Looking through your eyes…

I get these really bad tummy pains.If I had to average the incidence,I would say once in 5 years.I so distincty remember each attack.Because of their bizzare timing,I have no clue why I get them.I have put it down to stress.Yeah,stress doesn’t get to me that often.*A very smug smile*

Medical school.Third year.Early morning class.I (always a first bencher ), just had to walk out of it.I was getting one of my gastritis attacks again.I knew I couldn’t endure the pain and the painful lecture.My best friend,(always a last bencher ) dashed right after me.Later he confessed, he thought I looked like a ghost and he knew some thing was wrong.He just had to check on me.Awwe, how much I loved him for it.

I remember arguing with him,that I didnt want to go to the Emergency doctors.Those doctors I tell ya.You just can’t trust them.No I wouldn’t see a one.Oh, I shouldn’t get stated what I really think of these ‘twits’.Tried convincing him that I would be fine,if he could just get me to my room.

I must have passed out on him.Because when I got up.I was not in my room.He was sitting right next to me.His head in his hands, I think he was crying.I remember wondering,if I was dead.I didn’t feel dead,so why did he look so glum?

When I caught his attention,I got abused.He was so angry.I don’t really know what brought on that reaction.I was almost sorry for him, that I had had a bad tummy ache.He was angry,as I refused to go to the doctors.Upset,that I didn’t tell him I was feeling unwell.Irritated,at my arrogance of not wanting to ask for help.He just kept going on.After 10 minutes of listening to him,I assured him I was feeling better.Yeah! Thanks for asking dude..

After a while,he broke down.He said that this was his best friend he was talking about, and he couldn’t do anything.He was angry that I refused help.He got scared, when he saw me pass out.Worst still he didn’t know what to do.He felt studying medicine was a farce, cause he was sure his grand mother would know better.

Trying to suppress my laughter,I tried to understand his outburst.I couldn’t.I did tease him the rest of our school life, that he had taken the concept of best friends a bit too far.The pain was mine, but the tears were his, became my favourite cliche..

It has taken me some time to realise that, he wasn’t angry with me but himself.He could see me in pain, but I didn’t let him help.He wanted to do some thing to ease my pain,but couldn’t.Not knowing what to do,frustrated him.He wasn’t sure of what was happening,and that scared him.Probably for the first time in 22 years of his life he faced the truth,that there are things beyond his control.That no matter how much he wanted to, he probably couldn’t do anything.That may be he was losing control.That this was the first of many times he would feel helpless.I doubt how he felt was nice.

Over this weekend, a friend of mine has been unwell.When he needs his health most, he has a small issue of a sore throat.In this time of huge stress, it can only get flared up and be most distressing.Even after giving him my best medical advice he doesn’t feel any better.Saying that I felt a tad bit helpless when he told me he felt worse would be very harsh.But what I felt wasn’t nice at all.

Bummer!!.. 😦



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32 responses to “Looking through your eyes…

  1. Oh God! That 0 comment again!!


  2. I thought I was the only one who had those once-in-a-blue-moon and without-apparent-reason stomachaches. Have been in that situation thrice. Once had to go the an emergency doctor, second time was in pain but alone at home and third time was on drip for 2 hours. And no particular reason. Bummer…


  3. Oh, Philosophy getting better of medicine, eh ?


  4. //I remember wondering,if I was dead.

    hahaha … the dude made you think that??

    yeah, lack of control can drive people mad


  5. Ash

    i have seen one of my friends suffer the stomach pain and there was no cure to it……..the jumping the sitting stnding walking nothing could do a thing …..

    but at last it was ajwain (i guesss the is the spelling that made it all right)
    relief!! we all slept well ….after the suffocation and breathless he faced for two days …with the threat of an ulcer by the doc!!



  6. it’s always such a strange feeling to feel helpless even when you think there must be something you can do.. there must be something you can say..


  7. S-E-J:

    I have only once gone to a doctor.That too on the insistence of some nurses that I was living with.These are body signals to slow down I think.But you bet its a bummer..not knowing what is happening and being alone at home.Not nice..:(

    As always..

    His glum face made me wonder.Yes..

    Not nice was it now?Its worse when you can’t reach out to your stomach and stroke it calm.Yeah, I believe in ajwain too.

