Force be with you.


  6. the ignorant is always in a state of bliss


  7. Lazyleo:
    True that.

    What is that?

    Sometimes Saintly Nick:
    Thanks for sharing the quote.




  8. Obiwan:
    I couldn’t agree with you more.One might think, that once bitten and twice shy,but I have come to realise that if you aren’t going to go all the way, no point starting the journey.There ain’t no fun in trailers.



    Something like that, but not mine.


  9. confused…
    whom are u talking abt ????

    bt hope u meet such friends at every stage of ur life…
    and stay as long as they cud



  10. oye ho gaya hai tujhe aajkal..? inne sad sad post…! sab thik thak hai…?



  11. Puneet:
    I hope so too..thanks.

    Blame the approaching exams for this mood.I know you think I am slightly mad but, AP,AS,AW,AV,BV,C,CC,FP,G,R,R,S,S,VM..and some more..bahut yaad ayenge..:(


  12. I know what you’re saying yo!!


  13. Anonymous

    Are you talking about the placements in ISB?


  14. looks like bahut padayi ho rahihain aaj kal…


  15. Wishfulthinker:

    Who are you?

    Good someone has been decieved.


  16. -V

    Anon – I am another one who very frequently visits ISB blogs and had same feelings about their placements process..and their life in general.


  17. which world is this yaar? are there any hot chicks in it? if yes, i wanna be in that world 😛


  18. Who on earth are you? How come you bring in so much emotion and meaning into these short paragraphs? Loved it.

    Blogosphere has brought out the poet/writer/philosphere that was hidden within all of us and shown us that giving expression to your thoughts and feelings is not the previlege of only a few(snobs?), but anyone with a little effort can do the same.


  19. Ash

    people being all around us and we being the chatty beings we are…..will always talk, or look or listen and emote andcome close ….

    like vishwa said blogsphere is an amazing place …i have met so many ppl out here ….

    dont tell me u are gonna leave us and stop surprising us with ur writing girl!!

    cya ….
    short and sweet!



  20. reminded me of the ‘butterfly effect’ as well… it’s about how whatever you do, is going to affect ppl in your immediate surrounding and on a larger scale the destiny of the world.
    hey i could so connect to your piece. people have always meant *too much in my life, in fact the latter seems to be revolving around them only. Sad to move on, but one’s got no other choice right?
    good luck


  21. -V:
    Not just placements…there is a lot more to it.

    Haven’t eyed the chicks only the hunks.Could recommend a few, interested?

    Who on earth are you?
    Seems like exasperation to me, but I shall take that as a compliment.Thanks.
    Why do you reckon writers,poets or those that have created a name for themselves with their words are snobs or potential snobs?I think they are people who saw that power within and reached out and made their voices heard.


  22. Ash:
    I agree with Vishwa, blogging has given a platform for a lot of us to learn how to express ourselves.I agree with you too, tons of amazing people out there.And the link is just amzing.The degrees of separation seem to be getting smaller.
    Also I am not going anywhere, not just yet.

    I think I should try and get my understanding clear of the butterfly effect.I have some idea but not fully.
    Yeah, its amazing how things have turned out.What is worse, the person because of whom all of it has happened, will probably never even know.Its almost amusing.True one has to move on, one just learns how to.


  23. Anonymous

    More to it than placememnts?well..was i right on ISB then?


  24. Edu…Nothing personal in naming writers/poets as snobs. If you’ve ever tried getting into print you know how difficult it is. Writing is one part and getting published is an equally formidable task. Many talented writers remain anonymous, their ideas don’t reach the masses while you have mediocre ones(not everyone) hogging the limelight.
    One who writes is a writer but the norm is, one who gets into print and is well-known comes to be recognised as a man of letters–irrespective of the stuff he’s created. I’ve seen the snobbishness of such guys and was referring to them.
    The blog phenomenon removes all of this drama. It allows anyone and everyone to get ‘published’, reach someone, understand how his writing has been recieved–and also communicate with his readers. Isn’t that wonderful?
    And yeah, i’m happy you took it as my exasperation and not thought it as some ‘gaali’.


  25. Vishwa:
    Nah, I wouldn’t take anything you say as a ‘galli’.There are only some people you can depend upon for some constructive review.Yes I agree with what you have to say about getting one’s writing published.Its just that I have a lot of respect for the great writers that I have read and I know that they have shaped my life,in so many ways.


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