    I accept.It’s tough.But nothing you do or say helping, is even tougher.


  8. Damn… i have never experienced any stomach aches yet but i know a girl who gets these attacks intermittently…

    and one such time, i happened to be around… she just started yelling out in pain and my heart almost skipped a beat… firstly, i had no idea what to do… secondly, i was hoping she wouldn’t pass out… because she wieghed a lot and i could never carry her in my arms… no freakin’ way.. if i tried doing it, i would have got an attack too…

    anyway, last benchers are always very helpful, you see… ahem 😀


  9. Well, those tummy aches do sound very familiar 😉


  10. It so nie to read abt friends that care so much..


  11. I get wierd aches and pains periodically.



  12. I have a friend who gets very similar attacks, somewhere towards the left side, to be precise. And even she refuses to see a Doctor. What’s with females?


  13. Its not about the pain – a minor sore throat or a bad tummy ache. Its about not being able to do anything about it. That feeling of being totally helpless despite having all the resources in the world is what breaks you, and allows the pain to take you over!

    May the Force be with you!


  14. I once passed out coz of something I dont remember and ma so called friend was in the same cubicle…

    When I woke up, everyone had left for the day leaving me alone…

    Man, Im surrounded by people are just label themselves as ma friends…


    I seriously need to find some true friends now….and you are one lucky gal…you know that??

    Im not talking about tummy pains making u lucky…but coz of that friend of yours, you are lucky 😀

    Take care…


  15. Doctor not trusting doctors. Thats interesting.


  16. Rita:

    Yes I’ve been blessed with some of the nicest people once can find.*Touchwood*


    HAHAHA, I have seen that exasperation before.I don’t know really?May be we don’t like to be a bother.

    I guess you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    I agree.I am one lucky girl to have him for my friend.But your so called friend,shouldn’t really be called a friend don’t you think??Just a question..

    Don’t you think its inevitable.We know the real story!!!


  17. I been told many a time that I have a stomach is actually a septic tank in disguise, with a cast iron lining to boot. I is not complaining. 😀


  18. ‘Those doctors I tell ya..never trust them


    tummy aches…hmm…
    I wudnt knw how tht wud be…but once in a while have had some acute pain there..as if someone is tugging at some nerve or the small intestine rite there..:-)

    now tht the exams are over…and before the exams results r out…dont we need some lighter funnnier posts:-)

    who knws how the results turn out to be;)


  19. Wishfulthinker:
    Yeah and mine is apparently a bottomless pit.I ain’t complaining either.

    Err, hmm..what exams, what results??Talking about mine are you?


  20. And bother others?! And when they really care and shout at you, you start crying! First be careless enough and then…!


  21. i remember being up most of the night few years ago with tummy pain – my parents sat up with me, trying everything under the sun….. ultimately doses of Eno and Pudin Hara did the trick…… boy, were they (mum & dad) tense…

    yeah, stress does often manifest this way. i remember a time as a li’l kid..all of 6 years.. where i’d be feeling nauseous for a whole stretch of days ..just before the school bus arrived….and was better once mum said ok skip school today as well. 🙂 i’d just shifted to a new school you see…. thankfully for my education, i must have overcome those anxious times….. or else i might still be trying to pass class 1 somewhere in the world…:)


  22. Rohit:
    Uh-huh??!!!I didn’t do any such thing I promise.

    Ahem, thats called malingering..:p


  23. It’s good to know that you have friends who care for you. That’s rare nowadays. I hope you two would go well together for long. And please do yourself a favor. Would you like to see a doctor before your pain gets worse? Whatever your decision will be, take good care of yourself, okay?


  24. Death:

    I agree,I am from the lucky few to have friends like that.There are some relationships, you know you can always turn to no matter what.Ours is like that.
    And yes I will take care of me.Thanks.


  25. Sorry, I committed the offence of generalising it 😛


  26. no, i really did have vomiting and tummy pain at those times, i wasn’t faking it. guess it was psychosomatic


  27. Rohit:



  28. Yeah….they fool me all the time..

    I shud start making my enemy list…straight away 😀


  29. hey gal, u feeling any better? or d’ya need company to hold ur hand??


  30. Arz000n:

    Haan?I am fine.Its my friend who was unwell.


  31. oops! wasn’t paying attention i guess…


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